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9 Tips to prepare for the IELTS

The International English Language Testing System is one of the most popular English proficiency tests in the world. It is a test that non-native English speakers must give, for admission in universities of Australia, the UK, Europe, Ireland, and New Zealand. For acing your IELTS examination, you need to understand the format, make a schedule, prepare daily, practice, do smart work, hone your skills, check your progress, involve English everywhere and finally register for the test. Here are some Tips to prepare for the IELTS.

Understand the format

The key to passing an exam with good marks is to know and understand the format of the exam. The exam is divided into four sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. All the sections have their own time limits. Every skill needs a different strategy to prepare. You need to focus on all the sections to score a good score overall. Along with this, you need to have an idea of the marking criteria and what the examiners exactly want from you.

Make a schedule

Making a schedule is important. But sticking to the schedule is more important. Calculate the time you have for the preparation and make realistic goals for that period. If you set goals that you can’t achieve in a day, you are bound to lag behind in the preparation. Your hard work is sure to get you your best marks but it will not bring miracles. You must achieve your daily goals. Additionally, if you have a busy schedule, you can set aside a day for covering up the goals you couldn’t complete.

Tips to prepare for the IELTS

Prepare daily

As John Maxwell has pointed out, “The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”, you should have a daily schedule. Every day, you must have Nude Celebs goals to achieve. If you prepare daily, you’ll have less stress and more outcome. The habit of daily preparation will inculcate a habit of studying on a regular basis which is sure to aid you in your future endeavors.

Tips to prepare for the IELTS


The practice is the key to perfection. You must practice daily. As you are unaware of the type of questions that you might be asked in the exam, practicing for the exam is extremely important. For the writing section, you must practice daily writing. Writing about your day or blogs can help improve your writing skills. You can also ask your friends to comment on your blog which will help you to improve. You can even try to write your social media posts in English or conversating with your friends in English.

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Smart work

In today’s world, smart work is in demand. Smart work requires you to make a strategy keeping in mind the structure of the exam and prepare accordingly. Through smart work, you can prepare much in less time. Smart work helps you achieve your goals faster. It helps you build your strengths. But remember, to work smart, you need to work hard. This is one of the most useful Tips to prepare for the IELTS.

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Hone your skills

To ace your IELTS exam, you cannot study only from textbooks. You need to hone all four skills. For the listening section, you should be able to understand English spoken in different accents. For the speaking section, you should be able to speak English fluently and error-free. You should be able to read long passages in a short time and grasp the meaning of the entire passage. For the writing section, you should be able to write easy to understand and grammatically correct sentences.

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Check your progress

Give mock tests on a regular basis. If your score is increasing, it’s a good sign. If your score is remaining constant or decreases, it is a huge lesson for you to check your preparation. You need to change your strategy. It is important to take a check on your preparation to evaluate how much more efforts you need to put in preparation to ace the exam.

Tips to prepare for the IELTS

English everywhere

To achieve a high score, you should not be limited to textbooks and preparation materials. For better listening skills you need to be familiar with the various English accents. You can listen to lectures or news from the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. For the reading section, you can go through news and articles on your favorite category. In between your preparation, you can watch YouTube videos or movies in English. Looking at subtitles may help you in understanding the accent in the beginning.

Tips to prepare for the IELTS


When you feel that you are prepared to take the test, register as soon as possible. There are over 1600 test centers in about 140 countries. The number of people who can take the test on a particular date is limited, hence you need to register with an IELTS center once you think you have prepared well. You will have to pay the fees when you register for the test.

These were some of the Tips to prepare for the IELTS.

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