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Imperial college London, United Kingdom

This university is ranked as top 1st university in all over the London as it offers best education system with their excellent programmes and courses to their international and domestic students. It is ranked on number 8th globally and it is known as public research university in London. In year 1909 imperial college was established by royal charter, in 1988 the imperial college of medicine was formed by combining with St. Mary’s hospital medical school and in year 2004 queen Elizabeth opened the imperial college business school. The university is filled with professions and intelligent people as it is the top 1st university they have different strategies and mission planned and those are:

Progress in foundation

The Foundations section of the strategy set out our priorities to sustain excellence in Imperial’s core research and education mission with a particular focus on encouraging multidisciplinary research, and developing an educational experience embedded in Imperial’s vibrant, research-led and entrepreneurial environment.

Progress with people

The People section of the strategy sets out our aspirations for our staff community, the experience our students have at Imperial beyond their studies, and how we engage with our alumni, by progress at hand and equality in action.

Progress with partners

The Partners section recognises that no university can achieve excellence or realise the full benefits of its work by itself. It set out our goals to build new collaborations, inform decision makers, and share the wonder and importance of STEM with schools and the local community, Growing collaborations with business, academia and non-profit.

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Progress in enablers

The Enablers section sets out our commitment to strength and diversifying their revenues, provide professional support, consistent processes and appropriate technology for our staff and students, and act courageously and innovatively when pursuing new opportunities.

These are the several strategies planned by the university for the development of university their student and their career.

Courses offered by the university to their students are

The undergraduate programmes have list of A TO Z courses and some of them are:

  • Aeronautical engineering and with for other degrees of aeronautical engineering
  • Biochemistry with seven other biochemistry degrees
  • Biological science with seven other biological science degrees
  • Biomaterial engineering
  • Biomedical engineering with two other degrees of biomedical engineering
  • Biotechnology with six other biotechnology degrees
  • Chemical engineering with two other chemical engineering degrees
  • Chemistry with thirteen other chemistry degrees
  • Civil engineering with one another civil engineering degree
  • Computing with seven another computing degrees
  • Design engineering
  • Earth and planetary science with two more degrees
  • Ecology and environmental biology
  • Electrical and electronic engineering with six other electrical and electronic engineering degrees
  • Geology with two other geology degrees
  • Geophysics with two other geophysics degrees
  • Intercalated BSc programmes
  • Intercalated PhD option for medical students
  • Material science and engineering with three other material science and engineering degrees
  • Mathematics with ten other mathematical degrees
  • Mechanical engineering with five other mechanical engineering degrees
  • Medical bioscience with one other degree
  • Medicine with two other medicine degrees
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular bioengineering with two other molecular bioengineering degrees
  • Physics with five other physics degrees
  • These all are the under graduate courses offered by the university.
  • Now we will talk about the post graduate courses:
  • Advance aeronautical engineering
  • Advance chemical engineering with three other chemical engineering degrees
  • Advance computational method of aeronautics, flow management and fluid-structure interaction
  • Advance computing
  • Advance material for sustainable infrastructure
  • Advance material science and engineering
  • Advance mechanical engineering
  • Advance molecular synthesis
  • Allergy with three other allergy degrees
  • Anaesthetic, pain medicine and intensive care
  • Analogue and digital integrated circuit design
  • Applied bioscience and biotechnology
  • Applied computational science and engineering
  • Applied genomics
  • Applied machine learning
  • Applied mathematics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bacterial pathogenesis ad infection
  • Bioengineering
  • Bioimaging sciences
  • Bioinformatics and theoretical systems biology
  • Biological and physical chemistry
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biomedical research
  • Biosystematics
  • Business analytics with one another degree of biosystematics
  • Cancer biology with two other cancer degrees
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory health care with two other degrees
  • Catalysis: chemistry and engineering
  • Chemical biology and bio- entrepreneurship
  • Clinical research with other clinical research degree
  • Communicational and signal processing
  • The science, technology and engineering application of advanced composites
  • Computational method in ecology and evolution with seven other computing degrees
  • Computing science
  • Concrete structure
  • Control system
  • Data science
  • Digital health leadership
  • Drug discovery and management
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Ecological application
  • Ecology, evolution and conservation research
  • Economics and strategy for business
  • Ecosystem and environmental change
  • Engineering fluid mechanics for the off shore, costal and build environment
  • Engineering and biomedicine
  • Environmental engineering and business management and with two other environmental degrees
  • Epidemiology, evolution and control of infectious disease with one more degree
  • Experimental neuroscience
  • Finance and accounting and two other degrees with finance
  • Future power network
  • General structure engineering
  • Gene, drug and stem cell with one other degree
  • Genomic medicine with two other degrees
  • Global innovation design
  • Green chemistry, energy and the environment
  • Health data analytics and machine learning
  • Health policy with three other health policy related degrees
  • Health care and design with one more health care and design degrees
  • Human and biological robotics
  • Human and molecular genetics
  • Hydrology and business management with one other degree
  • Immunology with one other degree
  • Innovation design engineering with one other related degree
  • Inspire teacher training programme
  • International health management
  • International management
  • Investment and wealth management
  • Machine learning and data science (online)
  • Management
  • Mathematics and finance
  • MBA (executive) with three other MBA degrees
  • Medical device design and entrepreneurship
  • Medical ultrasound
  • Metal and energy finance
  • Molecular and cellular bioscience

These are some of the courses offered by the university to their students and they have different admission criteria and details mentioned on universities website and different fees structures. The students who all are interested in any of the course or programme they all can apply for their admissions in this university and for gathering more details regarding admissions and examination details for domestic or for international students, then they must go and visit universities website. The details and criteria and further information will be more clear there.

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