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Are the Gen Z kids ahead of their times

Who are the Gen Z kids ?

The kids born after the year of 1996 are the kids of the generation Z. However, the Gen Z kids are not the millennials. The millennials are the ones from generation Y, who came during the time of great recession around the globe. However, after the Covid-19 hit, both the millennials and the Gen Z kids too are not also having a good time. The pandemic has totally brought about a change in whole economical and political dynamics for most of the people. This age group of people has been severely affected by it, as generation Z has lost their jobs, internship roles and even many lost their opportunity to continue their further study. However, if we keep all that aside, as we see the generation Z approaching their adulthood, there has been a lot of changes in their growth process than people for the earlier generations. They are different from millennials and have certain variant but important outlook. However, millennials and Generation Z have a lot in common too.

Gen Z kids

What is different about the Gen Z?

Generation Z has a more racially and ethnically diverse outlook towards society. As compared to the previous generations, they are no more bound by restrictions of caste or religion of the other individuals. Generation Z was the first to raise their voice about the acceptance of the Trans bill. They like to mingle and come together and know the culturally and socially variant people. People from Generation Z are more knowledgeable and educated than the previous generations. Also, they are more likely to have a college-educated parent or guardian. This genre of people, though found to be a lot addicted to their phones, tend to know a lot about the happenings of the outside world. This particular generation has a more progressive outlook and even during this time of the pandemic, they didn’t lose hope. Even when many lost their jobs, they built themselves up and started to look forward to new budding dynamics in the country. They take a keen interest in the country’s political state and agendas and do not withdraw themselves from voicing opinions.

The Gen Z population knows a lot about the perks of social media and it’s usage. In today’s time, it is true that people learn a lot more through social media applications than traditional methods like newspapers and television. Gen Z has made a contributing factor to raise their voice through hashtags, launch campaigns, and be more alert about their society.

Generation Z

The Gen Z viewpoint.

The Gen Z outlook is something that’s not only mesmerizing but also very straightforward and acceptable. They know how to adapt and learn and acknowledge people of different cultures and perspectives and yet respect it. They usually do not have a lot of variety in opinion as they feel it is time to be more accepting of each other. Like earlier, marriage was all about a hardworking man and a housewife who raise their kids in their own ways or the dominant patriarchal society where the women didn’t have much say. However, with the advent of Gen Z, people have started to look at things differently. When Gen Z has been persistent about their outlook, it surely did bring a change.

The Gen Z does match their similar viewpoints with that of the millennials. Rather it is through the collective effort of both the millennials and the Gen Z, that we now know so much about the world around us. Issues like that if racism, gay rights, religious discrimination has received a similar set back
from both the generations. However, research says, this outlook and acceptance don’t match with that of the elder generations. The elder generation is more likely to be more interested in the age-old norms and popular culture that has been inherent by them over time. Though this had no considerable change in the youth outlook as they started to see this change in perception as a good sign. From people from different castes marrying each other to the celebration of pride month proudly on the streets, generation Z has seen it all and are still moving forward with their new efforts towards change.

Generation Z

So if the question lies that if the Gen Z is ahead of their time, the answer stands no. Yes, this generation has a lot on their plate. They are being taught subjects like coding at the age of 12. They are exposed to the age of digitalization at a very young age, probably before even they can learn to speak. They have an affinity to talk about anything and everything on social media. But at the same time, they also know what they are doing and are aware of the misdoings around them. The gen Z came to our rescue to change at the perfect time in the perfect way.

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