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diploma in fashion tech after class 10

In this article, we will look into some of the career prospects a diploma in fashion tech which you can take after class 10th. DIPLOMA IN FASHION TECH AFTER CLASS 10TH. Diploma in Fashion Technology is a lucrative job that requires apt knowledge of modern society and its trends. There is a huge demand for people out there who have sound knowledge of fashion and its working in the current trend. This course not only helps the students to gain knowledge with the latest or you can say trending technology moving on at present times in a particular field.

There are many companies that are demanding such knowledgeable people at good positions with high salary packages. Whether it is the work of matching the exact pairs or the production of relevant garments, fashion technology is all about the clothes and style. Due to its huge demand in the market, several courses have emerged in this field for interested learners. So, let us look at some of the diploma courses in fashion and tech which you can opt after class 10th.

Fashion Designer

A fashion designer is responsible for the production and managing of clothing. Its task is to align all the things, from shoes to accessories, in the right fit. The job role is expected to produce the styles with appropriate fabric, matching colors, and relevant prints and trims for a designer collection which looks classy as well as popular at the same time. The fashion designers usually either design haute couture or ready to wear clothing. They create and visualize a creative idea and produce it in the form of an eye-pleasing style either by hand or using technology. You can also check out 7 Reasons Why Class 10 Students Need Counseling

Costume Designer

The main role of the costume designer is to provide the matched outfits to the characters by understanding the script and storyline well. Their task is to discuss the ideas with the directing and managing team of the movies which includes set designers, light effects as well as proper makeup ideas. Based on all the effects and surroundings, they provide the best suitable costume styles and fabrics by keeping in mind the budget and limitations. So, if you think you have the skill of interconnecting, then you can go for this field after taking up your diploma in fashion technology after your class 10th.


The fashion illustrators are responsible for creating the best suitable fashion designs for their clients. Usually, the buyers and the stylists observe the skills of illustrators which are displayed in the things created by him or her. To be a successful illustrator, creativity holds the utmost importance. It holds the artistic assets that are accurate and represent the well-maintained clothing style which looks appealing to the buyers at their first look. The fashion illustrators are excellent drawers as well have excellent IT skills. They are full of creativity and imagination and have a keen eye for every detail and design. You can also read out 10 Recommended Books For Every Class 10 Students


The fashion stylists are responsible for giving the best fashion advice on outfits and relevant accessories. Whether it is a bridal event or a film, there is no place where the fashion stylists are not needed. They help in maintaining and coordinating the best suitable outfits for models in fashion events and look after suitable outfits in the case of actors as well who work in television in the film industry. They provide their clients with proper accessories and other props to make the outfit look trendy and perfect.

Visual Display Artist

Visual Display Artists, popularly known as Visual Merchandisers, are responsible for creating attractive visual displays in their outlets. They use their creativity to enhance a common-looking showroom into a classy and eye-appealing one. The main objective of visual merchandising is to increase sales as well as the attention of potential buyers. They focus on the display for their promotion of new products based on festive and seasonal themes. So, is you think you have the relevant skills to be in this field, then you can go for the diploma course in fashion designing and technology after class 10th.

Textile Designer

A textile designer is responsible for the creation of designs where a special focus on its production is required such as the selection of fabric, the methods of knitting, weaving, and so on. While producing a cloth, they make a special focus on the part of fabric used such as for wearing by an individual or using it for other purposes such as covering a space, covering an object, and so on. They produce suitable sketches and designs to provide the best match for their image of the produced cloth and its design. Therefore, if you strong creativity and sketching skills, then you can take up the diploma course in fashion technology after class 10th.

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