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Best Universities in Canada for Data Science

There is content everywhere on the internet and most of that content is prepared through different databases. Data Science plays a crucial in the analysis of Data structures and trends and with most of the businesses having a digital presence these days, the need for data scientists will only go up soon. Some colleges offer integrated programs for Data Science and Business Analytics in Canada that can easily boost your career.  In a Data Science program, you learn about computer science, different database technologies. In this article, we will be discussing the top 7 Universities in Canada to pursue a Bachelors’s and master’s in Data Science. This article will talk in detail about admission requirements, academic programs, college rankings, and fee details.

data science in canada

University of British Columbia 

 UBC Data Science department offers a Master of Data Science program. Students from any Science or Arts degree can apply to the program. The course is designed to teach you how to translate data into knowledge, communicate its stories, and help decision-makers take action. The program will be a year-long and is considered one of the best Data Science program in Canada. The program is offered on two different campuses and the Data Science program in computational statistics is also offered. You can check the different programs and computational statistics detail here

TOEFL score of 100 and IELTS score of 7 Overall are minimum requirements for admission. 

Fees- $ 44000 per year for international students.

data science universities

 Ryerson University 

 The 1-year long Data Science and Analytics (MSc) program at Ryerson University will offer you deep insight into the interdisciplinary skills required for a job of Data Scientist. Graduates from Ryerson University are pursuing careers in industry, government, or the research sector. The program website offers a detailed account of what to expect from a Data Science program. 

An undergraduate degree in any discipline with a decent GPA can get you admission into this program. A minimum IELTS score of 7 and a TOEFL score of 93 are also required for admission.

 Fee- 23000 to 24000 per year for international students. 

University of Toronto (U & T)

 The Data Science program at the University of Toronto is the combination of Data heavy statistical knowledge and computer science skills. The program at U&T is called MScAC (Master of Science in Applied Computing) that will offer you a combination of computing skills with Data Science. The program will also allow you to have an internship with a renowned company to provide you hands-on experience. 

For admissions, you should have an undergraduate degree in computer science and an IELTS-TOEFL score of 7 and 93.

 Fees- $56000 per year for international students (scholarships available for international students).

data science in canada

Carleton University 

 Carleton University offers a Masters in Data Science program that will teach you how to analyze Big Data. Carleton University’s Data Science is created in collaboration with various industries and NGOs. Apart from the Masters in Data Science, a student can also choose to do an MBA in business Analytics. This program website will provide you detail about both the programs. 

 For admission into the Master’s programs, one should have an undergraduate degree in any discipline. TOEFL score of 86 and IELTS score of 6.5 are also minimum requirements.

University of Waterloo

 The University of Waterloo is globally recognized for its best Maths and Science programs. In Waterloo’s Data Science program you will learn how to develop methods to understand data management. You will learn the application of Data Science in Marketing, public health, medicine, and other sectors. 

You should have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or any other interdisciplinary subject that includes Computer Science. TOEFL score of 90 and IELTS score of 7 are also minimum requirements.

 Fees- $40,000 per year for international students

 HEC Montreal

The Master of Data Science and Business Analytics program at the HEC Montreal will offer you deep insights into Artificial intelligence and digital technology. The program can range from 16 to 24 months (Part-time or full time) depending upon your choice. This program website will provide you more detail about the program structure, admissions, scholarships, and tuition fees. 

An undergraduate degree with a decent GPA and percentage is required for admission, English proficiency scores are also required, however, the website does not enlist any specific criteria

Fees- $27,500 to $28000 per year for international students.

data science in canada

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

 The Data Science program at the SFU will teach you many skills such as Software Engineering, Data acquisition, Data visualization, customer analytics, and many more. The program is called a professional Master program in Big Data. The program will provide you in-depth knowledge of computer science. 

An undergraduate degree in any discipline with a GPA of 3.0 is the minimum requirement. TOEFL score of 94 and IELTS score of 7 are also the requirements to get into the Big Data science program.

Fees- $40,000 to $40,500 per year for international students.

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