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Ways to become CEO for working professional

CEO is the most popular job. People are attracted towards the job due to its power and money that it offers. All the decisions in the company are made after the CEO’s permission. To be a CEO, a person needs to be willing to upscale their skills and be able to give their time in building a firm personality. 

Various ways have been displayed in today’s article, for those working professional who want to become CEO. There are two main ways of being a CEO

#1 If you found a company of your own!!

  • Be founder

#2 How to become a CEO without founding a company.

  • Bachelor degree
  • MBA
  • Join the company
  • Build your product

#1 If you found a company of your own!!

  • Be founder

People with ideas can found their own company. In that company you can be CEO. Suppose I have an idea of creating a mobile in which the material used can be degraded by using proper chemical engineering. The mobiles which we are using are non-degradable, thus my idea is revolutionary. So, I built a company. Then I can become a CEO of my company. In this way you don’t require any specific qualifications and you don’t need any degrees. So, in this way you just need an idea to become a CEO.

#2 How to become a CEO without founding a company. I have given step by step procedure on how to be a CEO by educating yourself. 

Bachelor degree

You need to get a bachelor’s degree in any field you like. If you have a sole desire that you want to become a CEO then you should get a BBA degree – Bachelor in Business and Administration. If you are a tech guy then get an engineering degree. Whatever you are interested in, you can get a bachelor ‘s degree in that course. 


It is an optional choice. Many CEOs in Forbes’s list of top CEOs have an MBA degree and many people in that magazine don’t have that degree. So it depends solely on your choice. But according to my preference, you should definitely get an MBA degree as it adds one more star to your resume plus you will learn more about business. Learning more about business will make your base stronger. 

How to apply? While already doing a job or while doing courses!

You can apply for an online degree. There are two options available as per your requirements. First is full time if you have time for a full-time degree then you should definitely apply for full-time degree course. Second is a part-time degree course. If you are doing a job which takes around 10 hours of your day or you are already enrolled for other courses, then you should apply for a part-time MBA degree. I guess you got your answer. It’s about your willingness to do the course. If you don’t want to do it, you will get 1000 excuses of why you shouldn’t. 

Join the company

After getting a BBA degree or BBA plus MBA degree, join a company. You must be thinking about what position to apply for!! The answer is that you should apply for a higher position as possible. You may get a managerial position or as an employee. While working in the company never miss the chance of showcasing your skills. You should always learn new techniques to solve problems. Keep your options open in other companies as well. Move upwards position wise and get more knowledge and skills as possible. Give your 100 percent if you really want to become a CEO. 

Build your product

Get your ideas flowing, if you haven’t already. Create your own product or make impressive and effective changes in the existing products. Then you just have to wait till the CEO position is vacant meanwhile always keep your options open in other companies. 

Here, comes a new approach of being a CEO!

Now, you have worked in a company and got promotions too. But you want to build your own company. For this to happen you need to save money from the start. From the money that you have saved will help you open your company and with the experiences you have got through the whole journey while studying and while working in the previous company you will be able to run your company more effectively. This way you will be able to be the CEO of your own company. 


All the qualifications I have mentioned above are some of the most common qualifications CEOs have. From all the ways I have described how to become a CEO you can understand that being a CEO is not all about having money, it is about having an idea. As a CEO you have to handle the whole management system and it surely gives a lot of stress and frustration. If you are working professional on your own idea as a CEO in the company, the job becomes easier as you know what you are doing and you know how to reach and achieve your goals. Be determined, have a great idea!!

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