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Chandigarh University Result 2023 : Check Result, Admit Card

For a variety of UG and PG courses, Chandigarh University  Result 2023 holds semester exams twice a year. The exams for the Even Semester are typically held in May, and those for the Odd Semester are often held in December. For a few postgraduate courses, the university also administers exams each year. Within 1-2 months, Chandigarh University discloses the outcomes of all of its semester examinations. On the university’s official results page, the exam results are posted for a number of UG and PG degrees. The university’s tentative online results are now available to the public, although students can still request their official mark sheets.

1. How to Check Chandigarh University Result 2023

1Visit Official WebsiteGo to the official Chandigarh University website (e.g., www.cuchd.in).
2Find Examination/Results SectionLook for a section related to “Examinations,” “Results,” “Student Portal,” or similar.
3Select Result LinkWithin the examination or results section, find the link for “Results” or “Result Portal.”
4Enter Required InformationProvide details like your roll number, registration number, date of birth, etc.
5Choose Examination Type (if applicable)Select the specific exam type or semester you want to check the result for.
6View and Download ResultOnce you’ve entered the required information, your result should be displayed on the screen. You might have the option to download it as a PDF.
7Print or Save Result (if needed)If desired, print a copy of your result for your records.
8Contact University (If Needed)If you encounter any issues or have questions, contact the university’s IT support or examination department.

2. Details Mentioned on Chandigarh University Result 2023

  1. Student Information:
    • Student’s Full Name
    • Roll Number or Registration Number
    • Course Name (e.g., B.Tech, BBA, MBA, etc.)
    • Semester/Year of Examination
  2. Subject-wise Marks/Grades:
    • Names of the subjects or papers taken in the examination
    • Marks obtained in each subject
    • Grades (if applicable)
    • Total marks for each subject
  3. Total Marks and Percentage:
    • Total marks obtained in all subjects combined
    • Percentage scored in the examination
  4. Result Status:
    • Overall result status (Pass/Fail)
    • If applicable, details about any supplementary or reappear subjects
  5. Rank and Merit (if applicable):
    • Your rank within the batch or program
    • Any merit-based information if the university provides ranks based on performance
  6. University Information:
    • Chandigarh University’s logo and name
    • University’s official seal or authentication
  7. Date of Result Declaration:
    • The date on which the result was officially declared
  8. Instructions:
    • Any specific instructions related to revaluation, supplementary exams, or other relevant matters
  9. Contact Information:
    • Information about the university’s examination department or relevant contact details for inquiries

3.How to Apply Revaluation for Chandigarh University Result 2023

1Visit Official WebsiteGo to the official Chandigarh University website (e.g., www.cuchd.in).
2Find Revaluation SectionLook for a section related to “Examinations,” “Results,” or “Student Services.”
3Check Eligibility and DatesReview the eligibility criteria and application submission deadlines for revaluation.
4Download Revaluation FormDownload the revaluation application form from the university’s website.
5Fill Out the FormComplete the revaluation form with accurate details: personal info, subject codes, etc.
6Provide Reason (if required)If there’s a section for explaining your reason for revaluation, provide a brief explanation.
7Attach Revaluation Fee (if applicable)Check if a revaluation fee is required and follow the payment instructions.
8Submit the FormSubmit the filled-out form and any necessary documents to the designated office.
9Receive AcknowledgmentYou might receive an acknowledgment of your revaluation application. Keep it for reference.
10Wait for Revaluation ResultsThe university will reevaluate your exam papers, and this process may take some time.
11Check Revaluation ResultsOnce the revaluation process is complete, check the university’s portal for updated results.
12Collect Updated Marksheet (if applicable)If there are changes to your


