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Importance of career counselling for B.Tech students

Hello readers, How are you guys I hope you all are feeling well. Today we are back with another blog this time Importance of career counselling for B.Tech students. After completing secondary education one of the most challenging things for students is to choose the correct option for a career. Many people suggest very old and not so original answers if you are from arts than suggestions be like do BA(Hons.), if you are from commerce then do B.com or M.com or can prepare for CA as well. But by mistake, if you are from a science background you have to be a doctor or engineer. But this is not as simple as that, confusions begin from here, what if I told you the more your good in studies the more it worst, yes! Suppose you want to be a doctor then you have to go through many competitive exams like NEET, AIMS exam, many college entrances. And after all, these, if you got a chance to get into a decent college through these exams then you have to choose what specialization. Similarly in Engineering if someone wants to be an engineer then he has to be a BTech, now Btech itself is a very big and valuable degree.

Importance Of Career Counseling2

This degree is so valuable cum common that India is one of the largest producers of engineers. But the quality of Indian engineers did not meet world standards many times. Reasons Quality of education, Quality of students who studied engineering, or the BIG reason(wrong selection of engineering branch). So how to avoid these things so that students can save their future and career. The answer is to choose the correct Career Counselor. A person that can guide a student what college one has to choose, what sort of courses one should take according to his career preference, what specialization he will enjoy in future, and future of that particular branch so Here is some importance of career counselling for B.Tech Students.

Importance Of Career Counseling1

To get correct information:

 Most of the parents and students are in fact not able to get correct information about good colleges their eligibility criteria, fee structure, future scope, the Brand value of college, Quality of education. This information can be given by a well-certified counselor. Also, a certified counselor can tell and give a customize suggestion according to the student’s preferences.

Counseling helps students to Point Out the right career opportunity:

The counselor will explore their aptitude, areas of interest, and abilities first and then give a pathway to success. Most of the Indian universities are open to free online counseling to take admission in various professional courses, viz. B.Tech, B.FTech, B.Arch, B.Des, B.Pharm, MBA, MBBS, BDS, and B.Ed, etc. Students find themselves confident about the choice of career option. The selection of the right course for their graduation is most important because it’s the first brick career foundation.

Importance Of Career Counseling

To reduce money, time, and effort of students:

students who want to become an engineer wish to join the best B.Tech colleges in India, after getting proper counseling, students find it easier to select institutes and courses as per their interests, skills, and availability of seats, college brand value, etc. Finding and meeting a counselor in a nearby location may be difficult for most of the aspiring students. But once it’s done the rest of the work is very easy for students and can save money, time, and effort of students. In such a case, online counseling proves its importance.

Effective Assistance:

They help the candidates to access their merit demerit about their flaws, their improvements. How to enhance their personality and many other things like how to apply for a higher education loan, how to apply for passport process visa and process for higher education. They help students to achieve their long term goals in short.

If we talk about the State level number of state organizations is also taking online counseling for state colleges. Private universities and institutes are similarly engaged in counseling to guide students for the right stream to curve students’ careers. In our country, CCB conducts career counseling after the JEE score was released. Many boards like NIC, CBSE, IITdelhi, NITs support these bodies to conducts these kinds of counseling sessions around the country after the JEE score is released.

Importance Of Career Counseling1

The summary for career counseling helps a lot on the following points –

  1. Find outs aptitude, ability, and potential, capacity to enhance in future endeavors.
  2. Clear all doubts and dilemmas of a candidate about future career-related quires and questions.
  3. Gives confidence and motivate to the candidate and students and suggest them like parents about their future.
  4. Work as an expert to guide through students until they get into their dream college and save lots of effort and resources of parents.

So this is it for today’s blog about the Importance of career counselling for B.Tech students.

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