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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in USA


The use of scientific principles for the design and production of machines, structures and other items such as bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles and buildings is engineering. The field of engineering includes a wide range of more specialized fields, each focusing more specifically on specific fields of applied mathematics, applied science and applications. In this article you will find the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in USA.


The Engineering Program requirements vary from university to university, but certain similarities exist. Most schools require students to take a high standard of education in mathematics and science. There are even schools that require students to pass mathematical and physics tests before they start their programmes, as these skills are essential to becoming a successful engineer.


The U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects that engineering will grow 4% between 2018 and 2028, approximately the 5% average national job growth rate for all employment sectors. The average annual salary for engineering professions as of May 2018 was $80 170, more than twice the average annual salary for all workers, which is $38,640.

Top Engineering Colleges in USA

1. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Among Top Engineering Colleges in USA Urbana-Champaign University is a public Illinois research institute in Champaign and Urbana’s twin villages. It was established in 1867 and is the leading institution of the University of Illinois system. The U.S. is a member of the United States Universities Association and is classified under the “R1: Doctorate Universities – Very High Research Activity” title, and it has been named the “Public Ivy” by Howard and Matthew Greene in The Public Ivies: America’s flagship public universities.

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2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Other Top Engineering Colleges in USA included is Massachusetts Technology Institute is a private land-subvention university researching in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Formed in 1861, MIT has since become one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, playing an important role in developing modern science and technology.

3. Cornell University

Cornell is an Ivy League and Land Research University in Ithaca, New York. Cornell University is a public institution. It had consistently been ranking among the world’s top academic publications and was established in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White. Cornell was created in an effort to learn and contribute from the classical to the theoretical and the applied fields of knowledge.

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4. Purdue University

Purdue University is the State University for Field Research in Lafayette and the Purdue University system Flagship Campus. In 1869 the university was founded following the donation of land and money by Lafayette businessmen John Purdue to found a science, technology and agriculture college on his behalf. There were six teachers and 39 students in the first classes on 16 September 1874.

5. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University (Texas A&M, A&M, or TAMU) is the College Station, Texas, public land-based research university. It was established in 1876 and in 1948 became the flagship of the Texas A&M System University. The Second largest student body in the United States is Texas A&M by 2020. Texas A&M is the only university in Texas that holds all three appointments to be an institution for land, sea and space grants and reflects a number of ongoing research programmes financed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Institutes of Health of Texas, etc.

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6. Princeton University

Princeton University is an Ivy League private Research College in Princeton, New Jersey. Established in 1746 as a college in New Jersey, Princeton is the United States’ fourth-oldest university and one of nine colonial schools chartered before the US revolt.

7. The Georgia Institute of Technology

In Atlanta, Georgia, a public research university and technology institute is the Georgia Institute of Technology popularly termed Georgia Tech or Tech, in Georgia. It forms part of Georgia’s university system and satellite campuses are located in Savannah, Georgia; Metz, France; Athlone, Ireland; Shenzhen, China; and Singapore.

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8. University of California, Los Angeles

California University, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a government land grant institution for research at Los Angeles, California. University. UCLA is the south branch of the California National Normal School from its early origins in 1882. (now San Jose State University). It became the Southeastern Branch of California University in 1919, making it the second ancient University of California system after UC Berkeley.

9. Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland is a private research institution The University was established in 1876 and was named as its first benefactor: the American businessman Johns Hopkins, a philanthropist. Johns Hopkins is regarded as the United States’ first research university. Up to that point the largest philanthropic present in the history of the U.S. was Hopkins’ 7 million dollars legacy of university establishment.

10. University of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania University is a private Ivy League university for research located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This Top Engineering Colleges in USA is one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the United States declaration Of independence and was set up as the University of Philadelphia in 1740.

11. The University of Arizona

Arizona University is an independent land-based university for research located in Tucson, Arizona. The Uni of A (U of A) was the very first university to be set up in Arizona in 1885 by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature. As of 2019, the institution has enrolled 45,918 students in nineteen different universities/schools, including Tucson and Phoenix’s University of Arizona Medical College and James E. Rogers Law College.

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12. University of Maryland

Maryland University, College Park (UMD or simply Maryland) is a public land-based research college in College Parc, Maryland. The research centre is a public land-based college. Established in 1856, UMD is the University System of Maryland’s leading institution. This Top Engineering Colleges in USA is the largest institution in the state and in the metropolitan region of Washington and includes more than 41,000 students from 50 states and 123 countries and a global network of more than 360,000 alumni.

By: Poorva Avinash Meshram

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