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Why is self-doubting a sensation in today’s kids?

Self-doubting is a growing tradition in today’s young adults. And to spill the real fact, we have all been a part of it in one way or another. As a part of today’s consumerism and digitalization, we have all been a victim of it. We all at some point have questioned our self and our self-esteem. When it comes to content on social media and the televised network, we all tend to believe everything we are shown. There is a rising urge in today’s young adults to be someone they are not. With the growing age and changing body type, we constantly tend to feel insecure. These feelings of self-doubting often leave us in a situation where we end up devastated and lonely. When things turn worse, it might even lead to self-isolation and self-harm.

The reason behind such feelings is mostly because of the lack of confidence within oneself. It comes from a place where one feels more insecure after seeing someone else. It is important that we learn to accept and appreciate others without putting our own selves down. However, turns out it is human nature to complicate things. As individual selves, a certain level of uncertainty works within us. This uncertainty forces us to become something which is distant from our individuality which in turn makes us think we’d be accepted more for the same.


Sometimes self-doubting helps certain individuals to identify where they can work on themselves and in the process, make themselves better. However, for most, it does not work that way. Especially when we talk of today’s young adults, self-doubting ends up in a chaotically complex situation for many. Just like any other trend, this has influenced the minds of many individuals who constantly worry about themselves and their appearance and everything that they now see as a flaw in themselves.

You are probably stuck forever in the same zone

You may not realize it, often when you are given a task considering you as the best at what you do, there’s a high chance you’re not able to fulfill it is mostly because of the lack of self-confidence. Questions like, ” What if I’m not able to fulfill the task on time?” or “what if my work is not satisfactory?” comes to your mind. In the process, you miss out on a lot of beautiful opportunities, you otherwise had a chance on.

Self-doubting plays a big role when it comes to panicking. It could be a small assignment that is due a week or a big project – when you panic, nothing gets better. Now obviously this panic may lead to stress and anxiety which in a way can turn out to be helpful. This stress can, in turn, affect your choice-making abilities and in a way kill a lot more time. In short, things may go way more wrong than you would have imagined. And you may not notice but at the end of the day, you’re just stuck in a loop.


You are constantly overthinking about things that do not even require that much thought. You have to learn to accept failure to be able to have control over your self-doubts. Might look like a very small thing, but to overcome your fear is the real task. When you know how to overcome your fear of the small, that’s when you get the confidence to think big. And as a matter of fact, when you think big, you actually make a good deal out of it.

The things that lead to self-doubting among the youth

Today it is not very uncommon to see the young adults feeling lost and out of place. They often tend to lose the faith in themselves and end up giving in to other’s opinions. The causes of self-doubting come from the corners of many small things. Some may blame it on their previous experiences with someone or something, maybe something they thought they’d be able to succeed in but couldn’t. Sometimes it can even form the thoughts of the generation background. People tend to blame it on their past generation for having had severe failures in terms of a business or a certain task. This also comes from a feeling of uncertainty about the future and the inability to succeed. It is not uncommon for young adults, especially in today’s world, to have a disarrayed upbringing which in turn adds on to the questions of self-blaming and acquisitions.


No matter how advanced today’s generation is, this feeling of doubt has been following them like a black cloud. And as much as they want to be over it and look ahead, the rising level of competition and animosity around them constantly makes them worry. It is important to have a realization from within to help an individual have a better understanding and development in this chaotic environment.

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