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Age Bias in Workplace

There are many considerable steps being taken to make workplaces more inclusive, but there are still existing discriminations, age bias in workplaces that corrupts the entire work environment. Age-based discriminations widely exists in workplaces. Majority of the workers have experienced or witnessed age discrimination. Furthermore, age-based discrimination not only manipulate your treatment by your colleagues and employers, but will also dominate other factors such as- hiring, promotions and assignments.

Today we are going to address different ways in which young people can catch-up in their respective workplaces.

People’s contribution to their work depends on their capabilities and not their age, therefore, age doesn’t determine an individual potential and describes how hard working they are. Age difference is not proportional to one’s performance abilities, hence it is essential to separate the two. Workplaces needs to go to a transition; it has to do-away with a lot of stereotypes and prejudices it upholds. There is an urgent need to make workplaces more inclusive and acceptable. Young people, especially, go through this constant scrutiny in workplaces. Their employers always doubt their potentials and capabilities, they feel that young people are not mature enough to handle pressure or to do a job effectively. These prejudices cause immense trouble for the young workers to grow and it also creates a very unhealthy working environment. Age biases are so immense that young people get rejected even if they are highly qualified, and someone older to them equally qualified as them is chosen instead. There is an urgency to change the way these companies operate. We also have a few tips for young workers which would help them cope with such discrimination and make their mark in workplaces.

Invest in your growth and development-

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Companies tend to not hire young people because they think that young people are not experienced enough to handle a job. These predispositions are highly problematic because someone’s worth must be counted in terms of their potential and hard-work, basically external factors which one can have a control over. So, having such absurd and problematic conditions to reject someone is totally unacceptable. Having an experience and  various polished skills do increases our chances of getting hired, therefore, young people must focus on developing relevant skills and pushing themselves to be better. They might also want to do different internships to gain experience and show their employers that they have experience. Being consistent and focused will definitely increase the chances of young minds to get a nice job. They can use their energy and high-spirit to gain knowledge and skills, this will give us an opportunity to show our employers that we are hardworking and competent enough to handle their work.

Fight the stereotype-

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It is always essential to discuss the elephant in the room. Initiating conversations about the existing biasness and unequal treatment of different people by your employers is always essential. You do not owe anything to your company, you are working for them and in return they are providing you monetary benefits- therefore, always remember to never take any forms of unacceptable behavior. The moment you start addressing these problems in your workplaces, your colleagues and employers will see how problematically things were being done. Addressing your problems and trying to bring notice to your problems will also indicate that you are not going to take any offensive behavior. Your work is supposed to motivate you to do better in life, it provides you with immense opportunities which you use positively to build yourself a nice and proper future. So, always remember to not tolerate any forms of toxic working conditions and deplorable behaviors that demotivates you. If you’re not getting the recognition you deserve, you need to bring this concern to your supervisors. It is always essential to express your grievances openly, so that people know to treat you right.

Don’t let your internalized prejudices come your way-

Unconscious Bias: Recognize and Challenge Internal Prejudice | Love Expands

If you are expecting people to treat you equally and with respect, you must keep in mind to follow the same. Don’t discriminate people in your workplace and unlearn your internalized prejudices. Everyone deserves to be treated equally in a workplace, their age bias and gender should not the factor to determine their potential and value. Therefore, you must understand the fact that people around you will respect and support you if you would be nice to others. Therefore, always remember that everyone is different and individual potential varies, do not judge anyone based on some preconceived notions.

Be assertive-

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We need more young leaders in this world, always remember to be stern and confident in your approach. You do not have to intimidate by someone just because that person is older to you. Your assertiveness will offer you the opportunity to make your voice be heard by different groups of people, if you are confident in your approach then people will take you, age bias more seriously.

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