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BPSC Teacher Salary : Importance, Component, Increment, Perks

Exams are administered by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) for a variety of teaching positions in the state of Bihar. The background information provided in this paragraph will be used to examine the pay scale for educators hired through the BPSC. We will go into the specifics of the pay scales, allowances, and possible BPSC Teacher Salary fluctuations based on experience and geography.

Importance of BPSC Teacher Salary

Pay for teachers is a critical factor in drawing, keeping, and inspiring competent teachers, particularly in schools run by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC). Competitive BPSC Teacher Salary is more than simply take-home money. Let’s examine the significance of BPSC teacher salaries:

  • Attracting Top Talent: BPSC is able to attract highly qualified personnel with great topic knowledge and teaching skills by offering competitive compensation. Students gain from this because it guarantees they will have access to qualified teachers who can mentor and motivate them.
  • Teacher Retention: Stability in the classroom is a result of fair compensation, which lowers teacher turnover. Better student results are fostered by the valuable knowledge and stability that experienced teachers bring to the classroom.
  • Motivation and Morale: Satisfaction and morale among teachers are influenced by adequate BPSC Teacher Salary. This results in more commitment, a supportive learning environment, and ultimately, improved student learning.

By prioritizing BPSC Teacher Salary, the commission invests in the foundation of a strong education system, impacting generations of students in Bihar.

Structure of BPSC Teacher Salary

Pay Scale and Grade
Basic Pay
Allowances and Benefits
Primary Teacher (Grades 1-5)
₹25,000* Dearness Allowance (DA) * House Rent Allowance (HRA) (varies based on location) * Medical Allowance * Children’s Education Allowance (CTA)
Secondary Teacher (Grades 6-8)
₹28,000* Dearness Allowance (DA) * House Rent Allowance (HRA) (varies based on location) * Medical Allowance * Children’s Education Allowance (CTA)
Senior Secondary Teacher (Grades 9-10)
₹31,000* Dearness Allowance (DA) * House Rent Allowance (HRA) (varies based on location) * Medical Allowance * Children’s Education Allowance (CTA)
Senior Secondary Teacher (Grades 11-12)
₹32,000* Dearness Allowance (DA) * House Rent Allowance (HRA) (varies based on location) * Medical Allowance * Children’s Education Allowance (CTA)

A comprehensive understanding of these elements and their variations offers insight into the BPSC Teacher Salary System. 

Components of BPSC Teacher Salary

Basic Salary
The foundation salary based on the teacher’s grade level.
Dearness Allowance (DA)
This component adjusts for inflation and helps maintain purchasing power.
House Rent Allowance (HRA)
This allowance varies depending on the location (rural or urban) to help offset housing costs.
Travel Allowance (TA)
Medical Allowance
Other Allowances
May include children’s education allowance etc.

You can obtain a better knowledge of the total remuneration provided to BPSC teachers by comprehending these components. Recall that the total of the base BPSC Teacher Salary plus any applicable allowances will be the in-hand salary.

BPSC Teacher Salary Calculation

Basic Salary
As per Grade Level (Refer to previous section)This is the core pay based on your teaching grade.
Dearness Allowance (DA)
Basic Salary x (Current DA%)This percentage of basic salary helps offset inflation.
House Rent Allowance (HRA)
Basic Salary x (HRA%)This allowance varies depending on location (rural/urban).
Travel Allowance (TA)As per PolicyThis may or may not be included and may have specific criteria.
Medical AllowanceFixed AmountThis is a set amount provided for medical expenses.
Other Allowances (if applicable)VariesThese may include allowances for children’s education etc.
Gross SalaryBasic Salary + DA + HRA + TA (if applicable) + Medical Allowance + Other Allowances (if applicable)This is the total salary before deductions.
Deductions (e.g., Income Tax, Provident Fund)As per Government RegulationsThese deductions are mandated and vary based on individual circumstances.
Net Salary (Take-Home Pay)Gross Salary – DeductionsThis is the final amount you receive after all deductions.

Example of Salary Computation:

Let’s consider a BPSC Secondary Teacher (Grade 8) working in a rural area:

  • Basic Salary: ₹28,000
  • Current DA: 42%
  • HRA (Rural): 8%
  • Medical Allowance: ₹500 (assumed)

Gross Salary Calculation:

  • DA = ₹28,000 x 42% = ₹11,760
  • HRA = ₹28,000 x 8% = ₹2,240
  • Gross Salary = ₹28,000 + ₹11,760 + ₹2,240 + ₹500 = ₹42,500 (Please note that this is a simplified example and may not include all deductions)

Salary net:

You’ll need to account for deductions like income tax and Provident Fund contributions, which are based on your circumstances and the government, in order to estimate your precise take-home BPSC Teacher Salary.

Recall that this is only a broad outline. Seek advice from a suitable authority or refer to the official BPSC pay structure papers for an accurate computation of your take-home BPSC Teacher Salary.

Increments and Promotions of BPSC Teacher Salary

Annual Increments
BPSC teachers receive regular increments in their basic salary on an annual basis. The specific percentage increase and eligibility criteria are determined by government regulations. These increments gradually increase the teacher’s basic pay over time.
Promotion Criteria
Promotions to higher positions within the education system can occur based on factors like experience, performance evaluations, and passing departmental exams.
Impact of Promotions
Promotions lead to a significant increase in salary. This is because promotions typically involve moving to a higher pay scale associated with a more senior position.

