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How to know if someone secretly hates you

If you want to know if someone hates you secretly, you are in the right place. We always are very curious to know if a person we are interacting with actually like us or not. Then we end up googling things like how to know if someone secretly hates you. Relatable right? But after reading those points or ways we often tend to get confused and give up. But the curiosity inside us to know what the other person is feeling for us doesn’t end up so easily. So here are very few practical, simple and easy ways along with comparisons to make you understand what the other person is feeling for you. These ways may be few but will help you for a lifetime to understand what’s going inside their brain.

So do read this article till the end. You may find some parts as boring but these are practical evaluations of a way in various circumstances which you definitely need to know in order to judge or understand someone. So before coming to any random conclusion, just don’t hurry so much, do read it like a story. (maybe?)

So here we go.

Uncomfortable body language

We all know that body language plays a very important role in determining someone’s personality. But body language can also help you understand if a person secretly hates you or not. I will tell you how. A person who doesn’t like you will never be able to open up much in front of you. In fact, they will seem to find themselves in uncomforted around you. Even you may feel cold and insecure when you see such behaviour of someone towards you

Even there are a lot of people who are a bit introvert or shy and are not able to open up in front of anyone. But there’s a basic difference for you to notice. Introvert or shy people will be more or less same around everyone, but if a person secretly unlikes you, then they will be a different person in front of you and just hold themselves back during your presence.

So if you notice these things in a person then understand that they hate you secretly.

Eye contact

Now, eye contact is a bit confusing because it totally depends on the nature of a person you are looking at and how they will respond to your eye contact.

When a person doesn’t like you, they may always tend to disconnect their eye contacts with you. Even a shy person does the same, but the basic comparison is that a shy person will be more or less same with everyone but a person who specifically doesn’t like you will act differently in front of you.

In fact, when a person gives you dirty looks, it may mean that either they have bad intentions regarding you or they may definitely hate you. And I don’t need to explain this difference because you yourself understand the difference between these two. So if you notice these things in a person then understand that they hate you secretly.

So eye contact is something that should be judged and examined very minutely. So never run into any conclusion soon.

Gut feelings

Determination is something which comes from inside, hence our gut feelings play a huge role in this. Our instincts may always not be right but in major cases, it turns out to be right. Just the same way, when a person doesn’t like us, our gut feelings also change when they are present in front of us. This happens because we often notice their unusual behaviour towards us, either consciously or unconsciously. The rest is done by the gut feeling. We should never try to cover up a gut feeling when it’s strong, it may lead to taking up a wrong decision.

So if you have a strong gut feeling regarding a person and you are reading this article now, if you find similarities and can relate to this post then you already know the answer right? So if you notice these things in a person then understand that they hate you secretly.

Fake smile

We often fake a smile whenever things are not working according to our plans and life gets messed up. We fake a smile when we don’t want to let others know about our inner problems.

But a person may even fake a smile when they don’t like you secretly. This is because they don’t want you to know that they hate you or maybe they don’t want to create any drama or hurt your feelings intentionally. So if a person often fakes a smile to you, then it’s an obvious sign.

But one thing I need to say regarding this is to notice very carefully because, in order to know someone’s true feelings, you need to take time to understand them. So if you notice these things in a person then understand that they hate you secretly.

This article is a lot more about comparisons to help you determine easily rather than just sharing a lot of ways which will eventually end you up into confusion, thereby failing to determine properly. So I hope this article helps you. Have good luck ahead.

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