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Leading 5 Branches in Engineering

After finishing the schooling, every student often thinks in which branch he or she should be admitted to engineering college which can be most promising for his or her scope of employment and in a short time can guarantee a brighter future.  The two primary driving forces behind success in future careers depend on the student’s hard work and the institution’s reputation and prestige. The main thing you must ask yourself before choosing an engineering industry is whether you’re interested in one particular branch. If you pick a course based solely on your work prospects, you will get trapped in a course that you dislike and you will fail to finish it. Later you will get trapped in a job in which you have no interest or knowledge. That is why it is important to admit to a branch of your choice.  The top 5 engineering branches that you can select based on your preferences and skills are listed below.

engineering branches

Chemical Engineering

You can learn about polymers, pharmaceuticals,  petroleum, chemicals, as well as IT and computers for developing chemical engineering processes in chemical engineering. The role of the Chemical Engineer includes organizing, constructing, and operating process plants. This is the best division for you if you have a fascination with organic and inorganic chemistry. The amount of growth for a chemical engineer is immense and increasing. The petrochemical refineries, production units, pharmaceutical firms, chemical design companies, FMCG companies, and even environmental and climate change NGOs have great possibilities in chemical engineering.

Companies like Asian Paints, ONGC, RCF, HPCL, IOCL, GAIL, Reliance, Cairn, BPCL, Tata Chemicals, HUL, Proctor, and Gamble, etc have huge possibilities for chemical engineers

Automation and Robotics Engineering

Most manufacturing and production firms gradually rely on robotics. Recent research has increased the usability and future applications of robots. Robotics is a fast-growing area that provides students with a strong talent and an innovative mind a lot of opportunities. The robotic technologies are commonly used in factories in a variety of industries including space, automobile, manufacturing, defense, metals, textiles, and nuclear.

The robotic design engineer, versatile engineering, artificial intelligence, digital product design engineer, space survey and analysis engineer, device design, and analytics engineer are a few of the positions that may come from Automation and Robotics Engineering.

engineering branches

IT or Computer Science and Engineering

Software remedies are required in health care, hospitality, banking, hospitals, IT, media, airlines, rail, and education. Computers are the current and future needs of an IT specialist. Computer Science is one of the most necessary innovation sectors in all fields. Computer Science engineer’s incomes are also the maximum.

Computer Science operates along with functional strategies for the implementation and execution of the theoretical knowledge and computing bases. If you want to try something different with your machines, if you want to have very solid mathematical abilities and a decent IQ, that is the division you must pick.

engineering branches

Civil Engineering

At the end of the nineties and the beginning of the 2000s, infrastructure construction boomed rapidly, and civil engineers were increasingly needed. The demand for civil engineers was fueling; all building projects needed site workers, supervisors, and architects. This sector focuses on the building, design, and preservation of natural and physical environments including highways, bridges, canals, dams, and structures. Whether it’s a high-rise house, a hydroelectric dam, an underground station, or an interconnected road you will see this field as a very fascinating and rewarding career. 

Important construction and developing companies like the Ozone group, Embassy group, and DHL are recruiting civil engineers from Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Chennai on a large scale. 

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the engineering sector that includes machinery design, manufacturing, and operation. Our nation is increasingly expanding with many strong heavy-duty industries such as coal, cement, forging, automotive, and mining. Both these sectors thus claim steady hiring of graduates from the fresh mechanical engineering department. As automation takes hold, engineers who are able to control, monitor, and diagnose fault structures in these industries are being increasingly necessary. Not just this, the IT sector has the potential for the design and production of ERP solutions for mechanical engineers. In various industries, engineers of mechanical engineering have a strong knowledge of engineering and manufacturing methods. The knowledge of basic principles of kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, electricity, and structural analysis are important in mechanical engineering.

engineering branches

Top engineering employers are included in docks, railways, mines, construction machinery, security services, metro, yards, and national highways. The introduction of metro trains also improves mobility as cities grow. This is another reason why mechanical engineers are in high demand. If you have a passion for physics, the processing of the stuff, the creation of mechanisms then mechanical engineering is the right branch for you. 

You must not choose the wrong branch and college and destroy your future. Understand the above-mentioned branches and the go for the one which interests you more.

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