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Importance of Sex Education in Children

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The objective of sex education in children is to make students understand there body structure of men and women and acquire knowledge about them at birth. It is important for parent to teach their children about the sex education from home onwards. children should be able to know the importance of sex education accordingly with their age.

Teach children to establish and accept the role and responsibility of their own gender by acquiring the knowledge of sex. Understanding the differences and similarities will set u their mindset for future development.

Sex education is holistic education. It teaches the student with self-acceptance, attitude, and interpersonal relationship. It helps the individual to cultivate a sense of responsibility towards oneself and towards the opposite sex.

When should Sex Education be given?

Nowadays with the rapid growth of technology and information, information about sex is everywhere. Children find themselves curious to know about it. It is the responsibility of the parents to tell them the correct concept of sex before they are misleading through magazines and media.

With growing age children need to adapt to physiological as well as physiological changes in different stages of their development. The learning objective of sex education varies with age as well as the environment. They require continuous guidance and counseling regarding sex education. Counseling should start with the parents itself. The earliest sex education to children is given at home. Children find and consider their mother as their role model and must be able to give sex education to children. Children will greatly benefit from these, when they grow up they will have an understanding as to how to deal with the opposite gender.

Precondition of Sex Education at Home

  • Understanding the physiological and physiological development of the growing child
  • Build up a good parents-children relationship and establish a foundation for future interaction. This can be established by keeping a warm and healthy relationship among your children. Children should feel they are loved and cared for by their parents. Provide different opportunities and cultivate the interest and encouraging them to take part in what they are good at.


  • Proper sex education will foster values and not leave a bad impression on the kids.
  • If sex education is a better thought to the kids, it will result in better acceptance of who they are.
  • With proper sex education, they will understand their bodies are continuously changing and they don’t have to get embarrassed.
  • Children with sex education will know what is and what is not about sex, this will eliminate their curiosity.
  • A properly conducted sex education will prepare teens for the future, it will also increase their self-esteem.


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