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MCM Scholarship: Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme

The prestigious MCM Scholarship lighted the scholarly dreams of meriting understudies over India. Recognizing scholarly fabulousness and potential, this program given imperative budgetary back and acknowledgment to skilled people from different foundations. Through a thorough choice prepare and progressing mentorship, the MCM Grant cultivated a dynamic community of driven researchers, clearing the way for their scholastic and proficient victory.

UP Scholarship Status 2022-23

MCM Scholarship Overview

Purpose Provide financial aid to academically capable students facing financial difficulties.
Selection CriteriaBased on a combination of academic merit (marks, entrance exams) and financial need (income, family size).
Award AmountVaries widely, ranging from small stipends to full tuition coverage.
Offered byGovernment agencies, educational institutions, private organizations.
EligibilityVaries depending on the scholarship, typically includes specific class level, academic requirements, income threshold, and sometimes location or specific subjects.
Application ProcessUsually involves filling out an application form, submitting supporting documents, and sometimes appearing for an interview.

Assets to discover particular MCM Grants:

  • Government websites: Service of Instruction site, person state government websites may offer MCM grants for their inhabitants.
  • Grant entries: Websites like scholarships.gov.in, Buddy4Study, Careers360 list different MCM grants.
  • University/College websites: Numerous teach offer their claim MCM grants, check their money related help segment.
  • Private organizations: Numerous NGOs and charitable trusts offer MCM grants, look online for significant ones based on your needs.

Extra Tips:

  • Begin your look early, application due dates change.
  • Carefully studied the qualification criteria and application informational for each grant.
  • Plan all required records in development.
  • Consider looking for offer assistance from counselors or grant advisors for direction.

MCM Scholarship Important Dates

Application Start Date (Pre-Matric)September 18, 2022
Application Start Date (Post-Matric – SC/ST)September 22, 2022
Application Start Date (Post-Matric – OBC/GEN/Minority)September 22, 2022
Application Last Date (Pre-Matric)October 7, 2022
Application Last Date (Post-Matric – SC/ST)December 26, 2022
Application Last Date (Post-Matric – OBC/GEN/Minority)December 26, 2022
Last Date for Submission of Forms to Colleges (Pre-Matric)October 11, 2022
Last Date for Submission of Forms to Colleges (Post-Matric)December 30, 2022
Payment Release Start Date (Pre-Matric)Likely January 2023 (Exact date not available)
Payment Release Start Date (Post-Matric)Likely February 2023 (Exact date not available)
Application Status Available Date (Pre-Matric)April 2023 (Exact date not available)
Application Status Available Date (Post-Matric)April 2023 (Exact date not available)

To utilize this table:

  • Supplant “Grant Title” with the genuine names of the MCM grants you’re considering.
  • Visit the official site or notice for each grant to discover the particular dates for each column.
  • Overhaul the table frequently as you discover modern data.

Extra Tips:

  • Subscribe to the grant provider’s site or social media for upgrades.
  • Set calendar updates for imperative due dates.
  • Consider utilizing grant following devices or apps to organize data productively.

MCM Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Academic LevelTypically for specific levels like Class 9-12, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, etc.
Academic PerformanceMinimum marks or grade point average requirement (e.g., 60% marks, 75% aggregate).
Entrance ExamsSome scholarships might require qualifying scores in specific entrance exams.
Financial NeedMaximum annual family income limit (e.g., INR 2 lakh, INR 3.5 lakh).
LocationSome scholarships might be restricted to specific states, districts, or even institutions.
Caste/CommunityCertain scholarships might be targeted towards specific communities or castes.
DisabilitySome scholarships might have provisions for students with disabilities.
Additional RequirementsSpecific courses pursued, extracurricular activities, essay submissions, etc.

