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Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University is ranked as top 5th university of London as it offers best education system with excellent programs and courses to their international and domestic students. It is ranked on 114th position globally. It is known as public research university in London, England. And also a constituent college of the federal university of London. It dated back to the foundation of London Hospital medical college in 1785. Queen Mary College named after Mary of Track was admitted to the University of London in 1915 and in 1989 merged with west Field College to from Queen Mary and WESTFIELD COLLEGE.

Photo of Queen Mary University of London

Basic Information about the university

At Queen Mary University of London, they believe that a diversity of ideas helps them to achieve the previously unthinkable.

Throughout their history, they’ve fostered social justice and improved lives through academic excellence. And they continue to live and breathe this spirit today, not because it’s simply ‘the right thing to do’ but for what it helps us achieve and the intellectual brilliance it delivers.

Their reformer heritage informs their conviction that great ideas can and should come from anywhere. It’s an approach that has brought results across the globe, from the communities of east London to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. They continue to embrace diversity of thought and opinion in everything they do, in the belief that when views collide, disciplines interact, and perspectives intersect, truly original thought takes form.

The strategies and mission planned by the university

Their vision is to open the doors of the opportunity,

Their mission is to create a truly inclusive environment, building on their cherished cultural diversity, where students and staff flourish, reach their full potential and are proud to be part of the University. Dedicated to the public good, they will generate new knowledge, challenge existing knowledge, and engage locally, nationally and internationally to create a better world.

The university core value says they are:

Inclusive– they will be inclusive and maintain their proud tradition of nurturing and supporting talented students and staff regardless of their background and circumstances, and continually enhance their strong engagement with their local and global communities.

Proud– they are proud of the difference we can all make when we work collectively.

Ambitious– they are ambitious and they will foster innovation and creativity, disrupt conventional thought, and respond with imagination to new opportunities to further their vision, mission and academic ambitions.

Collegial– they will be collegial and promote a strong collegial community through openness, listening, understanding, co-operation and co-creation, ensuring focused delivery of their collective vision and strategy.

Ethical– they will act with the highest ethical standards, and with integrity, in all that they do.

Logo of Queen Mary University of London

The University schools and institutes

For humanities and social sciences

  • School of business management
  • School of economics and finance
  • School of English and drama
  • Department of English
  • Department of drama
  • School of languages, linguistics and films
  • Comparative literature and culture
  • Film studies
  • Language center
  • Linguistics
  • Modern languages and culture
  • School of geography
  • School of history
  • School of Law
  • Center of commercial Law studies
  • School of politics and international relations

Medicine and dentistry

  • Barts and the London school of medicine and dentistry
  • Barts cancer institute
  • The blizzard institute
  • Institute of dentistry
  • Institute of health science education
  • Institution of population health science
  • William Harvey research institute
  • Wolfson institute of preventive medicine
  • The center of cell

Science and engineering

  • Institute of bio-engineering
  • School of biological and chemical science
  • School of electronic engineering and computer science
  • School of engineering and material science
  • School of mathematical science
  • School of physics and astronomy
  • Material research institute
  • Institute of applied data science


  • ART and culture
  • Life science institute

These are some of the institutes and schools offered by the University for several Programs according to student’s interest and different courses.

The areas of study

Foundation courses, biological and biomedical science, business and management, chemical science, comparative literature, computer and data science, dentistry, drama, economics and finance, engineering, English, film studies, geography and environment science, global health, history, LAW, Linguistics, material science, mathematics, medicine, modern language and culture, physics and astronomy, politics and international relations, psychology.

You can have a look there are ample number of study areas available in the university. Students who all want to start their career in this university they all can choose any of the courses according to their interest and according to their subjects they have studied earlier.

The programs offered by the university

Undergraduate study, post graduate study, online study, international students, A-Z undergraduate courses, A-Z postgraduate taught courses, A-Z PhD subjects, clearing and adjustment. These are the several programs offered by the university to their students and these programs have different study areas for international and domestic students.

Photo of Queen Mary University of London

Scholarships and funding

University is a big investment in your future. Each year, Queen Mary supports our undergraduate and postgraduate students through a generous package of scholarships. They also provide undergraduate bursaries, which are based on household income and financial need.

There are a number of sources of funding available for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students for 2020-21 entry. These include a significant package of competitive Queen Mary bursaries and scholarships in a range of subject areas, as well as external sources of funding. Their database enables you to search for scholarships via study level, school, country or all.

Two of them are A*STAR PhD scholarship and ALDGATE AND ALLHALLOWS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP and rest are mentioned on universities website. Students who all are interested in getting their admissions done in this university they all can apply for that. For knowing about the further admission details and criteria for admission process students must go and check universities website.

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