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Top DU colleges to pursue psychology

Lady Shri Ram College (LSR)

The Department of Psychology at the LSR college, DU offers B.A (Hons) in psychology. The program will make you familiar with the theoretical concepts of psychology and practical aspects of it. Some of the things you learn deeply will include clinical psychology, counseling, child psychology, etc. You can also get a chance to intern with a clinic or a practicing psychiatrist or psychologist. You can get hands-on experience to be ready and step into the professional world and pursue a career in psychology.

It also offers integrated and interdisciplinary programs such as psychology+sociology or science+psychology. The admission is based on the cut-off. You should have at least 90 percent in your 12th grade to get admission into this college. Check this link to know how the cut-off system of LSR, DU works.

Fees- INR 18000 per year.

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Zakir Hussain Delhi College

The Psychology Department at the Zakir Hussain Delhi college is considered a pioneer in the field of psychology and also one of the oldest psychology in the Delhi University. It offers a B.A (Hons) program in psychology. Some of the interesting aspects you will learn about psychology includes organizational/industrial psychology, Abnormal psychology. Studying psychology from different perspectives can provide you more flexibility while deciding about your career. Check this pdf to know more about the course structure during the three-year-long program.

The admission is based on the cut-off. The cut-off can be between 86 percent to 94 percent depending upon your socio-economic category. Refer to this link to understand the cut-off process and also about admission based on quotas

Fees- INR 12200 per year

BR Ambedkar College

The psychology department offers B.A (Hons) in Applied psychology. The applied psychology program offered here is focused on experiential learning. Some of the concepts you will learn include neuropsychology, health psychology, sports psychology, and the list goes on. Explore this pdf to see the list of interesting concepts that you will learn at the Ambedkar college.

The admission is based on cut-off and the quota system.  Check this link to explore how admissions work under cut-off and quota system

Fees- INR 13000 per year. The fee is divided between different sections. Refer to this link to know more.

Jesus and Mary College (JMC)

The psychology department at the JMC offered a B.A (Hons) program in psychology. The course is designed to teach you about the aspects of human behavior. The four main aspects are cognition, behavior, emotion, and spirituality.  The approach is not just theoretical, but also practical to make you familiar with research methods and counseling.

The admission is based on the cut-off, however, you can get a upper hand if you have studied psychology in your 12th grade and have 85+ marks in that. The cut-off is calculated based on your score in the best of four subjects. Check this link to know more about how admission process for psychology works.

Fees- INR 16000 per year.

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Kamala Nehru College

The department of psychology at Kamala Nehru College(DU) offers B.A. (Hons) in psychology. The course is designed to cover four main aspects of psychology. They are human behavior, awareness towards the society and social issues, riding the gap between theory & application, and promoting collaborations between different disciplines or subjects. They also have a liberal arts approach to teach their students. Check this pdf to know more about the concepts you will learn in your three-year-long course.

The admission is based on the cut-off method. The cut-off is calculated based on your score in the best of four subjects Check this link to know about past cut-offs.

Fees-  INR 11000-12000 per year.

Daulat Ram College

Daulat Ram college offers two B.A (Hons) program. One is B.A. (Hons) in psychology and second is B.A.(Hons) in Applied psychology. The psychology honors will introduce you with the concept of human behavior and it can be more theoretical. While applied psychology is based on research and the approach can be less theoretical and more practical. Check the course structure of B.A (Hons) psychology by clicking this link and B.A (Hons) Applied psychology on this link. 

The admission is based on cut-off and the cut-off for psychology can be around 90 percent. Read this document to know more about recent cut-offs

Fees- INR 16000 per year.

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Indraprastha College for Women

Indraprastha’s psychology department is considered one of the best departments of the college(DU). The department has many big labs and the approach to studying psychology is more research and practice-based. The aim is to make you ready for your career in psychology. You will also do internships that are a road to your placement. The college offers B.A (Hons) in Psychology. Click here to know about different course structures and interesting concepts you will learn.

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