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SIT Full Form: Investigate, Types, Crime 

The full form of SIT is Special Investigation Team. SIT is a special committee appointed for any particular case that an investigation was not carried out appropriately by the existing investigative agency.In the constitution, no law stipulates a specific form of the case should be given to an SIT. 

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Important Points about SIT

  • SITs are trained units of Indian law enforcement officers composed of personnel Specialized (corrected capitalization)in investigating complex crime incidents.
  • SIT is deployed when it is discovered that the current agency is not in a position to conduct a fair investigation in the particular instance or if the case is brought against the high profile individuals who may impact the investigation of the current agency.
  • When any case is brought before the court, and the court discovers that the existing agencies are not going the right way for different reasons such as compromised, biased, lack of resources, corrupted, ted-tape, etc., then the court deploys a new unit to investigate the case.

How does SIT work?

  • The SIT is appointed by India’s Supreme Court or the government of the state.
  • The team investigates the case and makes a report for court attendance.
  • The report goes to all levels of appeal for scrutiny.
  • The court has the power to approve or deny the report.
  • If the recommendation is dismissed or not approved, then it will be left to the appeal jury to rule the future of the case.

How does an SIT investigate a case?

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigates a case in a similar way to any other investigative group. However, because of the high-profile nature of the instances that SITs normally investigate, they often have access to extra sources and expertise than regular investigative groups.

Here is a general evaluation of the way an SIT investigates a case:

  1. Gather proof: The SIT will start by gathering all of the to-be-had evidence related to the case. This may additionally include physical evidence, including fingerprints, DNA, and guns, in addition to witness testimony, documentary proof, and digital proof.
  2. Analyze the proof: Once the evidence has been gathered, the SIT will begin to research it to pick out any styles or trends. They will also try to identify any suspects or witnesses who can also have statistics about the case.
  3. Interview witnesses: The SIT will interview any witnesses who may also have information approximately the case. These interviews may be carried out in person or over the phone.
    Develop an idea of the case: Once the SIT has analyzed the proof and interviewed witnesses, they’ll expand a theory of the case. This theory needs to give an explanation for what befell, who changed into worried, and why.
  4. Test the theory: The SIT will then test its principle with the aid of amassing additional proof and interviewing witnesses. They might also conduct searches or surveillance.
  5. Make an arrest: If the SIT has sufficient evidence to aid their principal, they will make an arrest. The suspect will then be charged with a criminal offence and brought earlier than a decide.

The different types of SITs

  • Investigative SITs: These SITs are tasked with investigating unique crimes or incidents. For instance, an investigative SIT can be fashioned to analyze a murder, a terrorist attack, or an economic fraud.
  • Prosecutorial SITs: These SITs are tasked with prosecuting precise crimes or instances. For instance, a prosecutorial SIT may be formed to prosecute a high-profile homicide case or a complex monetary fraud case.
  • Specialized SITs: These SITs are tasked with investigating or prosecuting specific kinds of crimes. For instance, a specialized SIT can be fashioned to analyze cybercrime, human trafficking, or organized crime.
  • Multi-enterprise SITs: These SITs are composed of investigators from multiple law enforcement groups. For instance, a multi-corporation SIT can be formed to analyze a go-border crime or a criminal offence that entails more than one jurisdiction.
  • Ad hoc SITs: These SITs are fashioned on a transient basis to investigate a selected crime or incident. For example, an ad hoc SIT may be fashioned to research a natural catastrophe or a chief accident.


Special Investigation Teams (SITs) play an essential role in investigating complicated and high-profile crimes. By bringing together experienced investigators with expertise in a specific area, SITs are in a position to analyze instances extra quickly and effectively and to carry criminals to justice.SITs have a number of benefits over ordinary investigative teams. First, SITs commonly have get right of entry to to more assets and expertise. 

FAQ's About SIT

SITs offer a number of benefits over regular investigative teams. First, SITs typically have access to more resources and expertise. This includes access to specialized equipment, training, and support.

SITs also have some drawbacks. First, SITs can be expensive to operate. This is because they require experienced investigators and specialized resources. Second, SITs can be susceptible to political pressure.

SITs are typically formed by a government agency, such as the police or the judiciary. The agency that forms the SIT will determine the composition of the team, the scope of its investigation, and its budget.

SITs are typically composed of experienced investigators with expertise in the type of case that they are investigating.

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