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GMAT Exam Fees in India: Exam cost, Fee, Waiver, Calculations

GMAT Exam Fees in India: The GMAT exam fees is $275(INR 22582.56) in India, and $300(INR 24635.52) for the online exam. The GMAT exam costs more than $275 since other services like as rescheduling, cancellation, ESR, and supplementary score reports are charged in addition. The cost of taking the GMAT in center or at home varies slightly based on where the candidate lives.

 However, for both the test centers and at-home GMAT exams, candidates can get their GMAT results to five business schools for free. If candidates wish to send multiple score reports, will have to pay an extra GMAT exam fee of around $35(INR 2874.14) for each score report.

GMAT Exam Fees in India

GMAT Exam Costs

GMAT 2023 registration fees is $275. Apart from GMAT registration fees, there are many additional associated with the GMAT exam cost. According to government budget recommendations, 18% GST on GMAT price will be added on March 31, 2023. Here are the costs of different GMAT products and services like GMAT Enhanced Score Report, GMAT score sending, and more, while candidate will incur while taking the GMAT test in India. Here are the GMAT fees in INR in the below table:
GMAT Fees for ServicesDelivered at a Test CenterDelivered Online
 GMAT Registration US$275(INR 22582.56)US$300(INR 24635.52)
 Enhanced Score Report (purchased at time of registration) US$30 (INR 2463.55)Not Available
 Additional Score Report US$35(INR 2874.14) each US$35(INR 2874.14) each
 Cancel score (via mba.com My Account page after the exam) US$25(INR 2052.96)Not Applicable
 Reinstate score US$50(INR 4105.92)Not Applicable
 AWA Essay Rescoring US$45(INR 3695.33) US$45(INR 3695.33)

Note: $1=INR 82.12 as on 20th June 2023.

GMAT Cancellation Fee

GMAT Cancellstyle=”background-color: #0fa1f6;”ation FeesDelivered at a Test CenterDelivered Online
More than 60 days before appointment US$110(INR 9033.02) refundUS$120(INR 9854.21) Refund
15-60 days before appointment US$80(INR 6569.47) refundUS$90(INR 7390.66) Refund
 14 days or less before appointment US$55(INR 4516.51) refundUS$60(INR 4927.10) Refund

GMAT Rescheduling Fee

Rescheduling GMAT FeesDelivered at a Test CenterDelivered Online
More than 60 days before appointment US$55(INR 4516.51)US$60(INR 4927.10)
15-60 days before appointment US$110(INR 9033.02)US$120(INR 9854.21)
14 days or less before appointment US$165(INR 13549.54)US$180(INR 14781.31)

GMAT Total Cost Calculations

To determine the overall GMAT exam fees 2023, we have selected three situations. A portion of the GMAT preparation cycle is provided below for each case. We’ve used the GMAT costs in India and the USA as an example:


A GMAT preparation cycle includes the above given steps and associated GMAT fees –

  • GMAT Registration Fee
  • GMAT Coaching fees
  • Rescheduling the test (if, required)
  • Taking the GMAT
  • Cost of Retaking the GMAT (if, required)
  • Requesting additional score reports
  • Applying to Business Schools

GMAT Exam Fees Mode of Payment

Candidates can make payment for the GMAT application fee by following a few easy steps. You need to pay GMAT form fees only by debit or credit cards that allow international transactions. Such cards are Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or JCB. While paying for GMAT exam registration fees, few things to be considered as follows:


GMAT Exam Fees through Card

  • Only Visa, Amex, MasterCard, and JCB cards are accepted.
  • Charges on credit card statements will appear as “VUE*GRAD MGMT TEST”.
  • Automatic cancellation will be initiated if the card is declined.
  • Candidates should reschedule another appointment by initiating GMAT exam fees payment properly.
  • If any fraudulent card is used for paying GMAT form fees then the registration will be canceled. GMAC can also take severe actions against the candidate.
  • If the candidate challenges or disputes GMAT exam fees with a card, then GMAC can also block the candidate from taking further exams.

GMAT Exam Fees through Check, Money Orders, or Personal Check

  • If the candidate pay GMAT exam fees through check or money order need to keep a few of the following things in mind:
  • GMAT form fees must be payable to Pearson VUE GMAT in US Dollars.
  • Use the current date.
  • Make an appropriate signature.
  • Pre-printed the bank name and its location on the check.
  • Pearson VUE must receive the GMAT application fees at least 10 days before the GMAT exam date.
  • Due to insufficient balance. Pearson VUE will deduct a service fee from the account electronically and the GMAT appointment will be canceled.

GMAT Fee Waiver

GMAT fee waivers help those candidates who are unable to complete GMAT registration due to the financial crisis. GMAC ensures such potential candidates take the exam just by requesting a GMAT fee waiver option. GMAC offers 10 GMAT fee waivers for free in respective schools. Candidates must write a letter to the director or someone with a similar position about the financial crisis. The graduate school also has to accept GMAT scores for the particular program where the candidate must be applying. With the GMAT fee waiver request by the Director, GMAC will easily waive off the GMAT cost. Candidates will receive GMAT exam fees waiver codes via mail. While registering for GMAT, candidates have to use the fee waiver code. Till the expiry date given, candidates can use the GMAT fee waiver code.

GMAT Exam Fee varies according to the region that the candidate’s lives. GMAT exam fee for India is $275. There are additional charges for GMAT score reports, late registration, and more. Planning the GMAT test prior to the test date and making the GMAT registration on time can help candidates save the additional charges. 


 exam was $250 USD worldwide. However, please note that fees for standardized tests like the GMAT can change over time, so I recommend visiting the official GMAT website or contacting the GMAT testing service directly for the most up-to-date information on exam fees, payment methods, and any additional charges that may apply.

Ans. Yes, there are additional fees for certain services. For example, rescheduling exam date costs $60, and canceling exam appointment and receiving a partial refund costs $100.


Ans.Yes, if a candidate cancel their GMAT exam at least seven days before the scheduled test date, candidate can receive a partial refund of $150.


Ans.Yes, there is a fee for rescheduling a candidate’s exam date. It costs $60 to change GMAT appointment.


Ans. Yes, sending GMAT scores to each additional school or program costs $35 per recipient.


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