MCM Scholarship Required Documents

Document CategoryPossible Documents (May vary based on scholarship)
Proof of IdentityAadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport
Academic MeritMark sheets, certificates, entrance exam scores
Financial NeedIncome certificate issued by competent authority, salary slips, tax returns
Student DetailsDomicile certificate, caste certificate (if applicable), disability certificate (if applicable)
OthersAdmission letter, bank account details, photograph, character certificate (sometimes)

Assets to discover particular MCM Grant record necessities:

  • Grant site or application entry: This is often the foremost accurate source of data. Seek for the particular grant you’re fascinated by and check the “reports required” segment.
  • Government websites: Hunt for official notices or rules for the grant on the important government site.
  • University/College site: In the event that the grant is advertised by your institution, check their money related help office site or contact them specifically.
  • Grant blogs and gatherings: A few blogs and gatherings may have compiled records of commonly required archives for distinctive MCM grants. Be that as it may, be cautious and as it were utilize dependable sources.

Extra Tips:

  • Continuously double-check the particular necessities for the grant you’re applying for.
  • Make beyond any doubt all records are clear, clear, and substantial.
  • Yield photocopies unless something else indicated.
  • Keep duplicates of all submitted archives for your records.

MCM Scholarship Amount

1. Sample Scholarship Amounts:

Here’s a table displaying the amount range for a few broadly known MCM grants, but keep in mind, the real sums may shift based on particular circumstances:

Scholarship NameTarget GroupAmount Range
National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMSS)Class 9 students₹12,000 – ₹50,000 per year
Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for SC/ST StudentsSC/ST students pursuing higher educationUp to ₹2.5 lakh per year
Post Matric Scholarship for MinoritiesMinority students pursuing higher educationUp to ₹1 lakh per year
AICTE Pragati Scholarship SchemeTechnical and professional diploma/graduate students₹2,000 – ₹3,000 per month

Extra Focuses:

  • The grant sum regularly depends on your think about level (undergrad, postgraduate, proficient).
  • A few grants give a knot entirety sum per year, whereas others disseminate the sum month to month.
  • Grants may too offer extra benefits like educational cost charge repayment, lodging stipend, or book gifts.

Keep in mind:

  • This table is fair a common diagram, and real sums can change essentially.
  • Continuously allude to the particular grant site or rules for exact data.

MCM Scholarship Steps to apply online application

Step Description
1. Research & Eligibility Check: – Identify relevant scholarships – Check eligibility criteria (academic scores, income, etc.) – Understand application deadlines and required documents.
2. Register/Create Account: – Visit the scholarship portal/website. – Register for a new account or login with existing credentials.
3. Fill Online Application Form: – Enter personal details, academic information, and contact details. – Provide accurate information about family income and financial situation. – Upload scanned copies of all required documents (e.g., marksheets, income certificate, ID proof).
4. Review & Submit: – Carefully review all entered information and uploaded documents. – Ensure everything is accurate and complete. – Submit the application online.
5. Payment (if applicable): – Some scholarships may require a processing fee. Pay online if applicable.
6. Track Application Status: – Login to your account to track the application status. – Some portals may communicate updates via email or SMS.
7. Selection & Award: – Shortlisted candidates might be called for interviews or verification. – Await selection notification and award details.

Extra Notes:

  • Keep an eye on the official site for official declarations and overhauls with respect to the 2023-24 grant application prepare.
  • Guarantee you meet all qualification criteria some time recently applying.
  • Fill out the application frame carefully and yield all required records inside the given due date.
  • Keep a duplicate of your submitted application frame and records for your reference.

MCM Scholarship Renewal Process

Step Description
Wait for Announcement: Keep checking the official UP Scholarship website (https://scholarship.up.gov.in/https://scholarship.up.gov.in/) for updates on the renewal process announcement. This typically happens a few months after the previous year’s disbursements.
Eligibility Check: Ensure you continue to meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship scheme you were previously awarded.
Renewal Application: Once the portal opens, log in and access the “Renewal Application” section specific to your scholarship scheme.
Update Information: Carefully review and update any changes in your personal details, academic progress, income documents, bank account details, etc., as required.
Submit Application: Submit the completed renewal application online within the stipulated deadline.
Track Status: You can track the status of your renewal application through your account dashboard on the official website.

