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SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021 : Details

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Examination is a highly anticipated event for aspirants seeking government job opportunities. The SSC CHSL Exam, conducted for positions such as Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Data Entry Operator (DEO), Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant, and Court Clerk, attracts a vast number of candidates every year. One of the most crucial aspects of preparing for this exam is staying informed about the SSC 10+2 Exam Date for 2021. This introduction aims to provide a brief overview of what aspirants can expect regarding the examination schedule, important dates, and the significance of timely preparation. By understanding the SSC 10+2 Exam Date for 2021, candidates can strategize their study plans effectively and enhance their chances of success in this competitive examination.

  • Introduction

Navigating the SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021


Embarking on the journey towards the SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021 marks a significant milestone for aspirants aiming to secure esteemed positions through the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Examination. This pivotal examination opens doors to diverse opportunities in government sectors, shaping the career trajectories of countless individuals. As candidates prepare to navigate the complexities of the examination process, understanding the crucial dates and schedule becomes paramount in orchestrating an effective study plan and ensuring readiness for the challenge ahead.

Key Dates and Schedule: 

The SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021 brings into focus a series of important milestones, from the release of notifications to the culmination of the examination process. Aspirants eagerly anticipate announcements regarding application deadlines, admit card releases, examination dates, and result declarations. These pivotal moments not only dictate the timeline of preparation but also serve as checkpoints in the journey towards realizing career aspirations. By staying attuned to these key dates and adhering to the prescribed schedule, candidates can strategize their preparation meticulously, optimizing their chances of success in the SSC CHSL Examination.

Preparing for Success: 

Navigating the SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021 requires a blend of dedication, diligence, and strategic planning. Aspirants must embark on a comprehensive preparation journey, encompassing rigorous study routines, mock tests, and revision strategies. Each milestone on the examination calendar serves as a reminder of the impending challenge, motivating candidates to push their boundaries and strive for excellence. With meticulous preparation and a steadfast commitment to their goals, aspirants can approach the SSC CHSL Examination with confidence, poised to seize the opportunities that lie ahead in their professional journey.

SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021

Overview of SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021

Overview of SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021

The SSC 10+2 Exam, also known as the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Examination, is a significant milestone for candidates aspiring to secure government jobs in various departments. In 2021, the SSC CHSL Exam dates carried immense importance as thousands of candidates across the country prepared diligently to compete for coveted positions.

Notification Release and Application Dates: 

The journey towards the SSC CHSL Exam in 2021 commenced with the release of the official notification by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). The notification outlined crucial details such as exam dates, eligibility criteria, and application process. Prospective candidates eagerly awaited the announcement of application dates, which marked the beginning of the registration process.

Tier-1 and Tier-2 Examination Dates: 

The SSC CHSL Exam in 2021 was conducted in multiple stages, with Tier-1 serving as the initial screening phase. Tier-1 exam dates were eagerly awaited by aspirants as it determined their progression to subsequent stages. Following Tier-1, successful candidates proceeded to Tier-2, which comprised a descriptive paper. The precise dates for both tiers were crucial for candidates to plan their preparation effectively and ensure peak performance on exam day.

Admit Card Release and Result Declaration Dates: 

As the SSC CHSL Exam dates approached, candidates anxiously awaited the release of admit cards, which provided essential details such as exam venue, date, and time. Additionally, the declaration of results following each stage of the examination was pivotal for candidates to assess their performance and progression in the selection process.

SSC 10+2 Exam 2021 syllabus 

SSC 10+2 Exam 2021 Syllabus

The syllabus for the SSC 10+2 Exam 2021 encompasses a wide range of subjects and topics, spanning across different sections. Below is an overview of the syllabus presented in table format:

SubjectTopics Covered
General IntelligenceAnalogies, Classification, Coding-Decoding, Puzzle, Venn Diagrams, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Visualization, etc.
English LanguageReading Comprehension, Fill in the Blanks, Error Detection, Sentence Rearrangement, Vocabulary, Grammar, Synonyms & Antonyms, etc.
Quantitative AptitudeNumber Systems, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Simplification, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Data Interpretation, etc.
General AwarenessHistory, Geography, Indian Polity, Economics, Current Affairs, Science & Technology, Static GK, etc.

SSC 10+2 2021 Exam Pattern

SSC 10+2 2021 Exam Pattern

The SSC 10+2 Exam 2021 is conducted in multiple tiers, each with its distinct pattern designed to assess candidates’ aptitude and skills comprehensively. Below is an overview of the exam pattern for all three tiers presented in table format:

Tier I:

SubjectNumber of QuestionsMaximum Marks
General Intelligence & Reasoning2550
General Awareness2550
Quantitative Aptitude2550
English Comprehension2550

Tier-I serves as the initial screening stage and consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering four main subjects: General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Comprehension. Each section carries 25 questions, with a total of 100 questions for 200 marks. Candidates must complete the exam within the prescribed time limit.

