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Best 8 colleges in Canada for Master of Science

MS stands for a Master of Science in Canada. The minimum eligibility to get admission into an MS program is to have a Bachelor’s in Engineering (BE) degree, a B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Degree or B.Sc (Bachelor in Science) degree from a reputed college. You learn about various strands of technology, Mathematics, natural and physical sciences. The best colleges that offer MS programs in India are IITs. You can also specialize in a single subject in your MS programs such as biotechnology or chemical engineering. Some of the sector where you can land up after an MS program is banking, IT, teaching, Data Scientist, Software Developer, Data Analyst, etc. In this article, we will be looking at the best colleges or universities in Canada for the MS program. Master of Science program offers specializations in various subjects such as engineering, architecture, biology, etc in Canada Universities. 

Master of Science in canada

Queen’s University 

The Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences offer various Master of Science and Master of Science programs in Canada. The School of Graduate Studies at the Queen’s handles all these programs. Some programs are also integrated Masters and Doctorate programs. 

The Queen University founded in 1841 offers more than 100 different programs in Master of Applied Science and Master of Science. 

Some of the subjects in which you can pursue at Queen’s are:-

M.Sc (Biostatistics)

M.Sc, p.hd. (Nursing)

M.Sc (Chemical Engineering)

Explore the admission, fee, and scholarships for prospective students here

Master of Science in canada

University of Calgary 

The Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Calgary focuses on five main areas of student development. The five areas are Research and scholarship, teaching and learning, community engagement, culture, and student experience. The graduate programs in the discipline will be focused on these aspects. The University also has a My Grad Skill program that will upskill you to make you employable. Check the details about the My Grad Skill program here

Some of the M.Sc. programs offered are:- 

M.Sc. (Biochemistry and molecular biology)

M.Sc. (Civil Engineering)

Explore the programs here

University of Waterloo 

The programs in Maths and Science offered by the University of Waterloo are recognized worldwide and it is also not so easy to get admission into the prestigious University’s science programs. Integrated Masters and doctorate programs are also offered by the Department of Graduate Studies and Post-Doctoral Affairs. 

Some of the famous programs offered by the University of Waterloo are:- 

Master of Applied Science (Actuarial Science)

Master of Science (Applied Mathematics)

Master of Science (Chemical Engineering)

Master of Science in canada

University of Toronto (U&T)

The University of Toronto appears in almost every list of top universities in Canada for any course and MS is not an exception. MS in Computer Science is one of the most famous programs at U&T. The School of Graduate Studies at U&T has more than 400 Areas of Study Within More Than 300 Graduate Programs. U&T is famous for its sheer diversity as it has students from more than 150 countries enrolled in different graduate, undergraduate and doctoral programs. 

Some of the unique MS programs offered by U&T are:- 

Molecular Genetics (M.Sc.)

Rehabilitation Science (M.Sc.)

Speech-Language Pathology (Research) (M.Sc.)

McGill University 

Mc Gill University has more than 100 graduate programs offered across disciplines. The graduate studies at McGill University is famous for its Research-based approach. The programs at Mc Gill would want you to finish a thesis in your subject. Some of the disciplines in which McGill has done exciting research is Cognitive, biological and behavioral neurosciences, Environment, Computation, statistical inference, and modeling, and Nano-sciences, nanotechnology, and advanced materials. It is famous for research in science that is done by the best faculty at the University.

 Read more about the research and supervision here

 Some of the programs offered in the discipline of science are:- 

Agricultural Economics

Bioresource Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Master of Science

University of Alberta

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta offers more than 500 graduates in 300 research disciplines. It has over 7600 graduate students. The Graduate School also offers different professional development programs to upskill its students. Check Quick Facts about the University of Alberta here. There are various interdisciplinary programs in Science offered as well.

Some of the programs offered by the University are:- 

Agricultural, Food, and Science (M.Sc.)

Biochemistry (M.Sc.)

Cell Biology (M.Sc.)

Mc Master University 

The McMaster University Graduate Studies Department was founded in 1887. Mc Master is a research-intensive, student-centered university that was ranked in the world’s top 75 Universities by times Now in 2019. The University has students from more than 162 countries including Canada. It is home to more than 70 research centers and institutes. 

Some of the Masters in Science programs offered by the prestigious institution are:- 

Biomedical Engineering (M.Sc.)

Biomedical Engineering (Interdisciplinary M.Sc)

Most of these Universities have completely moved online due to the COVID-19 situation. Check their websites to know more about the changes. 

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