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6 Reasons for Working Professional to Work in Google

You must have heard someone say that their dream job is a Google job. But why do they say this? There must be some reason to support their statement, right? Absolutely. Aside from the fact that the average salary of a Google employee is 9.8 Lakh rupees per annum, working for Google has multiple advantages and benefits which some people only dream of. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few reasons why a working professional should be working for Google. The following are the reasons:

Everyday money savings

Everyday as a working professional, one either has to take public transport or their own vehicle to work. But in Google there are multiple things which are free of cost. First of all, there is free transport from office to home and back. A working professional in Google would not have to worry about traveling to and from office and home. There is free food available in Google offices with free snacks and fruits too. Basic everyday expenses are saved daily. Including free food, free cooking classes are also available for employees. And an on-site laundry is also available for all employees for absolutely free. Google employees saves a lot on daily basis by these expenses covered as the things mentioned above are free. 

Health benefits

Health Insurance & Retirement Benefits Crucial To Attracting Talent

Google cares a lot about their employee’s health. Therefore, for almost every employee there is a health insurance for them. To keep their employees fit, there is an on-site gym available for them to use anytime for free. Any employee after work or during work or in their break can go in the gym and work out. If they feel a little tired after working out, there are on-site massage therapists to ease their pain for absolutely free too. If you get injured during your workout, on-site medical staff are also available for them. They care so much about their employee’s health that they even have decompression capsules to catch up a few zees i.e. to take short naps. 

Care about family

Not only Google cares about you, they also care about your family. They consider pets as a part of your family, so pets are allowed in their offices. If you own a dog, they are allowed to come to work with you. Canine family members are also welcome in office. They care about your family so much that even if you die, your 50% salary would be given to your spouse for 10 years. For your children, $1000 would be given to them each until they are mature. And their educational expenses would be handled by Google until they turn 18.

Parental Leave

Should Employers Make Paid Parental Leave a Basic Employee Benefit ...

A major factor that a working professional should be working for Google is their Parental Leaves. Fully Paid parental leave of 18 weeks would be given to the Father and Fully Paid maternal leave of 22 weeks would be given to the Mother. Even if you adopt a baby, the same amount of leave would be given to you. They care about your family and understands that you need to spend time with them.

 Travel benefits

Traveling while working in Google is such an ease. You will get fully paid travel leave and travel money to travel. You will get travel insurance while traveling with emergency assistance too. Google will send you to travel for a week with every expense paid. And there would be business trips too that would also be fully paid by them. It is a dream come true for a working professional to work in Google. They provide such benefits on everything that a person can never resist to not work there. Every IT working professional’s dream job is Google.

Miscellaneous benefits

Now, there are so many things that Google provides that could be listed in miscellaneous. They provide Global Education Leave program in which a working professional will get paid leave to study in the field and improve themselves. A special thing in Google is the 80/20 work rule. In a working day you can work for 80% of your day and the rest of 20%, you can go out and play. Yes, you read it right.

You can literally do anything in the remaining 20% time. They believe that it can improve their productivity and creativity. They can learn creative skills in their remaining 20% time. You get to work with a lot of talented and intelligent people. Another benefit is their break-room. Their break-room contains a pool table, ping pong table, foosball, arcade games, rock climbing and even an on-site volleyball court for employees to relieve their stress. Google makes themselves the best.

So, above are the reasons why a working professional should work in Google. Hope that it was of some help and made you clear. Best of Luck!!!

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