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Topper from Dropper – Guide for JEE students

A majority of students choose to drop a year to prepare for the JEE examination. Topper from Dropper- Guide for JEE Students. It may be because of the bad strategy or preparation that you were doing to make it through. Anyway, the aim is to register in the good college of engineers after cracking JEE next year.  Since NTA has started conducting JEE main examination twice in 2019, it has now double the chance for this exam candidates to take the examination. It is good now that candidates are not much comfortable in a manner that concentrates more on their training. The curriculum and assessment pattern remains unchanged.


Counselling for JEE Main 2023 (JoSAA) will be Released Soon; Check Counselling Process & More.

The official JEE Main 2023 Cut Off has been made public; Check Cutoff & More.
The JEE Main 2023 Session 2 Results were released on April 29, 2023; Check the full results.On April 29, 2023, the JEE Main 2023 Final Answer Key (Session 2) was made available; Check paper analysis & answer key here.

The JEE Main 2023 (Session 2) exams have they been completed? – Yes, the dates for the exams are from April 6 to April 15, 2023.
Is JEE Main test and CUET will be combined in 2023? – According to the minister of education, there are no such plans for the upcoming two years.
How many JEE Main 2023 attempts are permitted? – Two attempts
Will JEE 2023 be challenging? – Your degree of study and preparation will affect how difficult the exam is. To Download Physics , Chemistry , Maths Notes Click Here.

Although if you can’t get the ranking or go to your preferred college, even if all chances were taken, don’t worry, we’re here to help. There are several ways to get back from failure, just do not lose faith. We’ll talk about everything that a dropper must know regarding JEE mains preparation, from study habit to overcoming demotivation.

Take into account these following steps and boost up your preparation so that you can go into your dream college:

Choose the right resource to practice

Master’s Degree

Don’t even try it if you think that you’re going to do it without having the right JEE main resources. It is essential that your concepts are cleared up through the right collection of books with one year of preparation. MTG provides JEE main tools with the most real, well-explained, and reliable concepts.

Besides the right materials, reading and re-reading NCERT textbooks is necessary since many NTA JEE main tests have been directly taken from NCERT books. In order to achieve good results in JEE Main, you must learn NCERT by heart and check NCERT in your MTG’s NCERT at your fingertips. You could even consult MTG Monthly magazine to check and brush up your knowledge. 

Make a decent study strategy

Master’s Degree (1)

Five hours of disturbed study is not as effective as one hour of focused study. An exam like JEE Main might seem to mean that any amount of time is inadequate, but now it is a time where the focused study is more important. Follow the efficient study practices given and then see what significant difference they can make in your JEE main preparation:

  • Keep your lifestyle healthy and take a healthy diet to remain efficient. In a healthier lifestyle, a healthy mind exists. For mental health, physical health is crucial.
  • You can study in a group that is all similar in mind. It could be very helpful. Since you’re a dropper you should think very carefully about getting people to drop out to talk about preparing plans, so that you are inspired and find a group with the same purpose.
  • Set one day for revision every week
  • You should practice the topics according to the weightage of the topic in the actual examination. Always concentrate on solving problems at advanced stages and not just the easy or moderate types of questions.
  • The daily timetable is to be followed with a minimum interruption of 15 minutes per 2-hour sitting. Try to do at least two things every day so that you will not get bored.
  • Practice while keeping on the timer. This will increase your speed.

Go through previous papers and practice mock tests

Master’s Degree (2)

You might already have tried one or both of the JEE exams so you might be knowing about the essence of the exam. Knowing the pattern and exact difficulty of the question, solving previous year exams can help you very much. Practise makes a man perfect and thus you must give a mock test on a weekly basis. You can also give the subject-based test and analyze your knowledge. This will let you know about your weak topics and you can focus more on it.

Don’t stress about what society will think

Don’t worry about what other people would think regarding your move. Each person must have swamped you with queries and expressed concern over your decision to take a year off for your JEE preparations from your family members but focus on what you think and believe in yourself. Now is the time to shut down the negative and concentrate on your goal. Fill your mind with new thinking and confidence that you’re going to do it with great gusto in JEE.

Halve your strategy into 3 divisions

Master’s Degree (3)

In contrast with standard 12th class droppers have more time, so managing time in the drop year is very critical. Halve your strategy into 3 divisions:

  • First, you need to cover each and every point of your syllabus.
  • Second, you must revise thoroughly the main points of every topic of each subject. 
  • Third, you must practice as many as mock tests as you can

An applicant will appear for three years in a row in the JEE Exam and, therefore, it is necessary that you track every one of your attempts and go extensively through all the essential JEE topics. It’s not uncommon to take a year off to work on JEE training. Your belief and the correct strategy, as discussed herein, will make you successful. In this article, we have talked about the strategy to maintain so that you can be topper from the dropper. Study jot essentially means the number of hours spent in front of the book but the literal meaning is how much knowledge you have gained from your focused study. There may be many reasons for your failure but success has only one reason and that is hard work plus good strategy. Read in this article the things you must keep into mind before starting your JEE main preparation.

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