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Hacks and Packs of Hostel Life for students

The name itself gives us immense joy and a sense of terrible food. Hostel days were the days where we have the best of our struggles and best of our days, something we call days of “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam”. Believe me, all the students from childhood think of going to Hostel one day and when the day really comes it becomes a nightmare. Sleepless nights to fear of going away from family stands out in every moment the day of going to hostel comes closer. We all want to run away from our home sweet home but don’t know why it scares and then it actually seems “SWEET”. Student hostel life is the best day they can really enjoy and have the best of there times with the best of the group of people.

hostel life for students

HOSTEL provides us with endless sleepless nights, fun with friends, and lots of group studies. Place where someone else becomes your family and you share your days light to your days of darkness with them. A place that gives you a memory that will make you cry with laughter even after 40years. Isn’t it strange that how someone else’s become your family in days? You fight with them but then also you stay in that same room with your bunch of “idiots”. Your small rooms become the hub of your all “Khurapat”. Every day all the student gathers just to have there owned “FEAR FILES” episode. God knows why every hostel has ghosts that wander in the corridors which were nothing but the bunch of students who have the guts to wander at night and have the audacity to scare your guts.

HOSTEL was the place that actually taught all students what food being terrible is justified. At the hostel, you learn how to eat the shittest food and be happy. You learn to hide your Electronics devices just to have that 3 am maggie. You learn to share your chocolates and snacks with each other, actually in hostel ones snacks are everybody’s snack. What importance of the food we did learn there.

Student hostel life is the best day they can really enjoy and have the best of there times with the best of the group of people. From starving to munching at 3 am, from crying to laughing till your stomach hurts, from doing all night fun to sitting all night teaching each other for exams students grow so much emotionally, mentally, and professionally. You learn to rely on, love, care, and share without any reason.

hostel life for students

As I have already discussed a lot of pros of students Hostel life, let’s know some pros even:-

  • It will be distributing for your studies because most of the time you might be around a lot of people and can’t get a space of your own to study peacefully.
  • Some days you just want the time of yours. Your own personal space and you just you by yourself.
  • There can be a lot of deviation and distractions as all students go to college with the motive of study and they even can disturb you as well, so you have to be careful.
  • Sometimes you won’t get time to eat and nobody will care, so try to get yourself feed properly to work well.
hostel life for students

Let’s tell you some pros also:

  • You will enjoy your life like hell. It’s the best place where you can enjoy and have all fun that you have been wanted to do from your childhood but you were scared because you have parents. So, have fun.
  • Lots and lots of people, there won’t be a single moment where you will feel that you are alone and you have nobody around you.
  • There will be a lot of personalities and a combination of cities and cast and culture and you can learn a lot. These will be the place where you will actually learn the meaning of diversity, so try to get indulge in knowing because it’s great to your own countrymen with many languages and cultures.
  • You will make friends if a lifetime because you will know all your friend’s flaws and qualities and at the end, you will fall for them as a person including there flaws and qualities
  • Always remember that with college life your hostel life also begins and you will have a new phase of life try to enjoy each and every moment of taking your studies along with altogether.
hostel life for students

Life is very short and beautiful try to see it in everything and I hope and wish that you all have a great hostel and college life and get to experience everything that you can in your short span of time in college for students. Try to get each and every experience without any hesitation or fear because the only thing that you are going to remember is the memories that you made in your teenage time. With this, I wish you good luck and a great future ahead of waiting for you to start your journey.

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