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Top 7 reasons why Ashoka is the best liberal arts university

Financial Aid

Ashoka University offers need-based financial aid to its students for Liberal Arts. Ashoka is a private university based on a collective philanthropic model. It does not have any single founder, but more than 100 industrialists have come together to bring a change in the Indian education system. The university is committed to affordability and no one will be stopped from pursuing their studies just because of financial constraints. More than 50 percent of students are on partial or full financial aid. The yearly fees can be around 9.5 lacs, but you do not worry about that number. Because you will have to pay only the amount that your family can as per their financial standing. Learn more about financial aid at Ashoka here. 

Another peculiar aspect of the financial aid model, you can apply for financial aid every year if there is a change in your family’s circumstance. Your financial aid can increase if the administration thinks your request is valid.

Study Abroad

You can choose to sit for placements in your third or fourth year of undergraduate. Fourth-year is optional. Many big companies such as Mckinsey, Genpact, Deloitte, and a lot more. Check the detailed last year’s placement report here.

However, Ashoka has many international partners such as Science PO, Tel Aviv, and the King’s College. Many Ashoka students have gone for higher studies there. Some of them have also got full scholarships to study abroad. You will get what it takes to get selected for higher studies at the best institutions in the world.

World- Class Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Ashoka is one of the best in India. All the facilities are available such as gymnasium, wooden badminton court, swimming pool. You don’t need to pay anything extra to use these facilities. Everything is included in the fees you pay as per the financial aid you get. The university has a world-class infrastructure.

Excellent Faculty

This has to be one of the most important points so far. The faculty of the Ashoka includes leading thinkers and intellectuals of current times.  Some of them are Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Rudrangshu Mukherjee, Madhav Khosla, and the list goes on. All the faculties have extensively researched in their fields and their courses are designed to provide you education from a liberal arts perspective.

All the faculties are P.hd. holders from the biggest universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia. The faculties also have an extensive network in their respective field and they bring the best speakers and figures to the university to enrich your liberal arts experience. Check the faculty list here

Flexible Curriculum

The aim of a liberal education is to provide you multiple perspectives. In your first year, you don’t need to decide your major, but you do foundation courses in political science, philosophy, computer science, mathematics, history, and sociology. You have to decide your major at the end of the third semester.

Till then, you can explore various options or majors. You can take a course in your top three preferences if you are confused about which major to pursue. You are required to complete a certain number of courses in each major. The course can range from 12 to 19. You need to plan your semesters accordingly so you can complete the courses in three years. You have complete freedom, however, you are required to complete your major requirements to obtain an honors degree.

This curriculum shows that it is designed for a liberal arts education and you can choose the best courses as per your aspirations, interest, and aptitude.

Holistic development

Holistic development is one of the primary aims of any liberal education model. Ashoka will definitely provide you holistic development. There are many interesting societies such as the theatre club, gaming society, dancing club, debating society, and many more. You can also create your own club as well as per your interests. Every year, the students create their own clubs and societies.

There are various events happening throughout the year such as startup Ashoka, Business conclave. You can easily participate and gain a lot out of it. These activities, events, fests, and flexible curriculum are all the elements you need for holistic development. Get to know about all the societies and clubs here.

Student Support

There are various centers on the campus that are there to support you in so many ways. There is a center of well-being, center for social impact and philanthropy, center for writing and communication. There are other centers as well. Some of these centers are there to help the students in writing, communicating, or dealing with their mental health.

Other centers are there to promote additional activities such as entrepreneurship, social work, data analysis. These different centers support students in so many different ways.

Some of these centers are really important because Ashoka is different from a conventional college. You may require some time to adapt to the change, however, these centers can assist you with your issues.

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