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Social media: A barrier for 9th students

Every coin has 2 faces & understanding each face is very necessary. Likewise, social media also has 2 faces: it’s a boon as well as a bane to the students. Social media are the most tempting platforms to connect people around the globe. These social media have created this huge globe in a small town through its connectivity. These are the most powerful source for expressing your thoughts & opinions. Youths are the dominant users of social media. Nowadays social media is becoming a barrier for 9th students. Children at age of 15-16 are gifted with mobile phones, which is being misused & they are creating barriers for themselves. One advice should also be given to parents, that when they are gifting/allowing their child to use their mobiles, giving them the guidance in what way social media is helpful & what is its bane. For example, You have an open end of the electrical wire, through which electricity is running & if you touch the open end you will definitely get a shock, instead if you attach a bulb at that open end it will glow. In the same way, social medial also has numerous opportunities to educate yourself.

Our mind is full of positive vibes & there are lot many negative vibes around us. As everyone knows positive-negative attracts, social media is turning out to be a barrier for 9th students. Lets us know how social media id becoming a barrier for 9th students:

barriers of social media

Distracting you from your main goals

Like delicious foods are tempting & you always have craving for it, likewise, you have cravings for social media. Once you start using it, you find out new sites & new ways of entertainment for yourself, which cause a lot of time loss. You forget your daily goals & also the main purpose of the mobile phones i.e. the most trending online classes which are being carried out; the reason you gave to your parents for just getting a new phone for yourself. Social Medias like Instagram, Facebook, telegram etc is driving you to negativities & distracting you from your main goals. Watching of videos & posts students are setting new goals every day & this is creating confusion, due to which they are unable to choose a proper direction to achieve their goals.

Deteriorating your communication skills

“COMMUNICATION- THE HUMAN CONNECTION- IS THE KEY TO PERSONAL & CAREER SUCCESS,” SAID BY PAUL J. MAYER is throwing light on how communication is an important part of our lives. Social Media nowadays use a different type of language, which the words & sentences are cut short & even the emotions expressed are also been modified. For example: For laughter – LOL; I’m fine- 5n; what’s up? – Sup & many more
This affects your communication skills, especially when you have to write an essay, letter or when you have to write scripts for your speeches, drams etc. Sometimes you forget the main word & use these shortcuts. This will affect you when you go for job interviews, where you will be unable to speak up in a formal way.

Addiction hampers academic performance

Social media is becoming a barrier because you are getting addicted to it. When you can to stop, you don’t want to & when you want to stop you can’t; this is addiction. You get so much addicted that you forget about your studies & you start fooling yourself, by convincing your mind that you will use it for few minutes which lasts for hours & also at some point you start convincing yourself that you have completed your studies & you are well known with the topics. This eventually hampers your academic performance & you start letting yourself down. Addiction is like the animal LEECH, as it won’t let its pray go until it sucks out all the blood. In the same manner, social media sucks your time which can’t be brought back.

social media barrier

Invades your privacy

Students of 9th are not still well known to this world. They keep on sharing everything about themselves, their family, friends & routines. This is the way hackers get their way to take out your data very easily & destroy your life in seconds. Your pictures are taken out & destroyed; you become a victim of blackmailing & whatnot. You are creating barriers for yourself as this will drag you away from your academic life & your career is destroyed.

Facilitates laziness

You are being seated in one place for long hours, no physical exercises & no outdoor games. This is the reason which builds a character of laziness. As laziness builds in your body you lose your active mind & slowly your thinking abilities. You always try to look for shortcuts & success has no shortcuts. This decreases your grasping power & you face difficulties in understanding the subjects.

social media barrier for 9th

Health issues

Health is wealth. As you become lazy, you have already become physically unhealthy. You get so much involved in them that you even forget to have your meals on proper time & your sleep cycle is disturbed. This will surely affect your health & you fall sick frequently. This is the way you are creating social media a barrier for yourself.


As there is no privacy, this leads to cybercrimes. Majorities of the teens are the victims of cyberbullying. Name-calling & rumour-spreading have long been an unpleasant & challenging aspect of adolescent life. Teen boys & girls are equally bullied online.

social media barrier for 9th

Social media causes death

Students are getting attracted towards the videos in which stunts are performed or different task is done by the celebrities. A boy of 14yr old tried to perform a stunt in running train in Mumbai & lost his life. Avoid distracting yourself.

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