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Best Universities for Law in Canada

Law or legal studies is a discipline that focuses on the study of the constitution, law, and order, political processes, etc. Legal studies can land you in many jobs with the most common one being a lawyer. Some other careers you can pursue are Legal outsourcing, legal advisor for companies, Judge, Journalist, Reporting, legal researcher, Political Analyst, and Legal Analyst. You can always choose to pursue higher studies. In this article, we will be exploring the best Universities in Canada for pursuing law or legal studies. This article will discuss in detail about fee requirements, academic requirements, and admission requirements. These colleges offer undergraduate, certificate, and graduate programs in the discipline of law in Canada. All the fees in this article will be for international students. 

Admission into this college requires a minimum of 6.5 IELTS score and 86 TOEFL score. Every college has a different requirement, however, this is the bare minimum. We will be exploring the best Universities in Canada for pursuing law or legal studies

universities for law

Mc Gill University

 The Faculty of Law at Mc Gill University offers both undergraduate, Doctoral, Certificate, and graduate programs. The Undergraduate program provides you two degrees that are Juris Doctor (JD) and Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL). The Graduate program offered by MC Gill are specializations in different areas. The specialization programs are Masters of Laws (General Law), Master of Laws (Air and Space Law), Master of Laws (Environment), and Master of Laws (Biotechnics). The graduate programs are also called LLM. 

The MC Gill students have been employed in various NGOs, private firms after graduation. A lawyer is not the only option post Law.

Fees- 14000 to 16000 Candian dollars per year for international students. 

York University

 The Osgoode Hall Law School at the York University offers an innovative, experiential, and relevant curriculum with the best-renowned faculty. It offers the Juris Doctor (JD) program, LLM graduate program, Professional LLM, and Doctoral program in legal studies. The courses are not just useful for Canadian students, they are designed to suit the needs of international students. Learn more about international students here.

 Fees- 16000 to 18000 Candian dollars per year for international students.

universities for law

University of Ottawa

 The Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa offers programs in both English and French. The Undergraduate program called Juris Doctor offers specializations in various disciplines. Some of them are Aboriginal Law and Indigenous Legal Traditions, Environmental Law, Law and Social Justice, Public Law, and much more. You can specialize in any of these areas and also in more than a single area. 

The program will also provide you different internships to get hands-on experience in the area of your area of choice.

Fees- 15000-16000 Canadian Dollars  

Dalhousie University

 Schulich School of Law at the Dalhousie University offers JD (undergraduate program) and Graduate Masters (LLM) program. Schulich School of Law is ranked in the top 100 Law Schools globally. The degree and faculty are recognized worldwide. The approach to studying Law is highly research based at the University. The alumni of the college are working at the finest organizations in the world. 

The Graduate programs offer specialization in Health & Law, Law&Technology, Marine&Environmental Law Institute. 

 Fees- $14000- $16000 per year.

law in canada

University of Victoria (UVic)

 UVic’s Faculty of Law has the largest number of placements in the country across different sectors. At the undergraduate level, it offers the Juris Doctor (JD) program and JID (Joint Degree program in Canadian Law). The JID program is mostly useful for Canadian students. The specialized Graduate programs are offered in areas of Commercial Law, Legal History, Constitutional Law, Employment Law, etc. Explore this link to know more about the specialized program. 

The programs are focused on experiential learning and highly research-based.

 Fees- 15000-18000 Canadian Dollars per year.

law in canada

Carleton University

 The Department of Law and Legal studies at Carleton University provides courses that help you explore the connection between Law and Society nationally as well internationally. BA Law (General) and BA Law (Honors), Minor in Law. Other than that, Law with a concentration in Business Law, Law with a concentration in Law, Policy & Government, and Law with a Concentration in Transnational Law and Human Rights.

 At the Graduate level, It offers MA in legal studies. The program is research-based and requires you to write a thesis. 

Fees- $18000 to $20000 per year.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

The Peter A Allard School of Law at UBC is 75 years old and one of the oldest Law schools in Canada. The School offers the JD program at the Undergraduate level. It offers three programs at the Master level. They are Master of Law (Common), Master of Law (Taxation), and an LLM program. Law school has different facilities for international students such as the Centre of Asian Legal studies, the Centre of Business studies, etc.

Fees- 22000 to 24000 per year for international students.

All the Fees included in this article only include tuition fees and not any other expenses.

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