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7 Advantages of doing MBA after B.tech / Engineering

Hello readers, we are back with another blog this time 7 Advantages of doing MBA after B.tech / Engineering yes. After engineering, 1 question is always comes to our mind what next. Weather should go for a private-sector job or go for higher studies. In higher studies also what kind of degree should we go for Mtech, MBA, MS, PHD. or any other research degree. In this blog, we will tell you about why one should go for an MBA rather than some other degree. The simple answer is because it does not only enhance your knowledge but also improves your personality like a company representative so we some Advantages of doing MBA after B.tech / Engineering. An MBA comprehensively covers the dynamics of how a business is operated as well as the problems and issues that can occur in a business environment with a wide range of variety in profile like business analyst, financial consultant, investment banking, IT manager, etc. Before that let’s talk about MBA In brief. MBA(Master in business administration) this is a post-graduation degree in different domains as well for example Marketing, finance, IT, Operations, etc. And some of the top institutions for MBA in India is IIM’s. to get into one of those you need to give an aptitude test that is known as CAT after that one can do his MBA from top Institutions. Now lets come back to our today’s agenda 7 Advantages of doing MBA after B.tech / Engineering are:

Advantages Of Doing Mba After B.tech Engineering

Technical And Management expertise

Engineering students have an edge as compared to other students. He knows all the latest trends in technology and expertise in the industry, which can help him to be a better manager in the real world. From artificial intelligence to industry 4.0 he can grab all the core concepts very easily.  There is nothing better than a mixture of technical and managerial skills. Technical and management knowledge also comes handy when you start your own venture. B.Tech. doesn’t ensure that you will gain technical knowledge, especially coding. However, the course is designed to give you a strong background in technology.


This course provides flexibility to students who further want to study for their higher Degree. Thus in the future, if you wish to learn technical skills such as computer programming or productivity tools, it should be a cakewalk for you. And in this, Your respective company also going to help you as well.

7 Advantages Of Doing Mba After Engineering

Better career growth

MBA can give you a better career option as compare to other fields for sure. After an MBA one can be a successful Marketing Manager, Consultant, IT manager, and whatnot. MBA gives you the skill to hold a team and make them perform. These skills cant learn through but it can only be acquired through participation, projects, Industry interactions, and case studies that an MBA can give you. In MBA designation as well as salary both are good. One can start with the IT manager and go up to the CEO or CTO depends on its capabilities.

Work with top Global Brands and companies

Maximum of global brands hire people with technical and management backgrounds. Although they hire professionals from almost every field and domain, the number of hires who have engineering as well as management degrees hires with other educational backgrounds. One reason for this is also the availability of a large number of graduates who have both degrees. However, the top employers who hire a large number of fresh MBAs, usually come from the IT or BFSI (Banking) industry. Some of the brands that prefer Engineers + MBA’s are GOOGLE, AMAZON, IBM, MICROSOFT, APPLE, HUWAI, FACEBOOK, MCKINSEY, etc which prefer engineers other than a normal graduate. Both industries prefer candidates with B.Tech and MBA degrees. So if you do your B.Tech and MBA from a decent college, you will have a broad range of career options.

Mba After Engineering 1

High Salary

An MBA can earn all the way from 6 lakhs per annum to 1 crore per annum as per their quality of education. To understand the salary range lets take an example A graduate from IIM Banglore can earn an average of 30lakh per annum whereas if a candidate has done his MBA from any level C college say IFIM he can still earn up to 10lakhs per annum. Also, we want to make a comparison here that if an engineer works with any other post-graduation degree he can earn not as much as earn in MBA.


What is an MBA if I want to make understand to an 8 class student, my answer will be like a person who knows how to run a business is MBA. Many times we forget this definition and after our MBA start to do a job in another company.


Be your own boss

MBA gives us the best skills, knowledge, motivation to be own boss, and to be a creator for others to create a unique business, create jobs, and much more. By this one not only get what he wants but rather than he also gets self-satisfaction to serve the nation directly.

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