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8 Helpful tips to prepare for GMAT

The GMAT is a computer-based exam that is required for admission to graduate business programs across the world. For admission to some top business colleges, it is extremely important to fetch good marks in the exam. Here are some tips to prepare for GMAT.

Take mock tests

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You should give mock tests every now and then. Mock tests will help you identify your weaknesses. There are many free tests available online. Mock tests simulate the real experience of the exam. You should attempt all the questions in the mock tests. You should also keep a track of time as you would in the real exam. You should not take a longer break than it is permitted officially. Infact, you should give a mock test even before starting the preparation. This way, you will know where you stand. Further, it will give you the means to assess your ongoing preparation.

Prepare a study plan

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You should prepare a study plan as early as possible. The components of the exam require individual attention. It is best to start your preparation at least six months before the exam. While you are making a plan, you should consult an alumni or a faculty of a business school. They will be able to provide you with valuable advice. Focus your energy according to the course you are applying for. It is extremely important that you plan a schedule that can be followed and you stick to the schedule. You should stay disciplined and utilize your preparation time wisely.

Understand the structure

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Be it any exam, you should be aware of the pattern of the exam before preparing for it. GMAT has four sections, namely, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Quantitative Reasoning. The Analytical Writing Assessment assesses your critical thinking and how effectively you can communicate your ideas. The Quantitative Reasoning assesses your mathematical, quantitative and graphic data interpretation. While the Integrated Reasoning section assesses data analyzation and information interpretation, the Verbal Reasoning assesses your reading and editing skills. You should also have an idea of the duration, number of questions and the individual sections’ scores.

Pick trusted materials

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You will find plenty of GMAT preparation materials online and in the market. But among all those, you must choose the resources carefully. Also, you must keep in mind that you chose a resource which you can understand and use easily. It is best to use the official test preparation resources. They are created by the makers of the real GMAT exam. The official mock tests contain resources from the past exams and simulate a real experience. The test makers of the exam publish a great deal of resources that will be helpful in your preparation. They have also designed a software to make you familiar with the real test interface.

Time management

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Keep a track of the time you have taken to complete the exam during the mock tests. Managing your time is extremely important. You should pace according to the duration of the exam. You should not stay stuck on a question. This might end up wasting your time. You won’t be able to attempt the rest of the questions. Instead, skip the question and move ahead. Once you have attempted all the questions in the exam, only then you should try solving the unsolved questions.

Work on visual literacy

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Visual literacy plays an important role to increase your efficiency in the exam. It is the ability to read and understand the charts, symbols and tables. Tables, symbols and charts are common in the GMAT exam. So, the skill to interpret them quickly will prove beneficial to you in the exam. You will find plenty of them in the exam. Hence, you should be able to interpret them correctly and quickly.

Improve your mental math

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Mental math is a skill that is also used in everyday lives. This skill proves to be beneficial to students preparing for the GMAT. It is a time-saving skill that you must use in the exam. When you are practicing for the exam, you must resist using the calculator for the questions. Instead, do those calculations mentally. For the Quantitative section of the GMAT, you won’t have the calculator to solve the problems. Hence, you must work on your mental math. This is one of the most useful tips to prepare for GMAT.


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Practice is the ultimate key to fetch good marks in any exam. Check the official site for practice tests. Treat the mock test as the real exam. This will help you in identifying your weaknesses and strengths. Assess your preparation on a regular basis. This will not only boost your confidence but also provide you with ways of improvement. Do not take guesses during the mock test as this will not give you an accurate assessment.

These were 8 helpful tips to prepare for GMAT.

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