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The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE Result 2023), recognized as an educational authority, operates within the geographical bounds of Rajasthan, India. This board undertakes the pivotal responsibility of orchestrating examinations at both the secondary and senior secondary levels, catering to students within its extensive network of affiliated schools. A fundamental tenet driving the RBSE’s mission revolves around the enhancement of education of the highest caliber. This aspiration is translated into reality through the formulation of comprehensive syllabi and the meticulous organization of examinations, strategically designed to evaluate and measure the educational milestones achieved by students.

Rajistan Board

Commencement and Overview

Within the sphere of academic pursuits, the curtains of eager anticipation are gently drawn apart, revealing the stage upon which the grand spectacle of the 2023 RBSE results unfolds. This juncture stands as an exquisite threshold, seamlessly bridging the gap between relentless dedication and tangible fruition. As the narrative gracefully unfurls, the odyssey through the corridors of examination halls and unwavering scholarly endeavors metamorphoses into a triumphant crescendo, harmonizing numbers, grades, and narratives of accomplishment. This panoramic introduction focuses its discerning gaze upon the expansive tableau of endeavors that lay the foundation for the proclamation of the RBSE results. A rich tapestry interwoven with threads of resilience, aspiration, and scholarly pursuit.

Aspects of RBSEDetails
Name of BoardRBSE
Full form of RBSERajasthan Board of Secondary Education
What is itEducation Board in India
Level of This BoardState Board
Year of Establishment1957
Official website of RBSE boardrajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in
Rajasthan State Open Schoolrsos.rajasthan.gov.in
Official website for RBSE resultsrajresults.nic.in, rajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in
Board AddressPolice Lines, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001 (as per G-maps)
Rajresults.nic .in Rbse 10th Result 2022

Board Examination Framework

The Rajasthan Board of Auxiliary Instruction (RBSE) works as a legislative institution endowed with the obligation of conducting examinations, defining syllabi, and building up benchmarks for auxiliary and higher auxiliary instruction over the state of Rajasthan, India. Since its beginning in 1957, the board has enduringly sought after the mission of preparing understudies with instruction of the most noteworthy quality, in this manner planning them for their pending interests. Over the records of time, the RBSE has played a urgent part in forming the instructive scene of Rajasthan, pushing scholarly fabulousness and cultivating extracurricular engagement..

With unwavering commitment, the board strives to provide students with a comprehensive education, a tapestry woven with threads that not only prepare them for higher academia but also for the uncharted territories of future vocations. This discourse is poised to offer a comprehensive elucidation of the RBSE, encompassing facets such as the issuance of admit cards, the structuring of syllabi, the configuration of examination patterns, the declaration of results, and a lifeline of contact details, extending solace to students in need of guidance and assistance….


Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education History

In the annals of time, tracing its origins to the year 1957, emerged the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. Since its inception, this institution has undertaken the solemn duty of orchestrating examinations, sculpting syllabic frameworks, and erecting standards for both secondary and higher secondary pedagogy within the geographical confines of Rajasthan. The tenets of RBSE’s charter resound with an unwavering commitment to bestow erudition of the highest order upon every scholar, nurturing them for the tapestry of opportunities that the morrow shall unfurl.Conducting examinations for 10th and 12th grades

    • Prescribing and updating syllabus for secondary and higher secondary levels
    • Preparing and publishing textbooks for different classes
    • Granting affiliations to schools
    • Recognizing schools and institutions
    • Conducting various other examinations such as RTET, STSE, and NMMS
    • Promoting sports and other co-curricular activities

Result Announcement Dynamics

Anticipated on the horizon is the imminent revelation of the results for Class 10 by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE). As per the murmurings of the media, the veils shrouding these results are likely to be lifted within the inaugural week of June. Approximately 1.4 million diligent aspirants have participated in the trials of the 5th Class. It has been brought forth through the grapevine that the hierarchs of the board have opted not to unveil the scroll of merit or the roster of toppers on this occasion.

