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Step by Step Guide to Make an Awesome CV for Working Professional

Every working professional right now knows that it is very difficult out there for professionals looking for new jobs. There is a lot of competition in almost every field and it is very difficult to get a job. The number one thing which a working professional can do to increase their chances to get a job is to make an awesome CV. CV is like the first impression to the hirer or recruiter. If you have an attractive and unique CV, you will definitely draw attention to yourself and it would be very beneficial for professionals looking for a job.

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Now, many professionals have the right skillset and talent for a job but they couldn’t get it because of their CV. They have lousy and unattractive CV which makes their first impression the worst and they lose their chance of getting their dream job. Now, it is not very difficult to make a great CV. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to guide you step by step to make an awesome CV. Just follow through and you will be satisfied by the result.


The most crucial step to make a CV is to choose a good template for the CV. There are so many templates available on the internet that a working professional may get confused. To choose the best template, check out the article mentioned in the end. You can select the one you prefer. There are creative templates, straightforward templates and many more. Choose wisely and select the one suitable for the job you are looking for. Getting the right template will help to put you in focus in front of the recruiters.


Now that you have selected a template, the main work begins. First of all, you need to fill your name and personal details in the space provided. Be sure to write your name in uppercase characters. The use of writing your name in caps is that your name would be clearly visible and would be in the hirer’s subconscious mind longer. While filling your personal details, remember to never make a spelling error. You will look unprofessional if you make a silly mistake. Provide your contact information and residential address too. In your personal details, also mention about your hobbies. This can build a good relationship between you and the recruiter.


Your main work begins now. Now, you have to fill your qualifications and your education status. It is a very important step. You have to fill your class 10th and class 12th details. Here you need to fill the names of the school from which you did your high school and intermediate. And after that, you need to write your percentage scored in both the classes. It is a protocol which you have to follow. After that you need to fill your college’s name and the undergraduate course you did in the college with the percentage you received. If you have done post graduate and even further study, then you need to fill that too in the same manner. 


As you are done with your education part in your CV, it is now time for work experience. In this section, you need to list the jobs or internships that you did over the years of your work experience. You have to write your job position and the company in which you worked. It is very crucial to list these as it helps the hirer to know your experience and can judge you accordingly. You can also write about the projects you did whilst working. You should remember that all the things you write in this section should be organized, neat and in chronological order. It is very important or else you would be seen as an unprofessional person. If you have no work experience, then just leave it blank and write NO WORK EXPERIENCE. 


Now that you are done with writing about your previous jobs and work experiences, it is time to write about your skills. Skills are the most viewed thing in a working professional’s CV. You need to know about your strengths and display them here. List your skills in a nice order and remember that you don’t have to write a story there. Keep your skills and your CV straightforward and to the point. No one has the time or wants to read a long story about your entire life. Just brief your whole experience is a chronological order and neatly.


Last step is to attach multiple files. These files contain your letters from the past jobs or your internship certificates. The most important thing to attach, if you have, is references from high people. It puts you in good books of the hirer. Always remember to attach them properly.

So, above was the guide to make an awesome CV which will definitely grab the attention of the recruiter. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!


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