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CAT 2023 Cut-Off, Expected & Previous Years

The typical CAT cutoff for admission to IIMs is between the 95th and 100th percentile for all categories. This year, the top IIMs’ CAT cutoff percentile for students in the General category was between 98 and 100 percent.

The IIMs and top MBA schools, including FMS, MDI, SPJIMR, IMT, and MICA, release the preliminary CAT cut offs for WAT-PI shortlisting well in advance of the publication of the test results, but they don’t disclose the final CAT cut offs until after the release of the exam results and/or at the time of PI shortlisting.

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Factors Determining CAT Cut Offs

Several elements that have an impact on the admissions process were taken into consideration when determining the CAT cut-off percentile for each institute. Following are some of the important elements that affect IIM cut-offs by category:

  • Level of difficulty of the CAT exam
  • Number of candidates who took the exam
  • Number of candidates that passed the test
  • Seats available at a specific institute
  • Institutional ranking across all of India

CAT Cut Offs 2023

For general applicants, the CAT 2023 cut offs for IIM admission are anticipated to be in the 95–100 percentile range. See the table below for the CAT 2022 qualifying IIM cutoffs based on IIM entrance requirements for 2023. The cutoffs for the upcoming academic year will be revealed later this year.
IIM Qualifying CAT cut offs
IIM Ahmedabad 85
IIM Bangalore 85
IIM Calcutta 85
IIM Lucknow 90
IIM Indore 90
IIM Kozhikode 85
IIM Amritsar 90
IIM Nagpur 85
IIM Sambalpur 93
IIM Trichy 93
IIM Raipur 93
IIM Ranchi 90
IIM Kashipur 94
IIM Vizag 80
IIM Udaipur 93
IIM Bodhgaya 93
IIM Shillong 75
IIM Sirmaur 92
IIM Rohtak 95
IIM Nagpur 85
IIM Jammu 93

Final CAT Cut Off vs. Qualifying CAT Cut Off

Qualifying CAT cut offs Final CAT cut offs
Also referred to as IIM eligibility cut off or IIM shortlist cut off, it is the minimum marks a candidate must score so that he/she is eligible for interview call (for WAT/GD-PI round) from the IIMs. Also referred to as IIM call cut offs, it is the minimum percentile score fixed by the IIMs for selection of candidates for WAT/GD-PI round.
Meeting the qualifying cut off does not mean that the candidate will be selected for the WAT/GD-PI round. Meeting the final CAT cut off does not mean that the candidate will be selected for admission.
The qualifying CAT cut off is fixed before the announcement of CAT result. The final cut off is fixed after the declaration of CAT result.
The qualifying CAT cut off percentiles are announced by each campus in their notification of admission criteria and selection process for that academic year. The final CAT cut offs are not announced officially by any IIM or even other top MBA institutes.
The qualifying CAT cut offs remain above 90 percentile for all IIMs, exception being IIM Ahmedabad whose qualifying cut off has been 85 percentile in the past few years. The final CAT cut offs remain as high as 99+ percentile for all top IIMs and 95+ percentile for new IIMs.
The qualifying CAT cut offs include sectional and overall cut offs. The final CAT cut offs include sectional and overall cut offs.
The qualifying CAT cut off is fixed category wise. The cut off for General category students is high (90), while for reserved category students, it is low (70 and below). The final CAT cut off is fixed category wise. For General category male students with engineering background, the final cut off is high as compared to reserved category students, female students and those with non-engineering background.

CAT Cut Offs 2023 for IIM Admission

Presented below are the expected CAT 2023 cut off percentiles for General category students for admission to top MBA colleges (non-IIM) in the upcoming academic session:
College CAT Cut Offs (Percentile)
FMS, Delhi 98-99
SPJIMR, Mumbai 95-99
IMT, Ghaziabad 95-97
JBIMS, Mumbai 96
MDI, Gurgaon 97-99
IMI, New Delhi 90
XIM, Bhubaneshwar 91
GIM Goa 85
K J Somaiya, Mumbai 86
TAPMI, Manipal 80
FORE, New Delhi 85
IFMR, Chennai 80
IRMA, Anand 80
MICA, Ahmedabad 80
LIBA, Chennai 70
XIME, Bangalore 70

Difference between CAT score and CAT percentile?

