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Can Technology replace Manpower?


Technology and man were born along within the same cradle. Technology has invariably given a way of pride, strength, and superiority to the person against man. With growing research and bounce interests, the developed world countries – japan, china, Asian country, America, UK, etc. are in the race to create subtle automation technology capable of substituting men. Best of such worked concepts are machine-controlled power stations, mechanism nurses, doctors, farmers, mill employees, operating fewer cars, manless cars magnificently tested by Google, etc. It is vital to debate the implications and desires of such applications within the general smart of humans.

technology over manpower

The Debate on Technology Vs. Manpower

Pros Of Technology

Technology means applying scientific knowledge for practical purposes as industry, machines, appliances, and others. Technology has been playing an influential role in our life. From day to day routine tasks to critical global operations, Technology has spread its wings everywhere. 

Technology cuts back effort, time, and fuel, shorten personnel demand in each field; however, complete replacement of personnel isn’t doable. Today each sector has ample development within the area of Technology. Some pros of Technology are:

  •  Technology has a limitation in its field. This limitation is obligatory by the developer itself. However, humans have no restrictions, and it’s evolving day by day.
  •  Each Technology becomes absolute once a while and needs up-gradation. Here personnel becomes an essential element in the space of analysis and development.
  •  Development in the IT sector has provided a platform to new entrepreneurs, who measure breakthroughs in each side of human life. This has not replaced personnel, however, had generated more immense opportunities wherever personnel will have interaction.
  • Today if we can transfer cash by merely a few clicks on our phone, the full credit goes to Technology. Technology has shortened the planet; simply, hours are required to fly to any a part of the earth. 
  •  Technological development within the field of atomic physics is additionally terribly advanced. A few hundred kilograms of metallic elements are spare to feed the electricity to the country with no ashes and toxicant gases. 
technology over manpower

Cons Of Technology

Technology has been created by man itself, and all the innovations and advancement are the outcome of the Human mind and efforts. Manpower is the most significant power of our universe, and a man, with the help of his own created technological advancements, can do miracles. The following square measures several explanations of why Technology can’t replace personnel fully:

  • If a few hundred kilograms of metallic elements are spare to feed the electricity to the full of country, few kilograms of metallic elements are spare to destroy the whole country. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki events are a classic example of this. On the one hand discovery of gravitative waves has given a breakthrough within the era of Technology, on the opposite hand, testing of a nuclear weapon by countries has arisen the strain among the nations.
  • In the case of medical science, the latest technology has been developed with the help of which latest equipment has been produced like an x-ray machine, electrocardiogram, etc. with the use of which many deadly diseases can be treated, and we can transplant heart, kidney and produce drugs for various conditions. With all these advancements, manpower is equally essential, as Technology cannot replace a doctor; we can test a disease with Technology, but what treatment to follow will be suggested by the doctor only. Even a highly Technological rich hospital cannot run without all the manpower involved. All the vaccines, drugs, and medicines are developed by manpower only.
  • In any country’s defense sector, technological developments like arms, weapons, and tanks play an essential role, but these technological developments can only operate on humans’ wishes or strategies. Whether it was world war I or WW II, manpower had led countries to struggle for their nation. It is the manpower of a patriotic nation toward the country that fights for it, not the Technology alone. 
  • Ethics and moral values are a must for every individual to lead a good life. These values cannot be learned from Technology; for eg., We can use the latest developments in our study like the computer, electronic equipment, etc. but the soul purpose of education is to make the person professionally skilled along with the life skills like soft skills, maturity, and emotional intelligence, these things a student can learn from their teachers, elders, and guides only so in case of teaching and learning role of manpower can never be replaced by technology.
  • The economy of any country is essential for the growth of the country. With the development of railways, it is possible to reach remote areas of the country and abroad with airways, waterways, etc. Various other economic activities in any nation like food processing, dairy, farming, textile, and steel industry can all take advantage of Technology but cannot run without manpower. Agriculture, which is a must for human beings’ survival, can help technological development but cannot be done without manpower.
  • Be it the manufacturing sector or service sector, human power is playing a more significant role. Eg. In the case of Information technology, a computer is used by engineers, but all the codes are developed by manpower only. All the strategic decisions and policies of any organization can be formulated by manpower only.
technology over manpower


Technology that man has created has brought fast changes to the lives of humans. The controversy about whether or not man or machines that one is superior can not be won over through mere speculation. Man is the master of everything nowadays. He controls all styles of objects, living and dead. Though machines have replaced several of the works man accustomed do earlier still in varied fieldsman dominates. So no doubt, Technology has played a crucial role in developing countries and making individuals’ lives comfortable and providing the best solutions in every field, be it research, medical sciences, education, economy, defense, and the coming time the Technology will spread more. It will have its roots deepen in our life. Still, it can never replace manpower as the decisions, hard work, and human values, which are the task of manpower only has no substitute. No technological development can replace a supreme court judge’s position, which takes significant decisions; no technology can formulate nations’ policies like leaders of the country do, nor can technology fight for a nation like our brave soldiers do till the last breath. Say, for example, a copy of groups of people, the essential functions of the form can not be replaced by machines. Solely factor that Technology will do is to rectify the issues. Artificial liver, kidneys will be used, however, with limitations. The rule of nature can not be profaned by man because it is ready by god.

Therefore it is evident that though machines and Technology have invaded our day-to-day life, it cannot replace the foundations of nature, and a man goes to dominate the planet for hundreds of years to travel. 

So, innovations and inventions are the product of the human mind. Thus the Technology can never replace manpower.


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