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Reasons to work with Alphabet Inc.

About the company

Alphabet Inc. is an American company that is headquartered in California. It is among the world’s most valuable companies and comes fourth in the list of largest technology companies. It was created by the founders of Google and is the parent company of Google presently. It was created to make Google more accountable, cleaner and better. Presently. The net income of the company is around $34 billion with assets worth $275 billion. It is one of the best companies to work in India.

Photo of Alphabet Inc. company distribution

Programs for the employees

There are a lot of programs for the company’s existing and new members. Following are some of them:

Recognition: Since the members of the company work well, there is a recognition program for the employees. They are given informal rewards to know that their efforts are appreciated. This keeps the rewarded employees motivated and the others wanting to do better at work.

Onboarding: For the new members, the company offers first class onboarding programs. A personalized support is offered to the employees so that they become familiar with the company and its environment. The program also brings them up to date and helps them to integrate in the team successfully.

GIF welcoming new team member

Leadership: The company offers leadership programs to their employees. It ensures the development of their employees and offers resources so that the employees who have the potential of becoming leaders can achieve the goals.

Mentoring: Coaching and mentoring programs are offered so that the employees reach their full potential. First class resources are provided so that every member becomes a valuable resource to the team.

Career planning: A continuous evaluation of the team members is done by the company. This helps in determining the direction of the careers of the employees. This helps the employees to gain insights and skills of the industry, thereby reaching their full potential.

Photo of HQ of alphabet inc.

Health care benefits

The company also offers various healthcare benefits to its employees like:

Counselling: The company makes sure that its employees are emotionally balanced. They are healthy not only physically but also psychologically. The program enables the employers to talk with experts anytime. They also receive tips for fitness and nutrition and techniques for reducing stress. All the details are kept confidential.

Health insurance: Health insurance for every employee is offered by Alphabet Inc. The various types of exams and procedures are also covered in this.

Dental: The company not only offers dental benefits to the employees but also to their family members. The plan covers preventative dental care, reconstructive surgeries and orthodontia services.

Maternity support: The maternity support program offers administrative services, quality resources and other support that may be needed to the expecting mothers. Also, the mothers get 18 weeks of paid maternity leaves.

Vision: All sorts of medical assistance for the eyes are offered by the company. In addition to that, the cost of contact lenses and glasses are also covered in this.

Financial benefits

The company also offers some financial benefits like the following:

GIF related to bonus

Bonus pay: Bonuses are offered to the employees who work really hard and excel in their field, encourage others to put in efforts and bring exceptional results to the company.

Paid time off: The employees are given paid vacations which they can avail at any time of the year. The national and personal holidays are also taken into account.

Adoption assistance: The company has one of the best adoption assistance programs. Under this program, the attorney fees and the court fees are also covered. The benefits remain the same for all employees irrespective of the fact that the child is from a foreign country.

GIF about sick leaves

Paid parental leave: A parental leave policy is also offered by Alphabet Inc. Surrogacy, adoption and foster care are also included in this. The mothers are given 18 weeks of paid leave while the fathers get upto 6 weeks. Along with this, bonuses are also given to help with other expenses like baby food, diapers, etc.

Commuter benefit: The team members can cover their transportation and parking costs till a certain distance. Some of the offices also have buses with Wi-Fi for the convenience of the employees.

Photo of break time of alphabet inc. employees

Along with this, the employees are offered free, varied and healthy food. The employees get to use the products of the company before they are launched. They are also allowed to bring their pets to their offices. They are also allowed to take leaves to follow their passions, for upto three months. The employees can give each other ‘massage credits’ which can be availed for one hour of massage.

The company follows the 80/20 principle. According to this, the employees are required to give their 80% to their jobs and 20% to their passions. This helps in attracting creativity in the projects. Every new employee is asked to pick up a book from a selection of books as a gift. This move is meant as an encouragement to read and learn. The library also has numerous books to pick from.

Photo of alphabet inc. office

As the famous saying goes for Google ‘Once a Googler, always a Googler’, the same is with Alphabet Inc. The company is one of the best to work in.

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