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GMAT Exam Fees 2023

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test required for admission to many graduate business schools. It is a computer-adaptive test that measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning skills. The GMAT exam fee varies by location. In India, the GMAT exam fee is US$275 for the test delivered at a test center and US$300 for the test delivered online. Here is an article on Gmat Exam Fees.

The fee includes the following:

  • The cost of taking the GMAT exam
  • The cost of sending your scores to up to 5 schools
  • The cost of canceling your exam after you have registered

There are also additional fees for:

  • Enhanced Score Report: This report provides additional information about your performance on the GMAT, such as your percentile ranking and your performance in each section. The fee for the Enhanced Score Report is US$30.
  • Additional Score Report: You can send your GMAT scores to additional schools for a fee of US$35 each.
  • Score cancellation: If you cancel your GMAT exam after you have registered, you will be charged a fee of US$25.

Here are some tips for saving money on the GMAT exam fee:

  • Register for the exam early. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to get a lower fee.
  • Take the exam during the off-peak season. The GMAT exam fee is slightly lower during the off-peak season (May to September).
  • Consider taking the exam online. The GMAT exam fee is slightly higher for the test delivered at a test center.
  • Apply for financial aid. Some organizations offer financial aid to help students pay for the GMAT exam.

here is the GMAT exam fees

Head Test Centre GMAT Online GMAT
GMAT Exam Fees In India $275 $300
Enhanced Score Report $30 NA
Additional Score Report $35 per report $35 per report
GMAT Score Cancellation $25 NA
Reinstate GMAT Score $50 NA
AWA Rescoring $45 $45

GMAT Exam Fees colleges FAQ

But this is not the only GMAT-related cost you will incur. Your GMAT exam cost is more than $275 because other services like rescheduling, cancellation, ESR, and additional score reports cost extra. Moreover, the GMAT fees are not constant everywhere. Based on your location, your fees will change

The difficulty level of both CAT and GMAT exams is high. However, GMAT is considered easier than CAT as it has a predefined syllabus unlike CAT. Also, in GMAT candidates can make multiple attempts.

achieving a GMAT 750 score generally requires a Verbal section score of V42 or higher. To achieve such a score in Verbal, we need to use sophisticated thinking in answering Verbal questions.

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