Tier II:

Tier-II is the descriptive paper aimed at assessing candidates’ writing skills. It comprises an essay writing and letter/application writing task. The exam is conducted offline and requires candidates to articulate their thoughts effectively in writing.

Tier III:

Tier-III consists of a skill test/typing test, applicable only for specific posts. This stage evaluates candidates’ proficiency in typing speed, accuracy, and data entry skills. The performance in this stage is crucial for certain job profiles and determines the final selection process.

Admit Card Release Date

Admit Card Release Date for SSC 10+2 Exam 2021

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is responsible for conducting the SSC 10+2 Exam, also known as the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Examination. The release date of the admit card for the SSC 10+2 Exam 2021 is a crucial milestone for candidates preparing to appear for the examination. Here’s a breakdown of the admit card release date in points:

  • The SSC typically releases the admit cards for the SSC 10+2 Exam 2021 a few weeks before the scheduled examination date.
  • The exact release date of the admit card is announced by the SSC through its official website, ssc.nic.in.
  • Registered candidates are advised to regularly check the official SSC website for updates regarding the admit card release date.
  • Additionally, SSC often sends notifications regarding admit card availability to candidates via email or SMS to the contact details provided during registration.
  • It is essential for candidates to download and print their admit cards as soon as they are available to avoid any last-minute inconveniences.

Notification Release and Application Dates

Notification Release and Application Dates for SSC 10+2 Exam 2021

The SSC 10+2 Exam, also known as the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Examination, follows a structured timeline of notification release and application dates. Here’s a breakdown of these important dates:

  • Notification Release: The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) releases the official notification for the SSC 10+2 Exam 2021 on its official website, ssc.nic.in. The notification provides detailed information about the exam, including eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus, and important dates. Candidates are advised to carefully read the notification to understand the requirements and guidelines for the examination.
  • Application Dates: Following the release of the notification, the SSC opens the application window for candidates to apply for the SSC 10+2 Exam 2021. The application dates are typically mentioned in the official notification and remain open for a specified period, allowing candidates to submit their applications within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Important Reminders: It’s essential for candidates to keep track of the notification release and application dates to ensure timely submission of their applications. Missing the application deadline can lead to disqualification from the examination process. Candidates should regularly visit the official SSC website and monitor notifications for any updates or changes to the exam schedule.

Official SSC Website Link

Access the official SSC website: https://ssc.nic.in/.

This website is your one-stop shop for all official SSC information, including:

  • Latest updates and notifications: Stay updated on the latest exam dates, admit card release dates, results, and any other important announcements related to SSC exams.
  • Exam details: Explore information about various SSC exams, including their eligibility criteria, syllabus, and exam patterns.
  • Application process: When applications are open, you can access the online application portal through the website for the desired SSC exam.
  • Downloads: Download important resources like previous years’ question papers, answer keys, and important notifications.


Navigating the SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021: A Journey to Success


As the SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021 draws near, candidates find themselves at a crucial juncture in their journey towards career aspirations. This examination, a gateway to esteemed government positions, demands diligent preparation and meticulous planning. Understanding the significance of each stage of the exam, from notification release to result declaration, is paramount for aspirants aiming to excel in this competitive landscape.

Strategic Preparation for Success: 

Effective preparation for the SSC 10+2 Exam 2021 involves more than just studying the syllabus—it requires strategic planning aligned with the examination dates. By meticulously organizing study schedules, leveraging resources, and practicing mock tests, candidates can optimize their readiness for the examination. Each milestone on the exam calendar serves as a reminder of the importance of staying focused and committed to achieving one’s goals.

Embracing Opportunities: 

As candidates brace themselves for the challenges ahead, they must approach the SSC 10+2 Exam Date 2021 with confidence and determination. Beyond the rigors of preparation lies the promise of fulfilling career opportunities in the government sector. By embracing the journey, navigating each exam date with purpose, and leveraging the resources at their disposal, aspirants can transform aspirations into reality, carving a path towards success in the SSC 10+2 Examination 2021.


The specific dates for the SSC 10+2 Exam in 2021 are typically announced by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) through its official website. Candidates should regularly check the SSC website for updates regarding exam dates.

The SSC 10+2 Exam Date for 2021 will be officially announced by the SSC on its website. Candidates can also receive notifications regarding exam dates via email or SMS if they have registered for the exam.

Knowing the SSC 10+2 Exam Date is crucial for candidates as it allows them to plan and prepare for the examination effectively. It helps candidates create study schedules, allocate time for revision, and ensure they are available on the exam day.

While the SSC aims to adhere to the announced exam dates, unforeseen circumstances may sometimes lead to changes in the schedule. In such cases, the SSC will provide updates and notifications regarding any changes in the exam date through its official channels.

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