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6 self-study tips for 10th board exams

In this article, we will be discussing some of the fascinating self-study tips for class 10th students. The majority of the students, especially those who are in class 10th, did not get a concept at once or while the teacher is teaching during an interactive classroom session. Because of this reason, students tend to read the concept again by himself/themselves without a teacher or any other guide. This procedure of learning by yourself without any guidance from your teacher or any other person is known as self-study. But many students, especially class 10th board students who are going to appear for their board examinations, face a lot of problems while going this method of self-study. you can also take stream and career clearity service.

They find themselves in the trap of confusion and difficulties under different circumstances due to which they are unable to get the actual benefits of the self-study technique. So, to get rid of this problem, we will be going through some of the easy hacks through which you will be able to get the maximum profit of your hard work in doing with this self-study tips. Here is article for class 10th


A big problem which the students face is the lack of management in their study schedule. To get through this problem, you can make a timetable so that you can follow a proper study schedule and do not get a chance to lag behind. Through a proper timetable, you will be able to be in touch with all the subjects and a systematic study pattern will be followed. However, some students face the problem of not being able to follow the timetable after making it. So for this, you need to be determined and keep in mind while making the timetable that you should be able to follow this timetable and you are making it at a modest so that you follow it willingly.   

Say NO to Distractions

Distractions are bound to get in your way while you trying to get towards something as you cannot achieve success without struggle. If you have a determined goal in your mind, you will able to escape the hurdles of distractions. Tom Kite once said – “You can always find a distraction if you are looking for one”. This statement tells you not to get diverted from your goals as once you lose your determination towards your goal, you will always be able to find some excuse to get away from your goals as well as self-study because both the things cannot be achieved until you provide sheer determination to them.


Priority is what sets your goals and determination for anything that you want to achieve. We accept the fact that sometimes we face difficulties in prioritizing the things which we like as we consider them important. But believe it or not, there is a difference between their importance, even if it is in a decimal margin. So, keeping in view this fact, try to prioritize what is important to you. For instance, if games and studies are equally important to you, and your goal is getting good marks in your final examinations, you need to prioritize by comparing both the things like by devoting how much time in each thing will help you to reach your goal or by prioritizing an option from these two, which will help you gain good marks? So, think, analyze, and keep it under your observation to set your priorities.

Don’t get stuck to one subject

Another situation for the students is that they went on studying one subject for long hours without any constant break and get fed up easily after which they lose their interest. So this hack can be beneficial for such students who are facing this problem. The best option is to juggle up the subjects in between in order to keep maintaining interest as well as do not get fed up easily. By switching up the subjects, as well as the methods of learning, will help you to understand the concepts with better productivity and interest in your mind.

Keep writing in practice

Do not just go reading and reading for long hours. You cannot forget the writing patterns as well as the importance of writing in your life. If you continue reading for a long time, you will start feeling very soon that you are not getting the concepts. An easy hack to this problem is that you can go for writing those concepts which you are reading in the form of note-making pattern which help you to absorb the parts and facts easily and help you retain the topics for a very long time in your brain. Confusion about what to do after 10th.

Readout loud

The last and the best part is to read out loud. There are some situations where you do not feel like reading it anymore as you are not getting the concepts in your mind. So in this situation, you can start reading the topic loudly, and at such a speed that is going to help you in understanding the part. By reading out loud does not mean screaming. It means in a voice where you think you are getting the part in your mind. And if this method does not follow, then try to take a break, relax your mind by either doing meditation or nothing. After a short break and relaxation of mind, try once again and you will be able to get the concepts.  

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