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10 Time Management Apps for Working Professional

The ingenious, Douglas Adams, in the astral Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, mentions, “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” Even if, you love deadlines (do you, really?) for totally different reasons, they do go by in a snap. Especially, when one enters the social media wormholes and can’t escape it to save their jobs. Well, in such instances, time management becomes more than essential. So we have listed time management apps to help working professional reach your targets in time, without getting stuck at longer than life social media breaks. 

Forest: Stay focused

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Forest is a super effective app to beat phone addiction and procrastination, especially, if you love trees (even virtual trees). Unlike other time management apps this works like a game. It lets you to plant a tree with the condition that if you leave the app, the plant dies. Thus, it let’s you set timer from as low as 10 minutes to 2 hours, during which you will be on the app (and not distracted by other apps), during this period the seeds you sow, ripe into full grown trees after every successful completion of the timer. It also includes weekly and monthly statistics of your productivity as well as your forest. 

Toggl: Time tracker & timeshare for work hours

Toggle is a simple, yet popular time tracking app. It let’s you keep track of time you spent on various projects or assignments. You simply start the tracker when you start your project then stop it when you’re done, for as many projects as you want. It let’s you detect how long it takes for you to complete a task and if you wish, you can work faster to reduce this time, this helping you to enhance productivity. 


time management apps

Hubspot is a CRM (customer relations management) software that works constructively in maintaining and handling this relation digitally. However, it is primarily used for marketing as well as sales and customer service aids. It supports to keep track of your website traffic via observing SEO, email marketing, social media, and analytics patterns. 

Otter: Voice meeting notes or Google  Transcribe

With Otter, you can easily note down every important meeting at your workplace. It is an app that simply detects a voice and transcribes it in English, thus, you don’t have to constantly write down everything that sounds important and save you time to actively think. It also enables you to share these documents. 

Google transcribe also works along the same lines. Use whichever suits you the best. 

Inshorts: 60 words news summary

time management apps

Inshorts lets you in on every piece of news that’s happening around the world. It gives you a precise summary of the news to keep you adequately updated about the world. When you are busy with your work you often don’t get time to actively search for news and read about it, in shorts helps you and save your time. If nothing, it will help you to strike conversations.

Doodle: East scheduling

Doodle is an effortless app to help you schedule meetings that works for everyone. It let’s you create a poll about preferred timings for a meeting and send it around to know which one suits everyone. This app is useful for collaborative activities and saves you futile hours of getting everyone to work on one particular time. 


time management apps

Much like Toggl, Timesheet also records time spent on a particular task. It also adds a feature of tracking breaks and other notes and accordingly evaluate your working hours. It let’s you sync with MS Excel as well. Use Timesheet to keep track of your work even across multiple apps. 

Todoist: To-do lists, tasks any reminders

If you are a working professional, it is necessary for you to manage and complete a number of tasks on a given day. It might become difficult to juggle all the tasks in your mind, even more so with the pressure of deadlines. In such cases, using Todoist might work like a charm. It is an app to make smart to-do lists and well, follow them. You could also use colour coded lists. You can prioritize tasks within the list, pre-schedule as well as set reminders. 



This app helps you to pocket all your favourite or to-be-read articles in one place which you can access later. Pocket would help you extensively if your work requires deep web researches to complete. You can keep all the relevant content in one huge pile. It becomes easier for you to keep going back to them for reference rather than surfing the internet each time you need it. 

Time Buddy: Clock and converter

Time buddy enables you to manage schedules and communication across borders. When you have clients or colleagues from all around the world, managing time zones, schedules and collaborations means a hassle on another level. Time buddy, with its tables and charts helps you to get through the hassle. 

This was our list of time management apps to aid working professional to manage time. We hope it helps you thoroughly. 

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