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Brace yourself for the SET exam after 12th

SET- SYMBIOSIS ENTRANCE EXAM, a computer-based exam/ online mode entrance exam, is conducted at the national level. It is conducted once in a year. The exam is conducted across 80 cities around the country. This exam is a door which opens up for the admission of different undergraduate courses like- Management, Law, Engineering, Economics, Design, Mass Communication, Computer Studies, Liberal Arts and Culinary Arts. here ar the points on how to brace SET entrance exam after 12th. SET 2020 exam paper has 4 sections:
1) General English
2) Quantitative Aptitude
3) General Awareness
4) Analytical & Logical Reasoning

The duration of examination is of 150 minutes. There are 4 papers conducted in two sessions. The exam difficulty level is usually moderate.
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brace SET exam

Improve your grammar & vocabulary

Grammar & vocabulary are the two main pillars of general English. It is necessary to have adequate knowledge of vocabulary & grammar. Grammar is the soul of the English language; hence you should be good at it. Read as many as books, novels, newspapers etc, to increase your knowledge of vocabulary. This also makes your English more fluent. For grammar, you can refer you English textbooks right from 5th to 10th standard. This tip will help you to brace the SET exam after 12th.

Learn about syllabus

As this examination is new for all, you should know what the blueprint of the SET exam is. This will help to study better. As you get to know the syllabus, you will be acknowledged with the weightage of the marks assigned to each subject & questions in the exam. For exams, you need to complete your syllabus thoroughly. The SET exam is not an easy task, hence you be thorough with the topics or else you will be left behind in the race.

Preparation strategy

Life is full of plans & strategies, which leads us to success. Hence planning is the main pillar of preparation for any examination. Plan out your time table, the time needed to learn each subject & brace your mind for exams. Solve previous years question papers, solve them by imagining yourself to be at sitting at an examination hall & put on the timer which will help to cope up with time & stress during exams. Plans always make your paths easy. This tip will help you to brace the SET exam after 12th.

SET exam

Work on analytical & logical reasoning

These are the subject in which you need your common sense. Analytical thinkers are the one who uses facts, knowledge & information to get things done. Analytical skills include logical reasoning. These skills can be developed by following ways:
1) Be a good observant
2) Practice mathematical problems
3) Play the game of chess
4) Imagine yourself in different situations, try solving them.

Know more about general awareness

To get insight into this subject has only one way & that is to read newspapers & watch news channels. General awareness is a simple topic & you can score easily. You just need to have knowledge about day-to-day things happening around you, current affairs of the country & GK.

Command on your subjects

The field you want to enter into like- Management, Law, Engineering, Economics, Design, Mass Communication, Computer Studies, Liberal Arts and Culinary Arts; you should be good at it. You are firm on the path you choose. Any of these fields you want to go with you should be master of it. You have already chosen the subject as this exam is conducted after 12th; hence it is necessary for you to perform well in your academics. If you have performed well in your academics then it proves that you hold a commons on your subject.

SET exam after 12th

Use flowchart & diagrams

Using flow charts to study makes it easy to better understand the topics & you can remember the important points very easily. Diagrams help you to clarify the concepts more deeply.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water, as it keeps you hydrated & brain cells become active. Make sure you stay hydrated during your revision hours & exams.

SET exam after 12th


Don’t be languor, keep on practising which will make more perfect & it will easy for you to revise the day before your exams. Keep on revising the topics frequently. The more you revise the more you will be clarified with the concepts. Some tips for revision:
a) Stick on your revision notes all around
b) Do lots of practice papers
c) Vary your revision with different activities
d) Don’t spend ages to make notes look pretty
e) Mark off your achievements on your revision time table

From this article, you will get many ideas to brace the SET entrance exam after 12th. Hope this article will help you to crack the SET exam.

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