A candidate’s overall exam score, or CAT score, is calculated by adding up all of their correct, incomplete, and unsolved questions. Because IIMs and all MBA institutes in India pick applicants based on their CAT percentile and not score, it is critical to comprehend the distinction between CAT score and CAT percentile. The CAT percentile is sometimes referred to as a candidate’s ranking in comparison to other test-takers. The percentile represents the overall percentage of applicants that received a CAT score that was lower than or equal to the applicant in question. A candidate performed better than 97% of all CAT test takers that year, for instance, if their CAT percentile was 97. To comprehend it

CAT Cut Off for Top MBA Colleges (Non-IIM)

All applicants seeking admission to IIMs must take the CAT. However, several other prestigious B-schools in India accept applicants based on their CAT results. Candidates who want to take the CAT in 2023 may also apply for admission to MBA programs at numerous MBA universities nationwide.

In addition to the IIMs, here are the cutoffs for other prestigious MBA programs for the upcoming academic year, including the IMT Ghaziabad CAT cutoff, SP Jain CAT cutoff, TAPMI CAT cutoff, IIM Shillong CAT cutoff, MICA CAT cutoff, IIT Bombay CAT cutoff, IPU MBA CAT cutoff, etc. See additional information below.


Business SchoolCAT Cutoff (Percentile)
FMS, Delhi98.20 Percentile
DMS, IIT Delhi98+ Percentile
Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) Chennai90+ Percentile
SJMSOM, IIT Bombay99+ Percentile
Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad90+ Percentile
MDI Gurgaon95+ Percentile
National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai95+ Percentile
SPJIMR85+ Percentile
XIMB90+ Percentile
Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras95+ Percentile
T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) Manipal85+ Percentile

CAT Cut off Marks vs Percentile

The score needed to achieve the desired percentile can be estimated using the CAT Cut off marks vs. percentile analysis. Marks above 100 can get you a CAT Cut off percentile above 99 based on patterns from the prior year.
CAT Percentile VARC Score DILR Score QA Score Total CAT Score
99.5+ 37-38 30-32 37-39 104-108
99+ 34-35 28-30 36-37 98-102
99 33-34 29-30 34-35 98-98.5
98+ 32-33 27-28 30-32 90-93
95+ 32-34 20-21 28-30 80-82
90+ 29-30 17-19 26-27 72-75
85+ 24-25 14-15 20-22 59-61
80+ 20-22 11-13 15-16 46-48

CAT Cut off for IIM for General

CAT Cut off for IIM for General Category for the last 2 years is tabulated below for your reference.
IIM CAT 2022 Cut off for General CAT 2021 Cut off for General
IIM Ahmedabad 80 80
IIM Bangalore 85 85
IIM Kozhikode 85 85
IIM Calcutta 85 85
IIM Lucknow 90 90
IIM Indore 90 90
IIM Raipur 92 92
IIM Rohtak 95 95
IIM Udaipur 92 92
IIM Kashipur 92 92
IIM Trichy 92 92
IIM Ranchi 92 92
IIM Shillong 75 75
IIM Visakhapatnam 80 80
IIM Jammu Male- 90, Female- 87 92
IIM Nagpur 85 85
IIM Amritsar 85 85
IIM Bodh Gaya 92 92
IIM Sambalpur Male- 92, Female- 80 92
IIM Sirmaur 92 92


CAT Cut off is determined after taking into account various factors like the number of candidates who registered and appeared for the exam, number of seats available, difficulty level of the exam, and past admission trends. Also, CAT percentile is calculated based on the score normalization process to ensure that all candidates are on the same level.

Yes, every IIM releases its own sectional and overall CAT cut offs. For newer IIMs, the cut off is usually in the range of 90-95 percentile. CAT Cut off for top IIMs like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow is above 99 percentile.

CAT Cut off for IIMs is generally above 90 percentile. So, the chances of getting into IIMs with 80-85 percentile are minimal. However, there are other top MBA colleges that accept 80-85 CAT percentile. Some of these colleges are SPJIMR, XIME Bangalore, Prin. L N Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Delhi School of Management, etc.

IIMs and other non-IIM B-Schools accepting CAT scores for admissions release their category-wise cut-offs for admissions. If candidates meet CAT 2023 cut off criteria, they need to participate in the further rounds of selection like Group Discussion, Personal interviews, etc. 

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