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best tricks to Avoid the Second Mistake

The best leaders avoid making the same mistake twice by taking the time to reflect on what led to the mistake being made and thinking through what steps can be taken to avoid that mistake in the future. It can be tempting to want to move on and not think about the mistake again, but this is actually one of the best opportunities that you can have to learn and grow as a leader.

avoid mistake

Acknowledge That a Mistake is a Mistake

“The easiest way to repeat a mistake is to not acknowledge that it was a mistake in the first place. Self-reflection is key. Look back at your business, study what worked and what did not, and be honest with yourself. Be open to change and understand that everyone makes mistakes. Don’t let pride stand in the way of bettering yourself and your business.

Keep a Daily Log

“I keep a daily log of events. There are a number of apps that remind me to note at the end of every workday. Often, I dictate via voice-to-text on my route home. Usually, I can note what happened today – the good, the bad, and the ugly. A most useful work journal has a convenient search function. When trying to recall a past vague event or mistake on my part, I query my work journal.”

Getting Ready For Change should always be in your mind because you don’t know what happens next so be ready for anything and everything that comes in front of you, be ready for the challenge.

avoid mistake

Find which behaviors you want to change. Before you can avoid making the same mistakes or repeating the same behaviors, you will have to identify the behaviors you want to change. Examine your life for any behaviors that you want to work on

  • • Try finding the habits and old behaviors that you think are the most important to work on first.
  • • Don’t take on too much at once. Focus on a select few issues that you feel deserve the most attention.
  • • If you’re caught in a loop making the same mistakes, it’s probably because you have a blind spot in how you’re viewing the world and behaving within it.

Discover what triggers your behavior. Examine what situations or events might be causing you to make the same mistakes or engage in the same unwanted behaviors. There are reasons behind the behavior you want to change. Once you find those reasons, you will be able to change your response to that situation as well as avoid it in the future.

avoid mistake

Set a timetable for your propensities

Numerous individuals never get around to building new propensities since they are continually pondering when they will be roused to do the new propensity. Remove inspiration from the condition and set a timetable for your conduct. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, setting a distributing plan for my written work has been the greatest win for my innovative propensities. For what reason does this work? As a result of the study of usage

Kill the things that take you off track. You should always stay far and far away from things that you think can come in your way and prove to be a distraction and can take away your attention. Learn to say “NO” because you have to keep away stupid things that can kill your time. So, it’s important to say no.

A few crises can’t be kept away from, however, there is numerous day by day diversions that can be dispensed with. In the event that you end up missing a propensity, at that point pause for a minute to decide why that happened today. There is no compelling reason to judge yourself. Simply look at your day with open eyes and figure out what took you off base. When you start to find the things that take you off-kilter, you can kill them at whatever point conceivable. Enhance by subtracting. It is substantially less demanding to settle on the correct choice on the off chance that you are encompassed by better decisions.

avoid mistake

Put the greater part of your vitality toward beginning the great conduct.

In the event that you commit an error or neglect to hone another propensity, it can be anything but difficult to persuade yourself that you have to do twice as much work to compensate for it next time. This approach has never functioned admirably for me. I think that it’s more helpful to discharge the emphasis on comes about and coordinate your vitality toward the beginning. Try not to stress over having an awesome execution next time. Simply center around getting once more into the swing of things. I get a kick out of the chance to utilize The 2-Minute Rule to enable me to begin practices effortlessly.


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