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How your insecurities are affecting your life

This generation is often known for its narcissistic approach towards things. This means there is an egoistic approach towards our own selves. We in this era of digitalization and tech-savvy environment, tend to believe we’ve got our hands on the best of resources. Ranging from the latest internet speed to the latest range of sixth-generation robots. What we also have is a basket full of applications without which we don’t think our existence makes sense. These applications which are supposed to elevate our day and what we feel often end up making us feel devastated and uncomfortable. They often end up setting trends and standards in our minds that we feel are unachievable and end up feeling incompetent about ourselves. We constantly seek comfort in this virtual realm where our underlying realms often tend to almost kill us inside. We often tend to make our lives based on the standards set on the internet and push ourselves to portray a replica image of what we see. Here comes the context of affection of insecurity where we often become victims of it, with or without knowing.

However, sometimes we are so used to swiping through our screens, we don’t really know what we are doing to ourselves. The most common approach towards individual selves is they think of themselves differently from others and that’s definitely not in a good way. People wish to be someone else and become more self-critical among themselves. Today, this generation all about building negative thoughts about themselves in some way or another. Our self-esteem is very much dependent on what we see of others. It is important we have an understanding of our insecurities so that we help ourselves overcome it.

affection of insecurities

The cause and effect relationship

Our insecurities definitely have an impact on us, which is why it is important to come face to face with it. It definitely has an impact on our critical thinking and our approach towards things. It is important to realize how our affection of insecurities, big or small, direct our views.

These affections of insecurities can be related to anything- outlooks, appearance, behavior, and even personality. Sometimes others’ opinions affect us in ways we don’t even realize. It almost changes to a voice in our head and thinks it’s our failure to not meet up to their standards. These affections of insecurities can often end up affecting our feelings and our surrounding environment. Sometimes it even affects our work and other important activities. You may feel no one appreciates you or you won’t be able to complete a task just because someone said you can’t. There are high chances you may keep on putting off things cause you may think you’re not good enough.

affection of insecurities

Another aspect is how it affects your relationships. Your insecurities can often affect your bonds with people close to you. It can stir things up and lead to confusion and misunderstandings in various situations. Sometimes it triggers our inner voice and exaggerates our feelings towards various relationships. It affects us in many ways we do not even realize until its too late.

How to overcome what you go through. 

Start off by taking a few small steps. The first is the process of learning to self appreciate. It’s not always you need validation from others to be good at something. Spend time with yourself and appreciate the small things that you do like cutting down on expenses or planting trees. These will initiate a lot of self-value within yourself. Another part of this self-love approach is taking care of yourself. Follow some regime that brings you happiness – it could be some skincare routine or taking a walk. Treat yourself well before you expect someone to treat you right. Another thing is, accept if you fail. No one ever gets anything right the first time. You have to take a few or many chances to get anything right. To take a step back just because you think you were not good enough is not the right approach either. Last but not the least, keep people who appreciate and love you, closer. This is a very important part. Many often do not realize the difference between constructive criticism and negativity. People who know you and love you will criticize and help you be a better version of yourself.

affection of insecurities

The journey down the bumpy road of insecurities is never too easy. Rather it involves a lot of obstacles and people who will constantly try to bring you down. These insecurities often tend to reflect on your use of applications like beauty filters and buying choices. It is important to understand that if anything does not make you feel better about yourself, it is high time to give that up or use that unfollow button. Your insecurities can never help you bloom. It is compulsory to win over them to have a better approach towards life.

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