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Top 7 Universities in France to pursue Computer Science

Talking about it in a simple language, the higher education system in the Country of France is one of the best in the entire world. Also, it is very easily accessible. This is because it has qualities that attract students from abroad. The tuition fees in the French Education system is very less. This makes it easier for international students to study in France. Also, French Universities have the top rankings among all the universities in the world. So, if you are searching for the Computer Science course in France then you landed in the perfect place.

All the degrees out there which are related to Computer Science have the contents such as hardware and software. These things are the basics that every student needs to know. This will help them work with algorithms, databases, networking, and AI. After gaining an IT degree from a renowned school or university, students are able to find solutions to computer-related problems in a more efficient way. Those who take Computer Science as there graduation subject can have several job opportunities. Some of them are software developers, database administrators, computer system analysts, and web developers.

So, just go through the article to know about the top 7 Universities in France to pursue a career in Computer Science.

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France has the biggest Universities and among these, Centrale Supelec is one of them. In the Best Global Universities, CentraleSupelec is placed 729. Schools are positioned by their exhibition over a lot of broadly acknowledged pointers of greatness.

It is rated 314 in the Best Global Universities of Europe whereas it is ranked 29 in Best Global Universities in France.

Consequently, if you are searching for a reasonable University for computer science then this is the one. It is very reasonable as it has earned a ranking of 46 in Computer Science and its overall score is 67.9. The reputation of the University is moreover very high.

Universite Paris Saclay

Universite Paris Saclay is one of the universities with very good ranking. Students of this University have given very favorable reviews and it clearly shows that they are satisfied. In Best Global Universities it is placed at 274. Its other ranking is also satisfactory. In Best Global University in Europe, it is ranked 122, and in Best Global Universities in France, it is placed at number 11. If you are wondering about its reputation then yes it is one of the reputed universities around the globe.

Accordingly, the ranking of Computer Science at this University is 70 and its overall score is 61.9.

computer science universities

Universite de Lyon (ComUE)

There are around 120,000 students at this University and they are fully satisfied and enjoying their studies at this University. There are multiple campuses in the University. Now, talking about the raking of the subject of Computer Science, there is no need to worry.

Computer Science of Universite de Lyon is ranked 82 with an all-around record of 59.2. The overall ranking of the University is furthermore extremely promising. In the Best Global Universities, it is placed 139. Accordingly, it is ranked 54 in Best Global Universities in Europe and 5th in Best Global Universities in France.

Université Paris-Sud

The Université Paris-Sud is a public organization that was established in 1970. The college has five grounds situated in the southern rural areas of Paris. The primary grounds are in Orsay, around 20 miles from the Paris downtown area. In an ongoing year, around 30,000 understudies went to the college, and approximately 45 percent of them learned at the undergraduate level. The organization additionally has three college foundations of innovation – Cachan IUT, Sceaux IUT, and Orsay IUT – and a school of building.

Now, let’s have a glance at the ranking of Université Paris-Sud. In Best Global Universities it is placed at number 118, 47th in Best Global Universities in Europe, and 4th in Best Global Universities in France. In Computer Science the University has earned 151 rankings and its all-around score is 50.2.

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PSL Research University Paris (Com-UE)

PSL Research University Paris is a very reputed University. In Best Global Universities it is ranked 82 and 24 in Best Global Universities of Europe. It is placed at the third position in Best Global Universities in France. In Computer Science, the ranking is 172 with an overall score of 46.9.

Universite Federale Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees (ComUE)

In Best Global Universities this university is placed at 175 and 75 in Best Global Universities in Europe. The ranking of this University in France is also favorable. In Best Global Universities in France Universite Federale Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees is ranked 8th. The subject Computer Science has earned 179 ranking and the all-around score is 46.1.

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Universite Lille-Nord-de-France (ComUE)

In Best Global Universities Universite Lille-Nord-de-France is placed at 288. The University is at 130 in Best Global Universities in Europe and 13 in Best Global Universities in France. The subject of Computer Science is ranked 202 and its overall score is 44.2.

Therefore, these are the 7 Best Universities for the course of Computer Science in France. I hope this article made you clear about choosing Computer Science and pursue a career in France.

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