Post the ceremonial unveiling of the outcomes, scholars shall find solace in traversing the domains of the official RBSE sanctum, namely rajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in, and rajshaladarpan.nic.in, to glean their respective tallies. In addition to these virtual vestibules, the seekers of knowledge shall also find respite in consulting the annals of rajresults.nic.in for their sought-after epiphanies.

Rajasthan Board Application Form

Enshrined within the contours of bureaucratic necessity, the RBSE Application Form (Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education) emerges as an indispensable parchment awaiting the quill-strokes of students poised to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of board examinations. This parchment beckons the seekers of knowledge to render their personal tapestries in ink, delineating the nuances of nomenclature, habitation, the chronicles of nativity, and the veritable odyssey of academic exploits.

And now, for those poised to embark on the journey of transcription, the following is a compendium of steps to unfurl the saga of completion:

    1. Embark upon a virtual sojourn to the sanctum of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education’s digital nexus.
    2. Dalliance with the freshest tidings beckons; heed the call of “Rajasthan Board Application Form” inscribed upon the digital marque.
    3. Scribe the fabric of time and examination with precision; select the parchment corresponding to the echelon of academia wherein you reside.
    4. Behold the pdf scroll – a sanctum sanctified in the pixelated tapestry of ones and zeros.
    5. Harvest the pdf from the virtual groves and imprint its contours upon a tangible medium, igniting the dance of ink and paper.
    6. The analog respite of pen and paper awaits; each enunciation etched upon the sheet is a step closer to culmination.
    7. As the last mark finds its resting place, entrust the parchment to the custodians of academia, the resplendent carriers of your narrative.

Subject-wise Performance Analysis

A vista into the pedagogical tapestry reveals the _RBSE Syllabus_, a meticulously orchestrated blueprint, finely honed to imbue scholars with an all-encompassing erudition that charts a course towards their impending destinies. This tapestry of instruction, unfurling across the horizons of secondary and higher secondary academia, resides within the virtual halls of the board’s official sanctum. Enveloping an expansive spectrum, this syllabic tableau encapsulates the pantheon of disciplines, including the numerical symphonies of mathematics, the empirical realms of science, the sociocultural narratives of social studies, the linguistic nuances of languages, and an even more expansive repertoire.

Hence, the canvas of knowledge beckons, inviting the curious to traverse the realms of the _RBSE Syllabus_ for both the tenth and twelfth classes, the very crucible within which scholars’ journeys of exploration and growth unfurl.

Rajasthan Board Exam Pattern

In the mosaic of educational evaluation,The RBSE Exam Pattern spans secondary and higher secondary academia, meticulously crafting an assessment symphony to gauge scholars’ cognitive tapestries. This assessment symphony, orchestrated typically in March and April, acts as a crucible wherein knowledge, acumen, and the art of analysis are melded and forged. The very contours of the examination pattern, a kaleidoscope unique to each discipline, encompass a spectrum spanning from multiple-choice enigmas to succinct queries seeking concise elucidations, and the grandiloquent expanse of essay-type inquiries. As the sun traverses the heavens, the temporal orchestration of these assessments typically extends over a span of three hours.

And now, the symphony of preparation extends to the issuance of a parchment of entry – the RBSE Admit Card. Conjured into the digital aether, this key unlocks the gateways to the board examinations and is typically unveiled in the weeks preceding the commencement of this academic rite. Upon this electronic scroll, the name and nomenclature of the candidate intertwine with the scroll of their identification, accompanied by the precise chronicle of the academic odyssey ahead. As the phoenix of knowledge rises from the ashes of learning, this parchment bears witness to a constellation of details:

    • Subject code
    • Date of the examination
    • Name of the board
    • Timing of exam
    • Instruction for the students
    • Name of the examination

Grading and Marking System

Behold the tabulated vista above, an embodiment of the Grading System tailored for the RBSE 12th Result of 2023. Within this mosaic, an intricately woven tapestry of marks and designations emerges, conjuring a symphony that heralds the fruits of academic quests.

