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5 Interview Tips For Working Professional

One of the most common fears that a working professional has is of the interview. They clear multiple written exams and even GDs but somehow, they get nervous during or just can’t handle the interview and lose their dream job because of that. It is not new to have a fear of interview but it is pretty easy to overcome that fear. There are multiple ways, tips and tricks by which a working professional can excel in his/her interview. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list some of them. The following is the list of tips for working professionals are:

Prepare for interview questions

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One of the most important things that a working professional should do before interviewing for a job is that they should prepare for their questions well. Search on the internet for various questions and practise them regularly. Research about the company. Know well about the past and the future implications and goals. They will always ask a question related to the company or around it, so, it would be beneficial to learn and get a background about the company. You can ask your friends and practise your interview with them. Be sure to have good communicational skills.

First impression is the last impression

You must have listened to many people say the above. It is a good statement that many working professionals should listen to and introspect about this. The first thing you need to keep in mind in that you have to remain calm while keeping the interviewer for the first time. Be confident and firmly shake their hands. An important thing is to be respectful towards the. Address them as sir/mam frequently and never sit before asked to. If you do that, they may find it disrespectful.’

Dress properly. Wear attractive and formal clothes during an interview. IF you wear funky clothes or inappropriate clothes during interview or clothes that doesn’t match the working environment, it would be problematic and sometimes embarrassing. Don’t be late. Be around 10 to 15 minutes early. This will insure your punctuality. Never be rude to the recruiter. It is very important to be in good books of the interviewer.

Basic Mannerism 

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Basic Mannerism includes multiple things such as having properly combed hair and other basic things such as greeting properly and not being nervous. Being nervous is a sign of low communication skills which can affect your job chances.  Be confident around the interviewer and never disrespect them in any possible way ever.

Another thing which basic mannerism involves is follow-ups. After a couple days of the interview, if you didn’t get any message from the company or organization, then don’t be shy and follow up yourself for your results. Have a good night sleep before an interview so that you would not be tired during the interview. If you look lazy or not interested during the interview it can really affect your chances. Another thing is that eat a little something before the interview. It will keep you fresh and awake during the interview. Listen to the question properly first, before answering abruptly. 

Don’t depend on your CV

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One mistake that major working professionals do is that they depend too much on their CV. Your CV is important, I agree, but it is not your whole life. Do not beat around your CV. Tell the interviewer about your personal incidents and problem-solving skills and other things that are relevant to the job and are not in the CV. CV is just a part of your life but it can’t summon up your whole life. An interviewer is more interested in you and your details instead of your CV, so please don’t keep bringing up your CV every now and then during an interview. It can be really annoying and can lead you to an embarrassing situation. Therefore, never depend too much on your CV, but depend on yourself.

Miscellaneous Tips

As the name suggests, there are multiple small and different miscellaneous tips which can really improve your interview to the next level. First is to keep your mobile phone switched off. It can be really interrupting and disrespecting that in the middle of your interview, you phone goes off or a notification pops up. Therefore, keep your mobile switched off. Secondly, bring your own pen in an interview. It can really show that you think ahead of time. Another is that to bring sense of humour in the conversation. It can really bond you with the interviewer and can help in decision making, but study the room before using sarcasm. And the last tip is kind of weird but is good. If the interviewer offers you something, like water, take it. It can show positive attitude. 

So, above are some interview tips for working professionals. Hope that they were of some help. Best of Luck!!!

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