You can better envision your long-term earning potential as a BPSC teacher by comprehending these components.

Extra Information

  • Government policy may alter the annual increments’ frequency and amount.
  • Promotional chances and requirements could change based on the particular teaching role and professional route.

Recall that in order to obtain comprehensive information on raises, possibilities for advancement, and how they affect your BPSC Teacher Salary, you must stay current on the most recent BPSC regulations and speak with the appropriate authorities.

Deductions from BPSC Teacher Salary

Provident Fund (PF):
This is a mandatory savings scheme where both the employee (teacher) and the employer (BPSC) contribute a fixed percentage of the basic salary. The accumulated amount is typically accessible upon retirement.
Professional Tax:
This is a state-levied tax deducted from your salary, typically a small fixed amount.
Income Tax:
This tax is levied by the government on your taxable income, which is your gross salary minus certain exemptions and deductions. The amount of income tax deducted depends on your tax bracket.
Other Deductions (if applicable):
In some cases, additional deductions may be made, such as for health insurance premiums or loan repayments.

Comprehending these deductions is essential for figuring out your net pay.

Key Points:

  • Government rules may affect the Provident Fund contribution rate.
  • Your income level and individual tax filing status determine how much income tax is withheld.
  • Your taxable income may be decreased if you qualify for specific tax incentives or exemptions.

For a precise representation of your net pay:

  • For information on particular deductions, refer to the official BPSC Teacher Salary structure documentation.
  • For individualised information on deductions that apply to your circumstances, think about seeing a tax expert or the appropriate BPSC authority.

Benefits and Perks from BPSC Teacher Salary

Health Insurance:
The Bihar government often provides health insurance coverage for BPSC teachers and their dependents. This can help cover medical expenses and offer peace of mind.
Pension Plans:
BPSC teachers contribute to a pension plan during their service. Upon retirement, they receive a regular pension amount based on their final salary and years of service.
Leave Benefits:
BPSC teachers are entitled to various leave benefits, including paid vacation leave, sick leave, and maternity leave. This allows them to take time off for personal needs and family commitments while maintaining job security.
Other Perks:
Depending on the specific school or location, additional perks might be offered, such as subsidized housing, loans for professional development, or access to educational resources for their children.

Gaining knowledge of these advantages enhances the value of the BPSC teacher remuneration package as a whole.

Key Points:

  • There can be variations in the particulars of health insurance coverage, pension programmes, and leave benefits. For the most recent information, it is advised to refer to the official BPSC Teacher Salary publications or the appropriate authorities.
  • Extra benefits provided by certain districts or schools might not be accessible to everyone.

You may obtain a thorough grasp of the entire BPSC Teacher Salary package provided to BPSC teachers by taking into account both the salary structure and the benefits package.


The different elements that comprise the BPSC Teacher Salary structure have been dissected by this investigation. We’ve covered all the specifics of salary ranges, benefits, deducted expenses, and opportunities for advancement through raises and promotions.

Synopsis of Results:

  • The new pay scale provided by the BPSC varies in basic pay according to the grade level of the teacher.
  • Extras such as medical allowance, HRA, and DA are paid on top of the base pay.
  • Throughout a teacher’s career, opportunities for income growth are presented by annual increments and promotions.
  • Your net BPSC Teacher Salary includes deductions for things like income tax, professional taxes, and provident fund contributions.
  • Benefits like health insurance, pension schemes, and paid time off are available to BPSC instructors.

Last Words:

Beyond only take-home pay, the BPSC teacher salary structure provides a competitive compensation package. Being aware of the different elements enables you to choose a BPSC teaching vocation with knowledge. Recall that for the most precise and customised information, it is imperative to be informed about the most recent BPSC regulations and to confer with the appropriate authorities.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the salary of Teacher in Bihar government?

Ans.  As per the Bihar Teacher Recruitment Notification, teachers for grades 1-5 receive ₹25,000, grades 6-8 get ₹28,000, and those for grades 9-10 and 11-12 earn ₹31,000 and ₹32,000 respectively.


Q2. Will a BPSC Teacher get pension?

Ans.  Pension and Gratuity: Teachers are eligible for pension and gratuity benefits, which provide financial security and support after retirement.


Q3. What is the salary of a TGT Teacher in Bihar?


According to the Bihar Teacher Recruitment Notification, teachers in grades 1-5 will receive a salary of ₹25,000, while those in grades 6-8 will get ₹28,000. Teachers in grades 9-10 and 11-12 earn ₹31,000 and ₹32,000, respectively.


Q4. क्या बीपीएससी शिक्षक को पेंशन मिलेगी?

Ans.  पेंशन और ग्रेच्युटी: शिक्षक पेंशन और ग्रेच्युटी लाभ के लिए पात्र हैं , जो सेवानिवृत्ति के बाद वित्तीय सुरक्षा और सहायता प्रदान करते हैं।


Q5. What is the salary of 9 to 10 BPSC Teacher?

BPSC Bihar Teacher Salary 2024: The Bihar primary teachers who are employed for Classes 1 to 5 will receive a salary on the basis of a basic pay of Rs 25000, whereas the basic pay for Class 9 to 10 and Class 11 to 12 employed teachers will be Rs 31000 and Rs 32000, respectively.


Q6. What is the salary level 7 in Bihar?

Ans.  44,900/- to 1,42,400/- (Pay Level 7). This is as per the 7th pay commission including other perks and allowances to the employees.

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