In the realm where marks flourish between 91 and 100, A1 is anointed as the standard bearer, donning the crown of highest achievement and adorned with a regal Grade Point of 10. Similarly, within the demesne from 81 to 90, the mantle of A2 finds its rightful place, graced with a Grade Point of 9. As the spectrum widens, a lexicon of letters and numbers dance in harmonious tandem:

Marks RangeGradeGrade Point

RBSE 12th Result Statistics – Science & Commerce

RBSE 12th Result 2023: Science stream – 95.65% pass, girls – 97.39%, boys – 94.72%. Commerce stream – 96.60% pass, girls – 98.01%, boys – 95.85%. Overall performance of students showcased.

Category 12th Science Result 2023 12th Commerce Result 2023
Number of Students Appeared2,32,00529,030
Overall Pass Percentage95.65%96.60%
Pass Percentage for Regular Students97.19%96.94%
Pass Percentage for Private Students51.73%46.07%
Pass Percentage for Girls97.39%98.01%
Pass Percentage for Boys94.72%95.85%

Direct Link Result Download Here

RBSE 12th Science ResultRBSE 12th Commerce Result
first.Server 1first.Server 1
second.Server 2second.Server 2

RBSE 10th Topper List

On the hallowed date of June 2, 2023, the curtain rises upon the RBSE 10th Topper List, a chronicle unveiled at the stroke of 1:00 pm. This compilation, a testament to triumph, chronicles the names and scores of the vanguards who have scaled the zeniths of achievement in the realm of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) 10th-grade examinations. Within its confines, the echelons of excellence unfold, casting a spotlight upon the stellar performance of these scholars, who have etched their names upon the annals of accomplishment with indomitable diligence, unwavering dedication, and an embodiment of academic brilliance.

CategoryPass Percentage
Female Students91.31%
Male Students89.78%
Social Science96.27%
Regular Students90.59%

Individual Student Profile Access

The mark sheet includes the following details:

    1. Student’s Name
    2. Roll Number
    3. School Name
    4. Subject-wise Marks
    5. Total Marks
    6. Grade
    7. Percentage
    8. Result Status
    9. Division
    10. Remarks (if any)

Future Avenues and Career Guidance

Navigating Tomorrow: Pathways Ahead and Vocational Direction in the Wake of Rajasthan Board Results 2023

As the reverberations of the 2023 Rajasthan Board results cascade through the corridors of academia, they herald not only achievements etched in academia but also serve as the dawn of a gateway to an array of future possibilities. Beyond being mere milestones, these outcomes unfurl as the foundation upon which scholars embark upon the intricate tapestry of prospective journeys.

Amidst this juncture, the spotlight inevitably falls upon the compass of career guidance. This navigational tool assumes a pivotal role, guiding students through the labyrinthine expanse of opportunities that unfurl before them. In this delicate choreography, passions intertwine with aptitudes, dreams harmonize with talents, all while aligning with the manifold avenues the vocational realm bestows. This counsel weaves together the threads of academic pursuits, the artistry of skill cultivation, and the vibrant landscape of vocations, casting a light that empowers students to forge choices rooted in sagacity. Within this symphony of guidance, the stars of informed decisions gleam, charting trajectories that embrace the potential of not just academic accomplishment, but the unfolding of rich, meaningful futures.


the Rajasthan Board 2023 results symbolize not just academic attainment, but a gateway to myriad future pathways. They herald the beginning of a journey where career guidance lights the way, aligning individual aspirations and strengths with the spectrum of professional opportunities. Beyond exam halls, these results propel students toward diverse prospects, where passions intertwine with practicality. With far-reaching implications, these outcomes become catalysts, shaping both immediate academic pursuits and future careers. As the curtains rise on the horizon ahead, these results stand as a call to seize aspirations, navigate potential, and carve destinies with the tools of ambition and wisdom of guidance.


A: The Rajasthan Board 2023 results hold importance beyond academic achievements; they unveil future opportunities.

A: Post-results career guidance acts as a compass, assisting students in aligning their passions and strengths with various career options.

A: Beyond the immediate aftermath of exams, students enter diverse avenues, where their passions blend with practical pursuits.

A: These results act as catalysts, shaping both immediate academic paths and future career trajectories.

A: The Rajasthan Board results convey the message of embracing aspirations, navigating opportunities, and sculpting destinies guided by ambition and wisdom.

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