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Fasade of Teen modern and fancy relationships

These days teen relationships are into trends, teens get into a relationship without even knowing what they are putting themselves into and they just dive into the “Castle of Fairies” which is nothing but an illusion that teen falls into because of there immaturity. Tender age is so immature that they don’t know how to react in this time as to the person they are being relied on for some time suddenly leaves and they become alone all over again.

teen relationships

Why does a Teen get into a Relationship at such an early age?

Teen gets into a relationship at this tender age because somewhere it gives them the sense of being valued and wanted, which is day by day reducing due to busy schedules of parents and due to unavailability of anyone to hear out them or being there for them.

Why Teens are eager to commit without much knowing the other person?

These days Teens are eager to commit because somewhere in the busy schedule these little things give them a sense of pause, relaxation from all hush, and give them a smooth by being with someone.

What are the effects on teens after being in a relationship?

Being into relationship hampers teen’s studies as they get some deviations in there path and at this tender age the teens don’t have the sense to handle both studies and relationship together, so they end up being stuck with relationship and destroy their golden period of acing the studies and go higher in their life.

What effects does it create on Teens after breaking up their relationship?

The teens get completely off track, some choose to get upset with the fact of breakup and others get harden on themselves. Tender age is so immature that they don’t know how to react in this time as to the person they are being relied on for some time suddenly leaves and they become alone all over again. Some teens choose the wrong path of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes which is nothing but a turmoil in their career.

Why do Teens need to wait to get into a relationship?

Teens need to wait before they jump into relationships because they are so young to understand what is right for them and what is wrong, so because of this, they can get into trouble. Teens need to first focus on their career, make themselves stand somewhere, and make a field of earning, and after that, they can think of being into a relationship as they are independent financially and more mature to handle situations like these.

tender age


  • They are of tender age
  • They are not ready to handle themselves and to handle other is far away 
  • They have to manage studies as well as this emotional stuff that they will cast on there own. 
  • They will get deviated from the right path because they might not know who is good for them and who is not. 
  • They start living in a delusion that the other person is there always and when they sometimes aren’t available these things will make them vulnerable 
  • There are a lot of things that teens are unaware and they can’t be taught as well. 
teen relationships

TEEN forget that even after being in the 20th century they have to be careful. These things might also hurt their parents as they trust their children and send them to study not to have a romantic relationship with there partner. It might seem old-fashion to some of the teens but it’s true that somewhere they are hurting on there parents and try to have themselves a happy time. I am not saying that it’s not the right thing but only when things are done right then only these things are somewhere not bad and also when you are not emotionally involved with that person, you are doing it only because you want a to have a happy time and nobody is getting harm mentally and emotionally then only I would suggest you dive into this sea.

Do these things when you know you won’t be wasting your time because of this emotional drama. Try to understand the depth of everything rather than just diving into it because it seems good or it’s one of your fairylands where everything will end up perfect. I am not saying that you can’t get but to get those fairy things you have to go through so hard times to fall into the perfect. These things sometimes leave an effect for life long because once you can recover from the physical damage but you can’t recover from the emotional damage because you get hurt deep down and not only you but it can also harm the other person emotionally. So be careful and conscious. 

With this, I would like all teens to think before diving into any situation as it is your time to create yourself rather than diving into anything that’s not for forever. It might seem to sugar at the start but it’s nothing but an endless trap which will nothing but lead to the wrong path.

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