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7 Tips to kick out class 10th board exam tension.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the tips and tricks to deal with tension in class 10th. Exam tension is a phenomenon that occurs in a student’s life most often. Exams indeed lead you to a stressful situation where you feel a lot of pressure and anxiety and unable to think about what to do after class 10th. 

Class 10th students who are supposed to give their first major exams in the form of board examination burn their midnight oil to give the best result that they can. In such situations, going through stress, or we can say peer pressure, is very common. So, therefore, we are here to provide you with some of the amazing tips and tricks which will help you to kick out the board exam tension in class 10th.  Here is an article on 7 Tips to kick out class 10th board exam tension.

Give it a break

You cannot expect yourself to be a superman who is always ready, 24*7, to do the tasks. You are a human being who can devote a particular amount of time in a day to do a particular task. It is understandable that class 10th is indeed an important part of your life which requires practice and hard work. But if you keep studying relentlessly for long hours, it will definitely push you under the circle of stress. So, it is advisable to do not forget to give yourself a break which will help you to maintain your consistency and focus. Keep in mind the fact that quality is more important than the quantity of the hours which you are putting in.

Exercise keeps you fit

Exercise is what keeps you motivated and focused on your studies. It is a highly recommended activity for those students who easily get panicked or under stress during the exam times, which is quite common. The best exercise for class 10th students is to go for meditation as it not only helps to calm down your mind but also helps your brain to work more productively. Meditation helps you to relax your mind and thus your stress starts getting alleviated soon.

Effective Communication Skills

It is always advisable for the students to open up and discuss their problems. The benefits of communication skills hold a long list. By speaking to someone about your problems and having a healthy discussion helps you to gain positivity in your mind as you start seeing solutions to the problems which were causing you stress. Even if you consider yourself an introvert, try to open to your family members and discuss with them about the things that are pressuring you. With no doubt, you will get solutions as well as pieces of advice which will help you to deal with the tension of exams.

Keep a healthy diet

You must have always heard about the bits of advice of eating a proper and healthy food diet which provides you with several benefits, apart from keeping you fit. A healthy diet helps you to maintain your emotional control and keeps your mind strong and productive which helps you to fight your stress and anxiety. Stress during examinations is indeed a very common aspect. Class 10th students who are facing this pressure for the first time are more prone to the stress as they do not have any solution or strategy to deal with it. A healthy diet helps you to keep your mind relax and balance your emotions which helps you to focus on things in a better manner.


Sitting and trying to cram for long relentless hours makes the students tired. Class 10th has indeed a vast and complex syllabus that requires hard work. So, what you need to do is to give yourself some break. Maintaining a proper sleeping schedule helps you to keep your mind healthy and more productive. It is usually advised by the doctors to sleep at least 8 hours a day which makes you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. So, you need to maintain a proper sleep schedule in order to keep yourself away from stress. 

Do not exert yourself

No matter how hectic the situation is, you should never exert yourself more than your capability. Exerting yourself more than the capability is a cause for harm not only to your body but also to your mind as well. It causes not only stress but also damages your healthy lifestyle. Try to manage and structure but never exert yourself more than your capability as this is going to cause you to stress and your hard work will go into vain.

A to-do list

A to-do-list is one of the best ways to throw stress away from your life. A structure is required to maintain your day. If you have a proper structure in your mind for what you do for the rest of your day, you cannot have stress in your mind. So try to maintain a proper structure in order to know the rest of your daily schedule that will be making you confident to handle your day’s schedule efficiently.  

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