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8 tips to choose commerce after 10th class

All around you, there might be students choosing Math and Biology like there exists no subject other. It might be challenging to choose commerce after 10th as your stream for many reasons – this is a life choice you are making at a rather young age. Here is article for Class 10th

The backlash from society who expect every other student to be a doctor or engineer, and lack of support from parents who fall prey to the LKK Syndrome ( Log Kya Kahenge?) As challenging as it may appear, you must decide carefully keeping in mind your interests and capabilities.

Know the background

Many students choose to pursue a career in commerce because they “hate” biology or math or any other science subject, for that matter. Although this seems like easy criteria to make the decision you should be mindful of schematics of the stream you are about to choose and the subjects you will end up studying for, perhaps, the rest of your life. Dig a little deeper and try to understand what subjects like business, account and economics revolve around and if it sounds like something you might be interested in.

Talk to your seniors

Your seniors and teachers are the best people to go to when in doubt about stream selection. They will provide you with a valuable and realistic insight into the subjects, and their experience in studying those subjects. If you still remain unsure, talk to teachers, peers and family members who know you well and might be able to make things clear for you by letting you know their opinion on whether commerce seems like a fit for you or falls in your range.

Seek guidance from professionals in the field

Learn the know-how of what commerce is about. These professionals will be able to explain in you the scope of the subjects, real-life requirements for commerce students and professionals, and the work environment. This might help you in deciding by visualizing if you see yourself in their position in the next 5-10 years. That way, you will have your answer. This important tip will help you to choose the commerce stream after 10th.

Do not succumb to pressure or influence

Do not for any reason whatsoever opt for certain subjects or streams solely because your friends are choosing it or because your parents want you to. This is certainly the biggest mistake you can make for which you might have to pay for your entire life. The thought of being with your buddies or obeying your parents might seem correct to you at first but if the stream you choose isn’t a cut for you, you will end of regretting it for a long time. Not only does this ruin your future but it may also sever ties with your friends or family as you many unconsciously blame them for your failures.

Listen to yourself first

The famous Hindi proverb comes into play here “Suno Sabki, Karo Apni” (Listen to everyone, but do what you will). It may be hard to go against the ordinary, especially if you come from a family of predominantly Science students but you must be willing to acknowledge that maybe you are not meant for the ordinary! Everyone comes with their fair share of strengths, weaknesses and interests and you are no different. Take advice from adults and more experienced people you know but it is not necessary you have to follow it. At the end of the day, it is all your call.

Be hopeful

Many students remain doubtful of their choice despite being well into the semester. The most probable reason for this is commerce is a whole new world for them. Subjects like math, chemistry, physics, and biology are taught to us since the very first grade. Some schools and curriculum choose to involve the basics of economics as part of social studies/science, but many remain in the dark for subjects like business and more important accounts. Talk to your peers and classmates and you will know many of them to feel the same way, but this is no reason to be anxious. Your body and mind’s natural response to a new environment is being scared and wary. Allow yourself some time and you might get the hang of it soon. if you are confuse on selecting the stream then take stream and career clearity service.

You can back out

Despite what people tell you, choosing a stream after 10th does not mean you can never go back to any other professional field. You sure can, it is just harder as you might have to start from scratch and make up for the time that you lost while pursuing something you weren’t sure about or weren’t interested in. Most of the scenarios in your life do have an undo button, it will incur damage, but it may also be a risk worth taking.

Look into the future

Commerce graduates have so many jobs and career options laid out for them, you can get a job as soon as you graduate and maybe even before that. While the rest of the world dotes on doctors and lawyers, find peace and content in the fact that without entrepreneurs and business the world would not be where it is right now with all its brands and MNCs. Whatever decision you make, we hope these tips guided you into making the right decision to choose commerce stream after 10th.

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