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Signs that you don’t have faith in yourself

If you want to know whether you don’t have faith in yourself, you are in the right place. When it comes to mental health recovery, the first thing that we need is faith in ourselves. But this is where we give up easily even if we want to recover from something that’s bothering us. So one more way for mental health to stay fit is to have faith in yourself. But it’s not always possible for everyone in every situation. The moment we lose faith in our own selves is the moment we try to find out for second support like seeking someone else’s help.

By no means I’m trying to judge anyone but it’s a fact that we ask for help when we know that it’s not possible for ourselves to do alone. But not always do we realise that we have totally lost faith in ourselves or started losing it slowly.

So if you can relate to this situation, then this article is already about you. And I guess it feels so great to read relatable things more and more, so do read it till the end.

And here we get started –

You believe a lot in other’s opinion regarding your life

You do? That’s a sign.

When we stop trusting ourselves and lose every bit of faith, we tend to believe in what others say about us. Not only that, we start comparing ourselves with the entire world. In the end, we finally start believing in the negative comments given by someone whose presence may even not matter to you.

So if you are facing such a situation then let me tell you one thing. People have a lot to tell about you. Or most specifically, people have a lot to tell about those who they don’t even know properly. So is it fair to judge yourself and impose their thoughts on yourself just because they said? I mean who are they? What is their existence in your life? Why would their words or thoughts even affect you?

No one is perfect. It doesn’t matter what others think about you. What matters is what you think about yourself.

So lack of self faith leads to this above-mentioned situation. If you are one of a sufferer, do stand up for yourself immediately. You can achieve anything in life if you don’t have faith in yourself. If you have this sign, you don’t have faith in yourself.

You find it difficult to hold on to or finish what you start

This is another important sign that you don’t have faith in yourself. It maybe even a commitment given to someone or a promise to yourself. This happens because initially you feel like you can manage up things pretty well but in the end you give up soon thinking that such huge pressure is not your cup of tea anymore.

But you know what? You gave up too easily. Even if you think that you gave your best, you didn’t. And somewhere you also feel that it wasn’t the best that you gave right? So self faith comes when you stop sympathizing your state of condition and instead start working on it. So never just give up and say that it’s impossible. Stop giving yourself an option to give up. You are going to be the only loser then. So wake up and work upon yourself. If you have this sign, you don’t have faith in yourself.

Your instincts are always negative

The moment when you totally lose faith in yourself is the moment when all your instincts start becoming negative. We always say that sometimes strong intuitions work when we are in a difficult situation and hopefully saves us at the peak moment. But when your entire brain is filled up with negativity, it definitely of no use right? So a healthy mind produces practical instincts and save you at the peak moment, but when your mind is filled with junk thought then how are the institutions supposed to work? I don’t need to explain more here right?

All these things have a huge connection with an unhealthy lifestyle. So it’s you who has to change it in order to achieve better things in life. So stop holding onto the wrong things and fulfil the requirements in yourself to do the right things. So work upon yourself. Mental strength doesn’t come so easily. It may be hard to achieve but once you get it, there’s no going back. So don’t give up so easily, you never know how life turns out in future to make you learn a lesson. So before it becomes extreme, work upon yourself. Stop underestimating your abilities.

So I hope this article helps you. I believe in one thing and will always ask you to remember the same thing – You are what you believe. So if you lost faith in yourself then the reason was only you, and if you gain faith in yourself, then also the reason will be you. If you have this sign, you don’t have faith in yourself.

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