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5 Medical Series for Medical Students

Medical school is a hectic place. Everyday there are new challenges to overcome. The things to learn never cease to exist if you are a medical student. In middle of countless assignments, thick books and daily clinical rounds, everyone needs a get away. We at Careerguide.com have managed to find a solution for you all health economics course online. We understand that students want to relax from medicine but don’t want to be away from medicine. Hence we have made this list of medical television series. This series for medical students will entertain and encourage at the same time. They have been graced by the blessing of some amazing actors, directors, and writers. We assure you, none of these television medical drama series will disappoint you.

House M.D.

If you do not admire Hugh Laurie as an actor, you surely will after you finish watching this medical television drama. Hugh Laurie plays the role of Dr. Gregory House. Dr. House is the head of Diagnostic medicine and has a team of the best doctors in the world. In each and every episode, he reaches to the diagnosis of the patient and saves their life in the most astonishing way. He manages to brilliantly save the patient with his team which other doctors most often will fail to do.
This series addresses other issue than just admiring the intelligence of Dr. House. He also has a pain management problem. He is in chronic pain due to the leg infarct he had years before. Due to this you will often see him taking Vicodin. It is certainly inspiring how Gregory manages to balance his pain on a day to day basis. Living with pain is difficult and Hugh Laurie ( Dr. Gregory House) makes us believe that. This probably is the best Medical series for medical students to watch.

Series for medical students

Greys Anatomy

This series revolves around life of Meredith Grey. It shows her journey right from a surgical intern to an attending Surgeon. This Medical television drama series is directed by Shonda Rhimes. The journey of Greys is very enticing to watch. We assure you that the viewers will fall in love with the story line. In between, she faces multiple challenges- both in surgical training as well as in her personal life. In the same time, she experiences some of the most pure bonds.The series shows the challenges the surgeons faces not only in the operating room but also in their daily life. With multiple fascinating surgeries throughout the seasons, this is a must watch medical television drama for surgical aspirants. Moreover, the directing of the series is perfect.Yep! The most appropriate moments are aided by the most appropriate songs. They create that spark. Throughout the series, you will experience friendship, love , heartbreak , motivation , disappointment and many other emotions. And even with all this emotions, you will be never detached from medicine.

Series for surgical residents

The Good Doctor

This is another series for medical students which displays the life of surgical residents.But what makes this Medical television drama special is that the protagonist in this movie is mentally challenged. Yes, you read that right! Shaun Murphy is the surgical resident we are talking about. He is a young but brilliant autistic surgeon suffering from savant syndrome. This hinders his abilities to socialize with patients and even his colleagues. This medical dram series is motivating. This is because it tells us that all of our disabilities can be conquered upon! We can achieve things if we believe in ourselves. The spirit of this series lies in the acting of the characters. We certainly hope that this motivational journey of Shaun would be perfect on your watch list. This is an excellent series for surgical residents.

Medical television drama

Code Black

Code black is the condition when massive trauma rushes in the emergency room. The Doctors have to be on their toes to deal with this. In fact, this Medical television drama depicts this exact scenario in the most thrilling manner by. This series for medical students will make them realize the war between life and death which Doctors fight on hourly basis. It is truly a motivating series and will leave you with utmost respect for our daily heroes. Another brilliant series for surgical residents and medical studies.

Series for medical students


After going through all the emotionally intense list of medical drama series, here is a light hearted and a fun to watch suggestion. This series focuses on the life a medical resident doctor. It is full of funny and humorous scenes that will lift up your mood. There are abundant jokes and puns. And these humorous scenes will get you laughing out loud every minute. But even if the series is light hearted, it still holds medicine close by. The episodes are full of how the life of medicine resident is. Moreover, it also tells the interaction between different residents. This is something that you will enjoy watching after a hectic day.

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