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Top 7 career options for B. Com working professional

B.Com has so vast career options that many working professionals. They often make bad choices and end up being in the wrong field and wasting their precious time. And when they realize what they have done, it’s too late. Therefore, to overcome this problem we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list top 7 career options for B.com working professionals so that they can decide their future with ease. The following is the list:

Investment Banking 

What is an Investment Banking and How to become an Investment Banker?

A very fruitful career option for B.com working professional is in investment banking. Investment banking involves giving services and financial advice to large firms, high-class people and government. They provide a variety and a number of jobs to B.com working professionals. Investment banks are all over India, in almost every state and every city. Getting a job in investment banking can be tough but it’s worth it. The average salary of a working professional is 9.35 Lakhs per annum. To know more click here.


Establishing your identity as a manager

Every company needs a manager. They in fact want multiple managers to manage different offices and work spaces. A B.com working professional can get a numerous amount of jobs in being a Manager. There are Asset Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, Sales managers etc. For the manager’s job you require Leadership skills. For example, in asset management, the manager has to manage multiple things but mainly people’s assets according to their investment needs. A manager has to minimize the risks. The average salary of asset manager is 6.48 Lakh rupees per annum. And that of Sales manager is 8.9 Lakh rupees per annum. 

Stock broker

Career As A Stock Broker - Mindler

A stockbroker is a working professional who executes sales and purchase of products. Stockbrokers have a direct cut in whatever they sell or buy. Stockbrokers can earn extremely well. Usually, brokerage firms and organizations hire stockbrokers and then they are associated with them.  Stockbroking is a great career opportunity for B.com working professional. Intelligent communicational skills and a skilled mindset is required to work as a stockbroker. You should be convincing and have a problem-solving brain too. You have to deal in numbers too. The average pay of a stockbroker is 8.64 Lakhs per annum. To know more click here.


To Be or Not To Be... A Consultant?

There are a lot of types of consultants required by every organization and firms. There are investment and financial consultants, Tax consultant, Insurance consultant etc. As the name suggests Investment and financial consultants consults high-end people and companies in their investment and financial matters. They tell them whether it’s right to invest somewhere or not. They look over their financial problems and solves them. A tax consultant overlooks the tax matters of a firm. He/she tries to minimize the taxation liabilities and helps them to pay as little tax as possible. Insurance consultant provides information on the insurance policies of the company and it’s working professionals. They research on different policies and tries to find best for them. The average salary of an investment consultant is 4.29 Lakh rupees per annum. 


Jobs after B.Sc statistics - YouTube

A statistician is a working professional which deals with the responsibility of spotting trends or the detection of errors in the given data set. They analyse the whole data set by either using theoretical or applied statistics. A B.com working professional can go for this career option. They are hired by big companies and they even get government jobs. The average pay of a statistician is around 5.38 Lakh rupees per annum.


What is a Research Analyst and What Do They Do? - Schweser.com

As the name proposes, an analyst analyses multiple works. They go through the data and research well. An analytical mind with skills is required to work as an analyst. There are many types of analyst such as Market Research Analyst, Financial Analyst etc. A financial analyst provides with an exact number of the company’s stability, profitability etc. A market research analyst researches and analyses the market’s up and downs. The average salary of a market research analyst is 6.19 Lakh rupees per annum and that of a financial analyst is 6.53 Lakh rupees per annum. To know more about the analyst, click here.

Higher studies

After b.com, there are a lot of options for a B.com working professional to study higher. He/she can do M.com. They can do MBA i.e. Master of Business Administration which has many scopes ahead of it. A working professional can also opt for ICAI exam and become a CA. They can also opt for CS. So, after B.com a lot of higher studies are possible for a working professional. 

So above was the list of top career options for B.com working professionals. Hope that it was of some help. Best of luck!!!  

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