4. Examination Form Chandigarh University Result 2023

  1. Visit Official Website: Go to the official Chandigarh University website (e.g., www.cuchd.in).
  2. Find Examination Form Section: Look for a section related to “Examinations,” “Forms,” or “Student Services.” This is where you’ll likely find information about filling out examination forms.
  3. Check Eligibility and Dates: Review the guidelines and instructions provided by the university regarding eligibility criteria for examination form submission and the deadline for submission.
  4. Download the Form: Download the examination form for the relevant semester or examination from the university’s website. The form might be available in a downloadable PDF format.
  5. Fill Out the Form: Complete the examination form with accurate and required details. This could include personal information, program, semester, subjects, etc.
  6. Attach Required Documents: If any documents are required to be submitted along with the examination form (such as a photograph, ID proof, etc.), make sure to attach them as per the instructions.
  7. Pay Examination Fee: If there’s an examination fee, follow the provided instructions for payment. This could be through online methods or bank drafts.
  8. Submit the Form: Submit the filled-out examination form along with the necessary documents and fee. Follow the guidelines for submission, whether it’s online or at a designated location on campus.
  9. Receive Confirmation: After submission, you might receive a confirmation receipt or acknowledgment. Keep this as proof of submission.
  10. Collect Admit Card (if applicable): Before the examination, the university will release admit cards containing important details like exam schedule and venue. Download or collect the admit card as per the university’s instructions.
  11. Appear for Exams: Follow the schedule mentioned in the admit card and appear for your examinations.
  12. Check Result: After the examination period, the university will announce the results. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to check your Chandigarh University Result 2023.

5.How Chandigarh University Score Card Download

  1. Visit Official Website: Go to the official Chandigarh University website (e.g., www.cuchd.in).
  2. Login to Student Portal: Look for a section related to “Student Portal” or “Results.” Log in to your student account using the provided credentials (username and password). If you don’t have an account, you might need to create one.
  3. Find Result/Score Card Section: After logging in, navigate to the section where you can access your examination results or scorecards.
  4. Select Exam and Year: Choose the specific examination and year for which you want to download the scorecard. For example, you might need to select the semester and year of your course.
  5. View and Download Score Card: Once you’ve selected the relevant details, your scorecard should be displayed on the screen. You might see subject-wise marks, grades, and other relevant information. Look for an option to download or save the scorecard as a PDF file.
  6. Print the Score Card (Optional): If you need a physical copy, you can print the downloaded scorecard. Many institutions accept digital copies, but it’s a good idea to have a printed one as well.
  7. Contact University (If Needed): If you face any issues while trying to download your scorecard or have questions, you can contact the university’s IT support or the department responsible for exam results.

6. Admit Card Chandigarh University Result 2023

1Visit Official WebsiteGo to the official Chandigarh University website (e.g., www.cuchd.in).
2Find Admit Card SectionLook for a section related to “Examinations,” “Admit Card,” “Student Portal,” or similar.
3Log in or Enter DetailsLog in to your student portal account using credentials or enter required details like roll number, registration number, or date of birth.
4Locate Admit Card LinkAfter logging in or entering details, find the link or option to download the admit card.
5Verify DetailsEnsure the details on the admit card are accurate: name, course, exam date, venue, etc.
6Download Admit CardClick on the provided link to download the admit card. It might open as a PDF document.
7Print Admit CardPrint a physical copy of the admit card. It’s usually required for verification at the exam center.
8Check InstructionsReview any instructions mentioned on the admit card, including reporting time and guidelines.
9Contact University (If Needed)If you encounter issues or have questions, contact the university’s IT support or examination department.


7. Chandigarh University Grading Scheme

Letter Grade Performance Grade Point
A⁺ Outstanding 10
A Excellent 9
B⁺ Very Good 8
B Good 7
C⁺ Average 6
C Below Average 5
D Marginal 4
E Exposed 0
F Fail/Poor 0
I Incomplete 0


The candidates can check Chandigarh University results on the official result portal of the university @ uims.cuchd.in/uims/. 

Chandigarh University Results are usually announced 1-2 months after the conduct of the exams. 

To advance to the following year, students must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.50 or earn 40% of the required credits at the conclusion of the first year.

Yes, Chandigarh University permits students to request a reevaluation if they are unhappy with the outcomes.

The official website of the University of Calicut must be viewed in order to view the results for the first, second, and third years. The University of Calicut’s official dashboard will have a button for the outcome option. A new window will appear when you click the result option button.

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