Extra Notes:

  • Keep in mind that these steps are based on the past year’s handle and may be subject to alter for the up and coming year (2023-24).
  • Continuously allude to the official site for the most recent data and overhauls with respect to the reestablishment handle.
  • Guarantee you meet all recharging criteria some time recently applying.
  • Fill out the application shape carefully and yield all required archives inside the due date.
  • Keep a duplicate of your submitted application frame and records for your reference.

MCM Scholarship Application Status Tracking Procedure

Step Action Details
1. Visit the Official Website Access the UP Scholarship website: https://scholarship.up.gov.in/.
2. Navigate to Status Section Click on the “Application Status” button on the homepage.
3. Select Category and Session Choose your scholarship category (Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, etc.) and the academic year (2022-23 in this case).
4. Enter Credentials Provide your Registration Number and Date of Birth in the designated fields.
5. Submit and View Status Click the “Submit” button. Your application status will be displayed on the screen, indicating its current stage (e.g., Submitted, Verified, Approved, Disbursed).

Extra Notes:

  • You’ll as it were track the status of your claim application utilizing your enrollment number.
  • The site might not show total data until the ultimate comes about are declared.
  • Remain overhauled by checking the official site routinely for declarations with respect to comes about and distributions.


  • This table as it were applies to candidates who submitted applications amid the 2023 application period.
  • As of today (February 9, 2024), there’s no data accessible on the precise date for discharging the ultimate comes about for 2023 grants.

MCM Scholarship List with Details

Shockingly, giving a particular “UP Grant Status 2023 List with Points of interest” in table frame isn’t conceivable due to many key variables:

1. Application Period Closed:

The application period for UP Grants 2023 (both Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Middle) closed in December 2023 and January 2024, individually. Grant records are ordinarily compiled after the application and confirmation forms are total, which falls exterior of the current date (February 9, 2024).

2. Need of Last Comes about:

The official list of grant beneficiaries for 2023 hasn’t been discharged however. Discharging such a list requires handling applications, conducting fundamental confirmations, and finalizing endorsements. In this manner, a authoritative list with points of interest isn’t right now accessible.

3. Information Security Concerns:

Sharing individual subtle elements of person grant beneficiaries would be a security infringement. Freely discharging such data is entirely precluded and unscrupulous.

Elective Data:

Whereas I can’t offer a complete list, here’s what I can assist you with:

  • Application Status Tracking: If you connected for a 2023 grant some time recently the due dates, you’ll track your person application status utilizing the official site: https://scholarship.up.gov.in/: https://scholarship.up.gov.in/. Keep in mind, this as it were tells you your application’s advance, not whether you gotten the grant.
  • Official Site Upgrades: Keep an eye on the official site for declarations with respect to the discharge of last comes about and the grant beneficiary list. They will distribute the data once it’s finalized.
  • Common Data: I can give you with common data almost UP Grants, counting distinctive plans, qualification criteria, and anticipated grant sums. This data isn’t particular to the 2023 cycle but makes a difference get it the program as a entirety.

MCM Scholarship Selection Process

Application Submission: Students filled out and submitted online applications within the designated timeframe.
Eligibility Check: Applications were screened based on basic eligibility criteria like domicile, category, family income, and class level.
Merit List Preparation: A provisional merit list was prepared considering academic performance (previous exam marks) and weightage for category and scholarship type.
Objections and Scrutiny: Students could submit objections on the provisional list within a specified period.
Final Merit List: After addressing objections and conducting any necessary verifications, a final merit list was published.
Scholarship Award: Scholarships were awarded to eligible students based on their rank in the final merit list, scholarship quota for their category, and available budget.

Vital Notes:

  • Typically a general overview based on past years’ data. The precise prepare for 2023 might contrast somewhat.
  • Particular determination criteria and weightage given to distinctive variables (e.g., marks, wage) might vary depending on the grant conspire.
  • The official site remains the foremost dependable source for upgrades on the determination handle and comes about for 2023 grants.

MCM Scholarship FAQs

Sums change based on the grant conspire, student’s category (SC/ST, OBC, Others), and scholastic execution. Allude to the particular plot rules for points of interest.

Yes, you’ll be able as a rule offer through the UP Scholarship 2023 entrance inside a characterized time outline after getting the dismissal notice.

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