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10 Web Series For Working Professional

Well, on most days, it just feels like too much efforts for a few hours of fun. On those days, get on your phones, laptops, PCs, smart TVs and hook yourself to Netflix or any other OTT you wish, like you care for no soul in the world. Grab your favourite snacks and go on to ruin those already ruined postures of yours because well, no-one’s there to judge you and get straight to binging on some brilliant award-winning love stories or just some brutally honest fiction drama.  We’ve created just the list of these extremely binge-worthy web series to get working professional through their weekends.

FLEABAG– web series


There isn’t much I can say about Fleabag that hasn’t already been said, I wouldn’t even dare. I don’t have the audacity. It’s the perfect candid, witty drama you would want to watch, to make you feel comfortable in your twenties (or thirties or any age actually) when you think you are in the middle of nowhere and as clueless as anyone else. Presently, the show only consists of 2 seasons with insurmountable wisdom and vulnerability to relate and cry to. And it has the ever so great PHEOBE WALLER BRIDGE!


Whenever you talk about Fleabag you must, always, follow is up by talking about Crashing (it’s like an unsaid rule). Another work of great art by Phoebe Waller. This one has a rather unconventional setting. It follows lives and love affairs of a bunch of circumstantial friends who live in an unused hospital. Each character is as distinctly vivid as the other, with their own quirks trying to justify their individual arcs. 

Bodyguard– web series


Bodyguard, with its handsome and talented cast, is a short police political thriller web series. It includes a family revered war veteran turned bodyguard and an ambitious home secretary whose life turns upside down after an attempted assassination on her. Also, It creates a roller-coaster drama when the home secretary hires the ex-army officer as her personal bodyguard for her round-the-clock security and how all of their lives changes after that. It has our beloved Richard Madden.



Its already among the top charts of shows to watch in 2020. It surrounds the lives of the Roy’s, a dysfunctional  family that owns a media conglomerate named Waystar Royco. The drama moves along with the constantly changing power struggle, ego clashes and personal conflicts among the four Roy siblings. It’s a riveting watch if you’re into a drama of filthy riches with their ever so flawed, luxurious and dangerously privileged lives who are tried by the opponents and their own secretive past to stay at the top of the world. 

Boys– web series

Boys is a superhero series unlike any superhero movies or series. Imagine, world’s most powerful people with questionable ethics and a relentless ambition to upturn any stone that comes their way to remain at the topmost tier, each with a discrete superpower, coming together to form a union. Well, Boys is exactly all of that with god music. It draws a brutal analogy of all the problematic aspects of our society and dumps it on our screens for us to gag and still be hooked to it. 

Made in Heaven 

Unlike other suggestions, this one is an Indian fictional drama. It follows a story  of two best friends who co-run a wedding planning company based in Delhi. They plan extravagant weddings for the obnoxiously wealthy families who aren’t particularly the best of people as their wealth might suggest, but are rather extremely flawed, taxing and even criminals. It subtly reflects varying elements and prejudices of the Indian society. Director by the ingenious Zoya Akhtar with a stunning cast, you must watch it if you haven’t already.


Crown is a historical drama web series surrounding the early life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Already bagging multiple awards and accolades, it has come closest to imitating the actual reign and relations of the Queen. If nothing, watch it for the finesse of Claire Foy and Olivia Coleman. 

Sex Education

A British original teenage drama as progressive as the name suggests. It is more than a befitting compensation for the lack of sex education all these years not just for teenagers but well, for their parents too. It navigates how a sex therapist and her son go on to educate an entire school and make them realize their own sexual tendencies and preferences. Watch it right now if you haven’t already.

Good Place

Good place is a hilariously weird show. Mocking and questioning our forever long assumptions and beliefs a out the idea of heaven and hell. According to the show, good place in Good Place depicts the idea of heaven, in the life after death scenario, with its weird rules and regulations to follow. It’s a fun and easy watch to get you through your weekend. 

I may destroy you

I May Destroy You Online

Already famous for the courageous backstory of the writer and actor of the show, Michaela Coel. It has garnered praises for its creative style in depicting unsettling yet not so uncommon tales of sexual abuse. It helps in unblurring the blurred lines of consent and violation in a sexual relationship. 

Well, this was our among the most favourite web series to binge through the weekend. Hope it helps working professional to sustain at least 2 months. Thank you for reading.

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